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0.09    13 June 2004
        ->distance now accepts "from_lat" and "from_long" arguments;
          use these in combination with "to_node".
          Internally everything is still done in terms of OS X and Y.

0.08    12 June 2004
        ->find_within_distance now accepts "lat" and "long" arguments.
          Internally everything is still done in terms of OS X and Y.

0.07    3 September 2003
        Fixed bug in ->find_within_distance where nodes with identical
          co-ords weren't being returned.

0.06    9 May 2003
        ->find_within_distance can now optionally take "os_x" and "os_y"
          arguments as an alternative to the "node" argument.
        Also fixed bug where find_within_distance didn't work properly if
          you specified the distance in kilometres.

0.05    9 May 2003
        Changed to inherit from CGI::Wiki::Plugin - you don't now do

          my $locator = CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Locator::UK->new( wiki => $wiki );


          my $locator = CGI::Wiki::Plugin::Locator::UK->new;
          $wiki->register_plugin( plugin => $locator );

0.04    5 April 2003
        Finally remembered to add the Changes file to the MANIFEST.

0.03    5 April 2003
        Simplified tests with the use of the new test utilities available
          in CGI::Wiki 0.27.

0.02    17 March 2003
        Fixed bug that had tests failing on some earlier versions of
          postgres (with help from Marcel Gruenauer).
        Simplified the SQL in ->find_within_distance since the bug in
          CGI::Wiki with metadata hanging around too long is fixed in 0.23.

0.01    28 October 2002
        Initial release.