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Revision history for Perl extension Chart::Clicker.

2.90 Dec 14 2016

2.89 Dec 14 2016

2.88 Mar 31 2014

2.87 Jan 24 2014
  - Implement divvy strategies with tick_division_type (rbt)

2.83 Jun 21 2012
  - Remove a duplicate file (Thanks Jotam)

2.82 Jun 19 2012
  - Remove accidental label border (Thanks Eric Busto)

2.81 Mar 19 2012
  - Don't throw away old data on add_data($hashref) (pozorvlak)

2.80 Mar 5 2012
  - Minor POD updates.

2.78 Feb 15 2012
  - Add lots of POD.

2.77 Feb 13 2012
  - Fix synopsis of Axis (Thanks Gisbert W. Selke, RT #74951)
  - Default Axis' format to %s to fix it from blowing up (Thanks Gisbert W. Selke, RT #74950)

2.76 Dec 14 2011
  - Fix syntax error in example (Alexx Roche)

2.75 Dec 5 2011
  - Add Graphics::Primitive::Cairo dep (thanks TEEJAY)

2.74 Nov 13 2011
  - POD fixes

2.73 Nov 4 2011
  - Fix busted images in renderers.

2.72 Sep 5 2011
  - Remove documentation for data method and replace it with rendered data method.

2.71 Aug 25 2011
  - Fix busted images. (Fixes RT #70376)
  - Fix typo in ColorAllocator synopsis (Matthias Bloch)

2.70 Aug 7 2011
  - Add more examples in the Tutorial (mpeters)
  - Convert to Dist::Zilla & Pod::Weaver
  - Add some missing documentation found in Pod::Weaver conversion
  - Removed a lot of useless ()
  - Take numbers off test names
  - Remove stillborn HeatMap renderer
  - Remove some useless tests
  - Use done_tests
  - Add get_value_for_key to Series
  - Fix name of get_all_series_keys in POD
  - Add get_series_values_for_key to DataSet
  - Change DataSet::get_series_values to return an arrayref
  - Fix an issue where series whose keys don't match cause weird StackedBar
    results (Fixes RT #57372)
  - Adjust Axis to honor existing minimum_width and minimum_height set on
    itself (Addresses RT #60279)
  - Add Note to StackedArea regarding the same problem mentioned in RT #57372

  - Add note about CentOS.

  - Remove add_to_markers stuff in docs, as it's bogus.  That functionality
    is in the context.
  _ Remove boolean attribute that determines if a Plot has any markers to be
    drawn, as it was always true.  Remove check of said attribute since it
    was always true.

  - Axis now calls "super" at the end of it's finalize.  This way if there is
    a callback it's called at the end, as advertised

  - Nudge edge tick labels closer in based on their bounding box (Rod Taylor, RT #60603)
  - Skip "zero" values in Bar and Stacked bar.  This prevents drawing hairline
    bars if the value of the series element is equal to the baseline of the
    range axis.

  - Fix warning in Glass related to newer Moose deprecation warnings.

  - POD fixes (Jonathan Yu, RT #56287 and #57317)

  - Make DataSet and StackedBar more tolerant of missing values (Rod Taylor,
    RT #57259)

  - More POD fixes

  - Add bar_width attribute to Bar and StackedBar renderers for choosing your
    own bar width.
  - Remove unnecessary type declaration from Axis
  - POD errors (spotted by Ricardo Signes)
  - Add POD 'whatis' entries (RT #56287, Jonathan Yu)
  - Update README (RT #56396, Jonathan Yu)
  - Add missing dependency on Test::Exception (RT #56398, Jonathan Yu)

2.60    March 20, 2010
  - Add gradient_reverse attribute to Pie renderer for reverse the
    direction of the gradient (Carl Chambers)
  - Add starting_angle attribute to Pie rather than hardcoding it to -90
    (Carl Chambers)
  - Refactor some Pie internals to not use $self->{VAR} (Carl Chambers)

  - Correct POD in PolarArea
  - Add max_size and min_size to Series::Size
  - Bump some dependencies
  - Add PolarArea example to POD
  - Remove some unnecessary imports from Context and clean up some code
  - Add Math::Gradient dep
  - Fix POD typos in tutorial  (Thanks Franz Bräuer)
  - Make Data::Series->range a lazy_build attribute
  - Rearrange tests
  - Add gradient_color to Pie renderer

2.58    January 25, 2010
  - POD fixes

2.57    January 24, 2010
  - Add PolarArea renderer
  - Clean up some Pie POD

  - Fix tests that tested removed methods. (Thanks Christoper Bottoms)

  - Add add_pair method to Series
  - Add repository metadata to Makefile.PL (Thanks cpanservice)

  - Values added via add_data will now be part of the same DataSet, this may
    have caused some odd results with additive renderers
  - Remove some unused tick attributes and code associated with them
  - Add skip_range to Axis

  - Fix bad default opacity in Bar renderer
  - Fix syntax error from method name typo in share-axes example

  - Add contains method to Range
  - Redo POD to use an ATTRIBUTES section
  - Tutorial updates (Thanks Philip Chung)

  - POD improvement for creating other formats.

  - POD fix (Thanks Brian Cassidy)

  - POD fixes
  - Image Updates

  - Fix image URLs

  - Fix busted add_data changes in 2.46
  - Better add_data POD

  - Use native Moose type traits rather than MX::AttributeHelpers
  - Allow Series to be instantiated with a HashRef
  - Deprecate data method in favor of rendered_data

  - Document the ->draw,->data method for getting back a scalar
  - Add example
  - Improve error message when keys != values
  - Add POD images (Thanks to Gagor Szabo and Bruno Vecchi)
  - Bump Cairo driver version
  - Bar Renderer fixes:
    - When bars ran below baseline, brush width wasn't taken into account
    - When only one series was present, bars below baseline were offset to the
      left unecessarily

  - Add add_data method
  - Fix long-standing bug tripped when adding multiple datasets that use the
    same renderer.

  - Fix typo in Axis Synopsis (thanks Michael Stapelberg)

  - Add Legend::Tabular
  - Remove unused LegendItem

  - Add title/title_position

  - Tutorial update

  - Adjust data range test
  - Add Clicker->set_renderer (Thanks castaway!)
  - Add Clicker->write_output to replace draw; write;

  - Change the manner in which ticks are generated. Uses the lower and upper
    of the Axis' range then evenly divides the middle.
  - Adjust the location of an Axis' tick if that tick is equal to the lower or
    upper of the Axis' range.  Allows top and bottom ticks to be drawn without
    overflowing the drawable area.

  - Properly import croak so failures are reported without generating an
    exception (thanks omega!)

  - Fix some weird 'padding' in ranges and in Axis marking, fixes datasets
    with ranges less than 1.

  - Legend
    - Depend on Layout::Manager 0.29 and adjust Legend to use 
    - Remove lots of random crap from Legend that wasn't being used
  - Ditch Clicker's BUILD method for prepare-time work wrt plot & legend
  - Add has_name predicate to Series and use it in Legend
  - Bar
    - Fix overlap in borders
    - Fix stroking of translucent bars
    - Only stroke bars if their opacity is < 1 and the brush width > 0

  - Clean up some unnecessary POD
  - Add shape_brush to Point renderer
  - Add first cut of tutorial

  - Rename share_axis_width to share_axes_with
  - Throw a useful error when there is no data, thanks Dave Hayes

  - Dependency bumps
  - Trim out some unnecessary includes and code
  - Fix busted bubble renderer scaling
  - Allow multiple series with CandleStick
  - Removed UPGRADING POD, it's long past time to have done that
  - Fix Area & StackedArea's POD
  - Make StackedArea a subclass of Area
  - Fix contributor POD being all on one line

  - Fix slight miscalculation in X position of "negative" bar renderer
  - Simplify bar width calculation when using fudged axis ranges.

  - Fix misnamed class in POD for Marker (Thanks bricas!)
  - Fix error in example/
  - Fix completely busted Marker implementation (fix colors & range positioning)
  - Add lazily constructed marker_overlay attribute to Clicker
  - Document Marker properly

  - Fix broken bar_padding computation in Bar renderer
  - Skip some math when no ticks are visible in an Axis

  - Fix problems in dist due to quoting

  - Fix shape positions when line renderer is additive
  - Add pie example

  - Use min/max functions from List::Util rather than rolling my own
  - Refactor Series internals to more easily facilitate subclasses
  - Add HighLow series
  - Add CandleStick renderer

  - Add some new examples: Multiple-Axes, Multiple-Renderers and Shared-Axes
  - Add Context->share_axes_with method for convenience
  - Add font attribute to OverAxis decoration

  - Add label_font and tick_font attributes to Axis for changing each

  - Don't uselessly add a Fill op to a Line renderer w/no shape
  - Properly handle the shape_brush attribute in the Line renderer
  - Remove default background_color from Plot

  - Line renderer will now stack if additive attribute is true.

  - More clever color allocator that attempts to space out colors at even hue
    spacings for predictable color schemes that are more pleasing and contrast
    enough to be easily differentiated.
  - Bump Graphics::Color dep for color allocator test

  - Remove ghostly " - 5" that was fucking up additive ranges
  - Clamp Area "fade" gradients to the top of their areas, not the top of the
  - Add tick_label_color to Axis
  - Add label_color to Axis
  - Use real gray rather than translucent gray for grid to get rid of
    composited "joint" spots at line intersections
  - Add StackedArea renderer
  - Fix some errors in examples

  - Move some subs around in, to no effect.
  - Take out some C-style loops because they apparently offend a loud majority
    of #moose (groditi and phaylon)
  - Hide border of "hidden" Axis
  - Set the type of Series keys & values to ArrayRef[Num] from ArrayRef
  - Fix 01-data-series.t which had an error in it.  Yay type checking!
  - Remove some useless, commented out code

  - Fix Line's shape attribute, which didn't do a damn thing
  - Draw Line's shapes in a separate loop so that the path works right
  - Remove Chart::Clicker::Shape
  - Add OverAxis Decoration
  - Add Clicker->over_decorations for adding decorations "over" the renderers
  - POD overhaul
  - Remove some long-commented-out code.

  - POD fixes
  - Split Grid's brush into two separate attributes: range_brush and
  - Set an Axis' padding to 5 at the time it is created, zero it out in prepare
    if hidden.  This lets us remove some crufty code from
  - Set a default color on the Axis' brush
  - Document Axis' tick_label_angle
  - Separate Grid's line drawing into two operations so that each brush
    can affect the output
  - Remove color from Grid, use each brush to set range/domain color
  - Remove some useless code from Plot
  - Add grid_over flag to to allow grid over/under control
  - Rejigger Axis code so that each Axis' brush size affects it's
  - Adjust paddings a bit.

  - Add Axis->tick_label_angle for rotating tick label
  - Add requirement for Math::Trig
  - Bump some deps

  - Fix META.yml
  - Add some POD to describe why NOT having a default context makes Clicker
    shit on itself.
  - Fix linear gradient in Area renderer.

  - Add examples directory
  - Don't add padding if axes are hidden.
  - Fix gradients in Area renderer

  - Remove some old code (was already commented out)

  - Fix POD bug (thanks Jay Shirley)
  - Axis::DateTime: get this working again, albeit a bit gimped
  - Move pod tests to t/author

  - Fix multiple-prepare bug

  - Use new Grapics::Primitive APIs

  - Remove Moose Coverage dependency

  - Keep up with Graphics::Primitive API changes

  - Bump Graphics::Primitive dep to 0.28 and make appropriate changes to Fill

  - Axis: Add stagger flag

  - Axis: Fix busted labels when using labels & values together

  - Fix bug in top-horizontal axes

  - Oops again, bump Cairo driver version

  - Ooops, bump version dependencies properly

  - Remove label rotation on vertical axes due to problems with
  - Depend on Graphics::Primitive 0.25 and make necessary API changes

    - Pretty up some un-Moosey behaviour
    - Add Bubble renderer and Series::Size
    - Add PostScript and PDF support
    - Use Graphics::Primitive
    - Add show_range and show_domain flags to Grid
    - Make Range's span inclusive
    - Add lots of convenient methods via MooseX::AttributeHelpers
    - Get rid of all indirect method calls (ewww!)
    - Fix broken bar renderer alignment
    - Rename Renderer::Base to just Renderer
    - Stop baselining axes by default, it breaks stuff.
    - Abandon $CC_* position/orientation junk for Moose roles with strings
    - Move out lots of generic functionality to new modules
    - Add context support
    - Ignore duplicate axes
    - Change Axis 'visible' attribute to 'hidden' to avoid clashing with
    - Axis' ticks attribute now yields the correct number of ticks, not -1
    - Horizontal axes' tick labels now align their baselines properly
    - Make axes position independent, as they were intended

    - Packaging fixes.
    - Add fudge_amount attribute to Axis, defaulting to .1, that tells Clicker
      how much to fudge the amount upper and lower values of the range.
    - Fix drawing-insets test index mistype
    - Fix range baseline throwing Moose errors on undef
    - Fix broken layout test

    - Add 'baseline' attribute to Axis
    - Fix incorrect coloring of text on customized axes
    - Add tick_labels to axis and make use of it in Simple
    - Make axes and labels cope with dropped letters (e.g 'y' or 'j') properly
    - Mooseify renderer options (the 'options' method is no longer used)
    - Allow many objects with a color to be set with just the name ('black'
      rather than 'new Chart::Clicker::Drawing::Color'...)
    - Fix warnings in tests
    - Line render shapes default to filled, shape_stroke provides method for
      old method of doing strokes.

    - Fix broken Bar renderer
    - Add hide_axes and hide_grid to Simple
    - StackedBar renderer
    - 'additive' renderer attribute
    - combine the 'combined' range of a DataSet for additive renderers
    - Fix bug when setting range max/min to 0
    - Real SVG support
    - Add 'format' attribute to Clicker constructor

    - Fix broken Axis::DateTime
    - Fix broken type for Simple's renderer
    - Fix busted Bar renderer

    _ Remove unused and un-required dependency

    - Add Pie renderer.
    - Moose

1.1.8 Sat Sep 1 10:38:01
    - Remove lots of ()->
    - Try and make some things faster after watching dprofpp output
    - Fix format accessor in Axis::DateTime
    - Fix bug in Component::inside_width
    - Add shape to line renderer

1.1.7 Thu Aug 30 20:43:21
    - Add time_zone to Axis::DateTime (thanks Johannes Hoerburger)
    - Add test for formatter and document inheritance

1.1.6 Fri Mar 09 18:24:12 2007
    - Remove Mac OS X specific files (thanks jshirley)

1.1.5 Sat Feb 24 12:48:03 2007
    - Return 1 for 0 span ranges. (thanks Daniel Kasak)

1.1.4 Wed Jan 02 09:31:21 2007
    - Add Chart::Clicker::Simple
    - Fix bug in ColorAllocator's constructor
    - Fix bug in Bar Renderer for full-height bars
    - Remove default border from Plot
    - Doc cleanups
    - Code cleanups

1.1.3 Sun Oct 22 10:53:23 2006
    - Add SVG support (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)
    - Teach write() how to handle different formats.
    - Update docs

1.1.2 Sat Oct 21 12:16:51 2006
    - Add labels to Axes (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)
    - Add error accessor to Series (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)
    - Add Measurement Renderer (thanks Torsten Schoenfeld)

1.1.1 Sun Sep 17 19:10:17 2006
    - Documentation updates
    - Fix Axis::DateTime's rendering

1.1.0 Thu Sep 14 20:06:37 2006
    - Remove (range|domain)_markers from Chart::Clicker
    - Fix rendering of Axis grid lines by using Axis mark()
    - Fix Series with keys given in constructor
    - Add Marker support via Data::Marker and Plot's use of
    - Make pseudo-smart date stuff in DateTime

1.0.7 Tue Sep 12 20:12:34 2006
    - Adjust Axis to make subclassing better
    - Add Axis::DateTime

1.0.6 Sometime
    - Make the stroke an option (and off by default) of Bar
    - Add max and min methods to Data::Range
    - Fix Area renderer only showing a single series
    - Take a stab at improving the Legend's rendering
    - Add mark() to Axis for positioning values
    - Adjust renderers to use Axis->mark() for positioning
    - Fix rendering of mutiple series in Bar renderer

1.0.5 Tue Sep 5 19:31:24 2006
    - Fix broken charting of axes not based on zero lower ranges.
    - Reverse fade color stops
    - Use the lower on the range for Axis tick values
    - Add Glass decoration
    - Adjust Renderers to not take a 'min' value

1.0.4 Thu Aug 31 21:45:37 2006
    - Remove disclaimer about using File::Temp
    - Fix completely broken domain axis values

1.0.3 Tue Aug 15 19:13:12 2006
    - Ditch File::Temp for write_to_png_stream from Cairo

1.0.2 Thu Aug 10 19:18:11 2006
    - Fix broken X axis for all Renderers (reported by Peter Hicks)

1.0.1 Wed Aug 09 20:28:42 2006
    - Remove print of file size in png()
    - Update examples in Chart::Clicker POD
    - Allow setting of series in constructor or DataSet
    - Allow setting of range in Axis constructor (was overwritten)
    - Fix constructor of Series to use Class::Accessor
    - Document ticks() in Axis

1.0.0 Sometime
    - Don't draw on undefined surfaces returned from Components
    - Remove 'above' crap
    - Increase 'divvy' to ticks + 1 and only set it if it's undefined
    - Don't outright skip if an Axis is invisible, just skip the part
      when we are drawing.
    - Add format() to Axis for formatting tick values.

0.9.7  Mon Jun 12 00:00:00 2006
    - Don't draw invisible axes
    - Expose the number of ticks for the axis.
    - Fix area renderer being off by 1.5 on first point

0.9.6  Thu Jun 8 00:12:54 2006
    - I totally forgot to document...

0.9.3  Mon May 22 11:24:31 2006
    - Layout based rendering.
    - Documentation updates
    - Labels

0.9.1  Wed May 10 10:12:09 2006
    - Clicker is now a Container
    - Add CC_CENTER
    - Add Container
    - Add Component

0.9.0  Tue May 9 01:30:19 2006
    - Axis labels
    - Get Axes working and add Axis positioning
    - Set all values to 0 by default in Insets
    - Rename constants CC_* and add TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT and RIGHT for Axis
    - Add Chart::Clicker::Drawing for some common constants
    - Move HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL to C:C::Drawing as constants
    - Eliminate extraneous drawing ops (paints) from Plot
    - Use an Inset to keep up with 'shrinkage' of inner surface in Plot
    - Enhance Axis with height, orientation, per, tick_values, and width and
      prepare method that calculates required space.
    - Remove prepare() from Renderer::Base and move most of the arguments
      to the render() method.
    - Rework Renderers to use the domain and range axes for the values they
      need for rendering.
    - 'inline' marker drawing
    - Add divvy() to Range.
    - Have Grid use 'main' domain and range axes for it's values.
    - Remove reference to a C:Clicker::prepare sub in the docs

0.2.4  Thu May 4 00:30:19 2006
    - Shapes
    - Use Shapes for Point Renderer

0.2.3  Wed May 3 23:15:09 2006
    - Bring Makefile.PL and MANIFEST up to speed
    - Legends!
    - Stop hard-coding output file
    - Fix bugs in color allocation
    - A solemn promise to tag this version so I can do svn diffs...

0.2.2  No clue
    - I forget

0.2.1  Tue Apr 25 23:53:21 2006
    - Update Bar renderer to divide available spots between all series
    - Use ColorAllocator in renderers
    - Add ColorAllocator
    - Create the Drawing namespace

0.2.0  Sun Apr 23 08:09:34 2006

0.1.0  Thu Apr 20 01:12:09 2006
    - Add Border and Stroke
    - Use Class::Accessor
    - Chart->background_color()
    - Plot->background_color()
    - Chart::Point

0.0.4  Tue Apr 18 23:22:12 2006
    - Add Color and use it for Markers

0.0.3  Fri Apr 14 13:34:43 2006
    - Add Grid decoration and move mass marker creation there for grid.

0.0.2  Fri Apr 14 12:13:10 2006
    - Get Markers working

0.0.1  Tue Apr 11 20:30:16 2006
	- original version