Revision history for CGI-Github-Webhook

0.06    2016-07-21 17:32:23+0200
        Enforce autoflush inside CGI::Github::Webhook::run() to avoid
        race condition. Fixes #2. Thanks to Slaven Rezić for testing!

0.05    2016-07-01 22:12:23+0200
        Add ugly hack to dummy CGI script to be executed with the
        correct perl binary. Hopefully fixes #1 and most test failures
        with CPAN testers.

0.04    2016-06-09 02:12:57+0200
        Use CGI::Test for the test suite.

        Always use "sub { … }" around default values. (Needed to
        support Moo ≤ 1.000008.)

        Fix isa test for log: The log doesn't need to exist in
        advance, but the directory it will be in needs to exist.

        Fix "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry" when no
        payload is passed.

        Sanitize JSON decoding error message so it can be used inside
        an JSON string.

        Add more tests.

0.03    2016-01-13 00:43:48+0100
        Skip t/basic-functionality.t under dos-ish operating systems
        as it contains Bourne shell code.

        Add based passed/failed/errored badges and hooks to
        put the according one into a deployment directory.

        Also verify a failed authentication case in t/methods.t.

0.02    2015-01-11 10:13:35+0100
        Fix test suite when being run with a perl interpeter not in
        $PATH. Thanks Slaven Rezić (SREZIC)!

0.01    2015-01-11 02:43:36+0100
        First published version, released to an unsuspecting Github.