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Changes for Catalyst::Plugin::AccessLog

1.02 2010-04-28
  * Updated dist.ini for Dist::Zilla v2
  * Require Catalyst 5.80008 and remove the hack to support 5.80003..7
  * Repository in META (thanks chorny).

1.01 2009-12-18
  * Tidied code.
  * Add support for query strings to the formatter. 
  * Fix Catalyst version dependency; we mistakenly required 5.8004 instead
    of the correct 5.80004.

1.00 2009-08-14
  * The interaction between the plugin and the formatter has changed,
    necessitating a change in the configuration format. Check the docs for
    details on formatter config if you were suppling format / time_format /
    time_zone options before v1.00.
  * A test suite has been added.

0.02 2009-08-06
  * Bug fix: literal \v in a regex isn't recognized properly. Change it
    to \x0b.
  * Use the stats object to get the time at the beginning of the request
    instead of the time the log is printed.
  * Enable stats for the application all the time, unless the user gives
    enable_stats => 0.

0.01 2009-08-05
  * Initial release to CPAN.