v0.07 Fri Jul 13 13:39:00 BST 2011
  - Change to work with (and require) Catalyst::Runtime >= 5.90013

v0.06 Fri Aug 5 08:14:00 BST 2011
  - Fix to work with Catalyst 5.9. RT#67863
  - Add repository metadata
  - Documentation fixes (stephan48)

v0.05  Sun Jul 12 21:18:21 CDT 2009
  - Convert from an action class into an ActionRole (t0m)

v0.04  Tue Apr 28 11:09:54 CDT 2009
  - Added attribute validation with exceptions to Role::ACL constructor.
  - Action must include at least one RequiresRole or AllowedRole attribute or an exception will result.
  - Added mandatory "ACLDetachTo" attribute, names action to which request is detached on ACL violation.
  - Removed tests against "unreachable" action, since actions without ACLs now generate exceptions.

v0.02  Wed Apr 15 11:58:38 CDT 2009
  - Use MRO::Compat instead of NEXT to re-dispatch the 'execute' method.
  - Added missing inc/ directory for Module::Install.

v0.01 Alpha release