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1.30 13 Jun 2020 - Maintainer update. Relicensed under the MIT License.
                   Minor tweaks to build process. Added meta_merge
                   information for GitHub. No functional changes.

1.29 21 Aug 2007 - Documentation fix to performance hints section.
                   No functional changes.
1.28 18 Aug 2007 - Improved mod_perl2 handling (patch courtesy of Jeremy Nixon).
                    Added a ':no_subprocess_env' flag to suppress populating
                    the %ENV environment hash. Added a 'subprocess_env'
                    static class method to allow smooth co-existance of
                    ModPerl2 scripts that use ':no_subprocess_env' with ModPerl2
                    scripts that do not on the same server.

1.27 25 May 2007 - Added example of a command line 'wrapper' script and
                    of using environment variables as an alternate way
                    to test scripts via the command line. Added example
                    for use with FastCGI. Changed behavior for unsupported
                    HTTP methods. The module used to 'croak' for unsupported
                    methods, it now 'carp's instead and treats as a 'GET'
                    (behavior change at suggestion of Roman Mashirov to support
                    FastCGI better).

 1.26 06 Apr 2007 - Added decoding of Javascript/EMCAScript style unicode 
                    escaped (%uxxxx form) parameter data (both to the main
                    'param' method and to the 'url_decode'/'url_encode' methods)
                    at the suggestion of Michael Kröll (the core code for
                    this additional functionality is derived from

                    Fixed META.yml problems introduced with 1.25.

                    Changed POD/POD Coverage tests to only execute if specifically requested

                    Added examples directory and scripts

 1.25 20 Apr 2006 - Added 'allow_hybrid_post_get' class method. Tweaked file permissions.
                    Added regression tests for hybrid forms.

 1.24 23 Sep 2005 - Added 'Carp' to install requirements. Extended build tests.
                    Fixed multi-part form decoding bug in handling of degenerate MIME
                    boundaries. Added fatal errors for mis-calling of param_mime
                    and param_filename methods.

 1.23 18.Sep 2005 - Made Test::More optional in build tests. No functional changes.

 1.22 13.Sep 2005 - Changed POD tests to be more friendly to CPANTS.

 1.21 11.Sep 2005 - Fixed pod coverage test for compatibility with Perl 5.005.

 1.20 11.Sep 2005 - Fixed issue causing mod_perl to issue
                    'Use of uninitialized value.' warnings.
                    Extended build tests.

 1.19 10.Sep 2005 - Fixed POD Coverage test error.
 1.18 08.Sep 2005 - Adjusted prerequiste modules lists. Tweaked code for 'strict'.
                    Extended regression tests to cover more of the code.
 1.17 04 Sep 2005 - More tweaks to regression tests to work around MS-Windows
                    problems with binary file handles under Perl 5.6.1.
                    Added 'Build.PL' support back in. Added POD tests.
                    Minor documentation tweaks.

 1.16 12 Nov 2004 - Added CGI::Simple to the benchmarks table. Tweaked regresssion
                    tests for MS-Windows. Added 'delete' and 'delete_all'
                    methods and regression tests. Added ':preload' flag for
                    preloading all sub-components at module 'use' time.
                    Fixed bug introduced with 1.15 in param value setting code.

 1.15 09 Nov 2004 - Added more regression tests. Fixed url encoder to comply
                    better with RFC2396. Tuned performance some more. Extended
                    benchmarks table to cover more CGI form decoders.

 1.14 16 Oct 2004 - Tuned module load time (about a 40% improvement) and
                    add performance tuning hints

 1.13 28 Sep 2004 - Removed support for Module::Build.
 1.12 25 Sep 2004 - Tweaked the default form parser to accept ';' as a field seperator
                    in addition to '&'. Change suggested by Peter Karman.
                    Eliminated the explicit application/sgml-form-urlencoded support
                    as redundant (it still works, it is just not explicitly different
                    than application/x-www-form-urlencoded support anymore).

                    Adjusted the multipart form parser to be more robust against
                    malformed MIME boundaries and the build tests to work around a
                    bug in Perl 5.8.0 UTF8ness and split.

                    Added documentation of command line script testing behavior.

                    Tightened up the code to reduce size (went from 14.9K to 11K).

                    Removed the 'sgml_safe_mode' redirect code since there
                    was no exposed interface to it anyway.

                    Squashed a bug where the global buffer might fail to initialize
                    correctly for 0 byte POST forms (only impacted  use of the 'raw'
                    method for POST use).

                    Added regression test for form truncation

                    Added LICENSE section to documentation

                    Added Module::Build installation support

 1.11 28 Sep 2003 - Tweaked test script to avoid warnings about
                    opening STDIN filehandle for writing. No functional

 1.10 04 Apr 2003 - Added 'binmode STDIN' on module load to correct for
                    windows defaulting to 7-bit filehandles. Fixed problem where
                    split would fail on unusual MIME boundary strings.
                    Problems noticed by Markus Wichitill.

                    Deferred loading of 'Carp' unless actually needed.

                    Small code cleanups.

                    Removed big disclaimer from .pm and moved
                    in pod to 'DISCLAIMERS' section

                    Added tests

 1.09 19 Mar 2002 - Exposed CGI::Minimal::reset_globals class method to support non-
                    mod_perl persistent execution environments.

 1.08 26 Jul 2001 - Added 'raw' method for obtaining a dump of the raw input buffer data
                    without any parsing. Seperated POD docs into a distinct .pod file.

 1.07 01 Dec 2000 - Added capability of taking a GET style parameter string
                    via STDIN if running at the command line.

 1.06 10 Apr 2000 - 'unfixed' use of quotemeta for splitting
                    multi-part forms. 'split' seems broken
                    according to the doc pages....

 1.05 03 Apr 2000 - Fixed breakage in 'param;' from 1.04 changes

 1.04 03 Apr 2000 - Added capability to set params via the param() method
                    like '' plus general code cleanup

 1.03 02 Mar 2000 - 'mod_perl' compatibility added

 1.02 09 Jun 1999 - Initial public release.