Tue Feb  2 21:15:03 PST 2016    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 1.111

        Accept HTTPS scheme in base URL
        Fixed license in Makefile.PL

Thu Apr 30 22:23:51 PDT 2015    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 1.110

        $ENV{TMPDIR} for CGI scripts is now forcibly set to
        whatever temporary directory value was resolved when
        creating a new CGI::Test instance. This is to work around
        an issue with older CGI.pm in Windows when $ENV{TMP}
        and $ENV{TEMP} are unavailable for some reason.

Fri Mar 20 21:50:04 PDT 2015    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 1.100

        Response headers were never handled before; they are now.
        Also refactored the old code that read responses
        while I was at it.

Mon Mar  2 20:21:30 PST 2015    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 1.002

        Some of the fixes in 1.001 were too advanced for older
        Perls, so reverting them.

        Added 'use warnings' to all Perl scripts in the distro;
        thanks to Hunter McMillen for the pull request.

        Updated license notice to include Perl version that the
        corresponding Artistic License was contained in, added
        LICENSE section in the main pod.

Fri Feb 27 23:11:34 PST 2015    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 1.001

        Fixed test CGI scripts to be more compatible with old
        Solaris /bin/sh.

Sun Oct 26 22:06:02 PDT 2014    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 1.000

        Windows support looks good, and the codebase is stable
        enough to call it a release.

        Also fixed a bug that caused test failures in Perls
        older than 5.8.9.

Sat Sep 13 10:52:26 PDT 2014    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.52

        Fixed a bug that caused test failures in Windows.

        Fixed a bug in Makefile.PL that made Github repository
        gone missing.

Sat Sep  6 23:15:57 PDT 2014    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.51

        Recently released CGI.pm deprecated some function exports
        which broke test scripts for CGI::Test. This minor update
        fixes the breakage.

Fri Sep  5 22:02:29 PDT 2014    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.50

        Windows compatibility! Tested with ActiveState and Strawberry
        Perls 5.18.2.

        ok() method exported by CGI::Test was deprecated and removed.

        All tests rebased to Test::More, somewhat improved, and made
        compatible with Windows environment.

Fri May 16 20:03:11 PSD 2014    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.32

        Makefile.PL will now bail out in Windows with CPAN Testers
        friendly message to avoid bogus FAIL reports.

Fri Apr 11 21:58:37 PSD 2014    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.31

        Added methods that return base URI to CGI::Test.

        An error page is now returned if the script failed with 5xx
        HTTP status; an ordinary page was returned previously.

        Besides PERL5LIB, a new environment variable PERL will be
        populated now for CGI scripts, containing the path to perl
        binary. CGI scripts can use it to ensure they are running
        under the same Perl version as CGI::Test itself.

        It is now possible to set raw POST data and MIME type in
        the Input field objects.

Mon May 28 18:37:24 PSD 2012    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.3

        Completely removed all traces of dependency on Log::Agent and
        Getargs::Long. Both are long obsolete, hardly maintained
        anymore and at least one of these (Log::Agent) is failing its

        Changed bugtracker attribute in Makefile.PL to point to
        Git tracker.

Sun Mar 25 15:49:33 PSD 2012    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.2.4

        Fixed a bug in test CGI scripts that cause them to be executed
        with perl from $PATH rather than the one used to test the
        module itself. This sometimes resulted in weird errors deep
        within Carp module.

Mon Nov 21 00:17:38 MSD 2011    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.2.3

        Made an attempt to fix a nasty bug that manifests itself
        with custom Perl builds: test suite fails saying that it
        can't load Fcntl shared object. I don't think this is
        exactly *my* problem but it seems that majority of CPAN
        testers are using customized Perl builds so FAIL to PASS
        rate is like 2:1, which is clearly not good.

        The fix is quite simple: I'm adding path to Perl executable
        to PATH environment variable before anything else. This
        seems to fix the problem on my machine, will see how it
        fares with CPAN testers.

        No other changes were made.

Sun Oct 16 23:46:11 MSD 2011    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.2.2

        Bumping version up a notch to have CPAN indexer accept this
        module. No other changes were made.

Wed Oct  5 22:21:38 MSD 2011    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.2.1

        I am new maintainer of this module as of today; this little
        bump of a release deals with changes in documentation
        following ownership changes.

Fri Sep 30 14:22:14 MSD 2011    Alex Tokarev <tokarev@cpan.org>

        Version 0.2.0

        Forked from unauthorized 0.1.4 version, using Github as
        repository: http://github.com/nohuhu/CGI-Test

        Removed all dependencies on Carp::Datum as it is long outdated
        and unsupported.

        Updated Makefile.PL to new format, with modules in lib/ and
        ChangeLog renamed to Changes.

        Updated dependencies to reflect the changes in CPAN module
        distribution. For one, HTTP::Status module was split from LWP
        along with several others in HTTP::Message bundle which
        requires Perl 5.8.8+ to build and it breaks CGI::Test build
        pattern. Now Makefile.PL will choose either LWP or HTTP::Message
        depending on Perl version.

        Added small feature: HTTP response headers are now stored in
        CGI::Test object and can be read with headers() method. Maybe
        it would be better to place them in CGI::Test::Page object but
        by CGI::Test logic Page represents an actual page not HTTP

        Updated code to be compatible with Perl 5.14.

        Added Pod testing script and fixed Pod errors it discovered.

        Test suite now runs successfully under Linux, Solaris and Darwin
        platforms; Perls 5.6.1 to 5.14.1 were used to run tests.

        Bumped version to clearly reflect changes.

Sat Oct  4 12:26:30 EDT 2003    Steven Hilton <mshiltonj@mshiltonj.com>

. Description:

        Version 0.1.4.

        CGI::Test has changed ownership. The new owner is Steven Hilton
        <mshiltonj@mshiltonj.com>.  Many thanks to Raphael Manfredi
        and Steve Fink.

        CGI::Test is now hosted as a SourceForge project. It is located 
        at <http://cgi-test.sourceforge.net>.

        POD updated to reflect the above.

        make() method on various objects has been deprecated, and has been
        replaced by more conventional (for me, at least) new() method. 
        Support for make() may be removed in a later release.

        Entire codebase reformatted using perltidy
        Go to <http://perltidy.sourceforge.net/> to see how neat it is.

        Self-referential object variable name standardized to '$this'
        throughout code.

Tue Apr 17 13:27:06 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@pobox.com>

. Description:

        Version 0.1.3.

        Changed test 22 in t/browse.pl to perform explicit sorting
        of the month parameter string, so that the string comparison
        is reliable.

Tue Apr 17 12:44:16 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@pobox.com>

. Description:

        Version 0.1.2.

        Discard parameters when figuring out content-type, so that
        we build proper Page objects.

        Added note about possible parameters in content_type in
        the man page for CGI::Test::Page.

        Fixed t/parsing regression test so that it works even when there
        are parameters in the returned content-type field.

Sat Apr 14 10:52:17 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@pobox.com>

. Description:

        Version 0.1.1.

        Set PERL5LIB in child to mirror parent's @INC, so that the CGI
        program, if written in Perl, can get the same include path.

Sat Mar 31 12:39:37 MEST 2001  Raphael Manfredi <Raphael_Manfredi@pobox.com>

        Version 0.1.0.
        Initial public alpha relase.