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Revision history for Perl extension Cache::Bounded.

1.09  2015/06/18

    Was incorrectly testing cache on every insertion past the first interval.

1.08  2014/03/10

	Added a POD test
	Moving to an automated build of meta data

1.07  2014/02/25

	Updated meta information
	Added LICENSE file to distribution

1.06  2012/03/04

	Tests updated to be compatible with perl 5.15. 
	(Swapped to Test::Simple to avoid using future bareword "plan")

	Cleaned up some documentation typos.

1.05  2011/09/30

	Added a publically accessible purge() method.
	Automated the module packaging for CPAN.

1.03  2004/04/06

	Fixed class related bug where interval and size could not be set.

1.02  2004/04/05

	Corrected accidental Cache::Sloppy calls in the test suite.

1.01  2004/04/02

	Properly blessing into the class name.
	Full copyright and license information.
	Documentation on module installation.

1.00  2004/03/29

	Derived from HMS tool Cache::Sloppy (v1.3 2004/03/02)