Revision history for CGI-Struct

1.21    2012-11-24
        Fix test failure that hash randomization causes to happen more
        often.  Code is fine.
        Some minor improvements and clarifications in the POD.

1.20    2012-09-30
        Add splitting on \0 in strings to better support CGI->Vars
        handling of multiple values.
        Add deep cloning by default to be sure the returned hash is
        completely decoupled from the passed hash.
        Escape { in regexes in tests to avoid warnings on perl 5.17 and

1.12    2010-12-04
        Minor doc tweaks.
        Fix test suite on perl 5.6.2.  Code worked fine; just the test
        was broken.
        Some additional test improvements.

1.11    2010-11-28
        Improve docs, add some extra tests for safety.  No code changes.

1.10    2010-11-28
        Add 'nodot' to avoid interpretting dots as hash level references.

1.00    2010-11-28
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.