Revision history for Perl module CPAN::ReleaseHistory

0.16 2020-08-08 NEILB
    - Added script cpan-release-history, which lists all releases of
      a given distribution, in reverse chronological order.

0.15 2016-07-17 NEILB
    - Fixed a bug: if you used --neo and --user together,
      it would report the first release of a dist you did as a neocpanism,
      even if someone else had already released it. RJBS++ for the PR.

0.14 2016-07-13 NEILB
    - Added -neo option to cpan-dist-counts, prompted by
      a question from RJBS.

0.13 2016-07-13 NEILB
    - Added cpan-dist-counts script, prompted by a tweet from PJF.

0.12 2015-02-07 NEILB
    - Added pod for the two sub-classes. MANWAR++

0.11 2014-08-18
    - Added a date() method to CPAN::ReleaseHistory::Release, as in so
      many of the scripts I write, that's what I want to get from the

0.10 2014-05-20
    - Switched to using the index file on the CPAN Testers BackPAN;
      this is generated hourly, and is already in the format we work
      with, which has greatly simplified this module. Thanks to BARBIE
      for his help in getting this in place.
    - Added a live test in xt/

0.09 2014-05-07
    - Now use MooX::Role::CachedURL to do the getting and caching of the file,
      since that now has transparent handling of gzip'd files.
    - Switched to using one of BARBIE's BackPAN indexes, because they're
      updated daily, and it's a format I can use directly.

0.08 2014-02-22
    - cpan-heavyweights: if you asked for the top N users, and the search
      returned fewer than N users, you would get a load of warnings about
      unefined values.

0.07 2014-02-22
    - Added --distprefix (-d) option to cpan-release-counts
      and cpan-heavyweights. Thanks to Kent Fredric for this.

0.06 2014-02-21
    - Added --monthly option to cpan-release-counts
      Based on idea and patch from Kent Fredric.
    - Added -year YYYY option to cpan-release-counts

0.05 2014-02-20
    - cpan-release-counts was barfing if user had no releases
      RT#93183 from Martin Evans.
    - Added cpan-heavyweights script, which shows the top releasers,
      either of all-time, or optionally for a specific year.

0.04 2014-02-20
    - Added cpan-release-counts script for generating text graphs
      of release history, either of a user or across all users.
    - The tests were using // which requires 5.010. Changed that and
      made dependent on 5.006.

0.03 2014-02-19
    - Added a well_formed option to the release iterator.
      If true, then the iterator only returns releases where the distname
      and author id could be determined by CPAN::DistnameInfo

0.02 2014-02-06
    - Changed the sort order of local cache, so it's sorted on
      distname and then by release time.
    - Noted in the doc that you may discover anomalies in
      CPAN's release history.

0.01 2014-02-05
    - First release to CPAN