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Contributing to CPANPLUS::Dist::Debora

The code for this distribution is hosted at

Grab the latest version using the command:

git clone

You can submit code changes by forking the repository, pushing your code changes to your clone, and then submitting a pull request.

Please install Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy and use perlcritic and perltidy before submitting patches.

The tests require Test::MockObject, which can be installed with the following command:

cpanp i Test::MockObject --format=CPANPLUS::Dist::Debora

Run the tests using the prove tool:

prove -l

The distribution is managed with Dist::Zilla, which can be installed as follows:

cpanp i Dist::Zilla \
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CopyFilesFromBuild \
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome \
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides::Package \
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Kwalitee \
    Pod::Coverage::TrustPod \
    Test::Kwalitee \
    Test::Pod \
    Test::Pod::Coverage \

Once installed, here are some dzil commands you might try:

dzil build
dzil test
dzil test --release