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1999-02-05  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* lib/CGI/ Replaced the 'screen_' prefix used to
	indicate the CGI variable carrying function name to
	'screen_function'. The old prefix caused spurious warnings as
	spotted by Julian Morrison.

Sun Jul 26 16:13:21 1998  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* t/import.t, t/method.t: tests will work with some older
	 Versions also.

	* lib/CGI/ (AUTOLOAD): Did propagate destroy.
Sun Jul 12 18:29:43 1998  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* lib/CGI/ (_set_screen): Added dont_cut_loops flag.
	(t): Test with regression tests. Snarfed some of the
 	tests to make cpan-testers happy ;-)

Fri Jul 10 21:52:38 1998  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* lib/CGI/ (_set_screen): Jumps to the same screen are
 	not added to the history any more.
	(url_to_screen): Does not care about passed parameters any
 	more. Bad braino :-(

Sun Jun 28 09:39:19 1998  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* lib/CGI/ (AUTOLOAD): Now actually generates the code.
  	Should speed up calls for freqently used methods like
 	->TD. Especially when used with mod_perl.
	(url_to_screen, link-to_screen): Now take additional parameters to
 	encode in the url.
	(_set_screen): Now saves up to seven back screens to support
 	sensible backing out a dead ends.
	(_set_screen): Now prefers *_data methods.
	(import): Experimental support for importing stuff

Tue Dec 30 09:49:58 1997  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* lib/CGI/ (link_to_screen): renamed to url_to_screen.
	link_to_screen now returns a complete anchor.

Mon Dec 29 18:44:24 1997  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* eg/screen: Calls constructor vie C<__PACKAGE__->new> as
 	suggested by Andreas Koenig.

	* lib/CGI/ Documentation uses C<__PACKAGE__->new>

Mon Dec 29 10:26:42 1997  Ulrich Pfeifer  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Added new VERSION algorithm and 'README' preop.

	* MANIFEST: Removed, added README.

	* screen (gif_data): Produces now GIF even if GD is missing.

	* lib/CGI/ Added copyright notice and documentation for
 	data screens

	* CGI-Screen.prj : moved 'screen' to 'eg' subdirectory

Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Screen.

0.01  Sun Nov 30 17:04:06 1997
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18