1.8 2021-02-04

    Allow customising the content-type header

1.7	2015-10-30

	Include MYMETA.* in MANIFEST.SKIP (requested by CHORNY)

1.6	2015-07-14

	Explicitly check for failures from Text::CSV->new() (which
	silently returns undef on error)
	(reported by Mike W)

1.5	2014-04-10

	Increase version number for no good reason; CPAN seems to
	believe that 1.4.1 is lower than 1.4.

1.4.1   2014-04-10

	Use search(undef,\%attrs) rather than search({},\%attrs)

1.4	2013-12-30

	Use penultimate path component if final component is empty
	(reported by Robert Brown)

1.3	2012-02-13

	Fix compatibility with Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding
	(reported by Aleksey Vysokolov)

1.2	2011-08-13

	Allow filename to be specified explicitly via "filename" stash
	parameter (suggested by Drew Taylor)

1.1.2	2011-07-26

	Fix files missing from MANIFEST and add a release.sh script to
	ensure that none of the arcane steps are missing from the Perl
	module release process

1.1.1	2011-07-23

	Reinstate changes accidentally obliterated by incorrect usage
	of git

1.1	2011-07-23

	Add support for arrays of hashes and arrays of objects
	(contributed by Benjamin Tietz)

1.0.1	2011-06-23

	Add some missing test dependencies to Makefile.PL

1.0	2011-06-20

	First released version