use CGI::Uploader::Transform::ImageMagick;

As a class method:

 ($thumb_tmp_filename)  = CGI::Uploader::Transform::ImageMagick->gen_thumb({
    filename => $orig_filename,
           w => $width,
           h => $height

Within a CGI::Uploader spec:

    gen_files => {
      my_thumb => gen_thumb({ w => $width, h => $height }),

Looking for a different syntax? See "BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY"

This function creates a copy of given image file and resizes the copy to the provided width and height.

gen_thumb can be called as object or class method. As a class method, there there is no need to call new() before calling this method.

Graphics::Magick is used as the first choice image service module. Image::Magick is tried next.


    filename - filename of source image
    w        - max width of thumbnail
    h        - max height of thumbnail

One or both of w or h is required.

Output: - filename of generated tmp file for the thumbnail - the initialized image generation object. (You generally shouldn't need this)


These older, more awkward syntaxes are still supported:

As a class method:

 ($thumb_tmp_filename)  = CGI::Uploader::Transform::ImageMagick->gen_thumb(
    [ w => $width, h => $height ]

In a CGI::Uploader spec:

'my_img_field_name' => { transform_method => \&gen_thumb, params => [ w => 100, h => 100 ], }