2.403.7 2022-07-29  lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * ? move landing page examples in own category, independent from test script runs
    * ? reduce references to gone modules in Chart.pm POD
    * ? clearify some bits in POD
    * ? several final touches on types manual page and example images
    * ! fix sub title in manual demo of pie chart
    * ! bad dates, typos in Changes

2.403.6 2022-07-21 lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * ! gap in HTML tag in POD prevented landing page demo images
    * ? final touches on new POD documentation

2.403.5 2022-07-18 lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * ? completed workflow page in manual
    * ? completed methods page in manual

2.403.4 2022-07-17 lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * ? completed types page in manual
    * ! fixed some image sizes
    * ! fixed dist.ini so old stuff from git don't spill into release

2.403.3 2022-07-16 lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * + addded images to landing page
    * + data files can have # comments
    * ? wrote most of types page in manual
    * ? some small addons for properties page
    * ! fixed overlong tick label due rounding error near zero

2.403.2 2022-07-13 lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * ? completed properties page in manual
    * ? started types page in manual with first test example
    * ! linkfixes on landing POD of Chart.pm
    * ! linkfixes on Color::Constant.pm POD 

2.403.1 2022-07-12 lichtkind
    * = POD rewrite release
    * ? completed most of properties
    * ? all names listed in Color::Constant.pm POD

2.403.0 2022-07-07 lichtkind
    * = test release to check metacpan POD parser
    * + added Chart::Manual + property sub page
    * - drop PDF and HTML documentation
    * - drop dependency on module: POSIX

2.402.3 2022-06-18 lichtkind
    * + string method to Color objects
    * ? fixed #18891 : document that y_ticks1, y_ticks2 is composite only
    * ! fixed (not interrupting Color::Value::distance_rgb even sub sub carped) 

2.402.2 2022-06-15 lichtkind
    * ? linking POD of Chart::Color.pm
    * ? POD typo f_y_ticks1 => f_y_tick1
    * ? document -ring setting for ring charts
    * ! added shebang to new tests by Petr Pisar

2.402.1 2022-06-09 lichtkind
    * ! fixing color value rounding in Chart::Color::Value

2.402.0 2022-06-08 lichtkind
    * = first minor feature add under new maintainer
    * # main theme: colors 
    * + added 3 classes of Graph::Color::*
    * + get pantone report colors by name
    * + access to external color libs of Graphics::ColorNames::* via syntax: 'standard_name:color_name'
    * + full fledged color objects (also for later use)
    * ~ slight change in default colors for more calm professional look
    * ! fixed and added colors from X11 and HTML standard
    * ! fixing licence issues back to Perl 5

2.401.1 2022-04-04 lichtkind
    * = minor fix release & test for init dzil file
    * ~ new file headers
    * ! 2 patches by Petr Pisar fixing tests
    * ? expanded TODO

2.400.10 2022-04-02 lichtkind
    * = Testrelease for new metafiles
    * + cpan file

2.400.5 2022-03-31 lichtkind
    * = Upload fix for failed 2.4.19 .. 2.400.04
    * ~ first upload by new maintainer: LICHTKIND
    * + files CONTRIBUTING

2.4.10 Upload to pause.perl.org failed for version 2.4.9. Therefore, the version 2.4.9 was renamed to 2.4.10
      for a new upload.

2.4.9 Upload to pause.perl.org failed for version 2.4.8. Therefore, the version 2.4.8 was renamed to 2.4.9
      for a new upload.
2.4.8 Bug repaired: rt.cpan.org #81171::Composite w/two ::Lines and xy_plot ==> undefined value when drawing ticks
      (t/composite_7.t and t/composite_8.t are showing the differences)
      Base.pm: defined(@array) 
      Chart.pod corrected for deprecated @ARR->[$i]

2.4.7 Not published
2.4.6 Number of named colors extended
      Documentation.pdf explains the use of colors (Appendix added) 
      Corrections in base.pm, routines
       _draw_bottom_legends, _draw_x_number_ticks
       in LinesPoints.pm, routines  _draw_data
2.4.5 Typo in _draw_x_ticks corrected
      Methods scalar_png(), scalar_jpeg() corrected for result.
      Test routine t/scalarImage.t added
      Chart.pod corrected

2.4.4 The brush styles to points and linespoints are extended.
      Not only circles represent the points but a number of different
      brush styles, linke donut, Star and so on.

2.4.3 Corrections to imagemap production in Composite.pm and Lines.pm

2.4.2 Changes done by R. Dassing, Michael Potter
      The values for 'true' resp. 'false' may be of the following
      true: TRUE, true, T, t, 1 and defined
      false: FALSE, false, F, f, 0 or undefined
      Added new options xlabel and xrange which is valid for xy_plot
      and Chart::Lines, Chart::Points, Chart::LinesPoints,
      Chart::Split, Chart::ErrorBars.
      In order to use the labels, the chart module needs to have 'xlabels' 
      AND 'xrange' set. Below is some example code for use: 
      @labels = (['Jan', 'Feb','Mar'], 
      $chart->set( xlabels => \@labels, 
                   xrange => [0,100] ); 
      This options allow to set and position labels at the x-axis arbitrary.

      add_dataset() and app_pt() accepts now datasets as lists and as
          references to list like already mentioned in the docs

      Optimized organisation of the placement of the labels.
      Added flag to avoid plotting of legends at all
      Using GD Version 2.0.36 as this version supports 'filledArc'

      Correction due to Request 23166
      write the endmost value of input array
      in imagemap_data array
      Correction due to Request 23166: 
      write the endmost value of input array
      in imagemap_data array
2.4.1 Changes done by Christine Zilker, Gerhard Stuhlpfarrer, R. Dassing
        Added new Options:
             ring             Draw a ring instead of a Pie
             legend_lines     Connect Pie and the description with a line
             stepline         Connect Lines and LinesPoints by a stepped line
             stepline_mode    (thanks to Gerhard Stuhlpfarrer)
             brush_size1      Define Brush Size for Composite 1 
             brush_size2      and 2
        Color problem in Pie fixed
        Positioning of the description optimized in Pie
        Division by zero problem fixed in Pie
        Module 'Bars' checks for numeric data a input on y-axis
        New Function added to Base:
            minimum  - determine minimal value of an array of numeric values
            maximum  - determine maximal value of an array of numeric values
            arccos   - arccos
            arcsin   - arcsin
        Some small bugs corrected:
            Base::_find_y_range   : check for numeric values
            Base::_find_x_range   : check for numeric values
        Latex sources for documentation included 
            (We hope to get a better documentation be a native english speaking person)
2.3  Changes done by Christine Zilker:
        Added new Options: 
         in Composite: 
                legend_example_height    changes thickness of the lines in the legend,
            f_y_tick1, f_y_tick2 analog to f_y_tick 
                                         used for right and left y-axes
         in Direction: 

        Added the possibility to add more datasets in Chart::Direction 
    Fixed "label space" problem in Pie
    Fixed dataset order (in the legend) in StackedBars
    Fixed problem of getting the right values if round2Tick is used
    Fixed problem of datavalues in _find_y_scale
    Some minor bugfixes     

        Update of the Documentation (Documentation.pdf)

        The requested support of TruType fonts was currently dropped due to
        missing support in GD.pm (even in new versions)
        The print out of some hints and warnings where deleted not to confuse
        the user.

2.2: Composite.pm: imagemap_dump() repaired.

2.1: Changes done by Markus Brandl:
    new Modules added: ErrorBars.pm, HorizontalBars.pm, Pareto.pm,                          
    Pie.pm, Split.pm and Direction.pm

        Subdirectory "doc" contains a Acrobat Reader Documentation.pdf file.

    Function add_datafile() added. It is now possible to add a complete

        Added new Options: precision, xy_plot, min_x_ticks, max_x_ticks,
    skip_y_ticks, skip_int_ticks, legend_label_value, y_axes,
    scale, interval, start, interval_ticks, sort, same_error, point,
    line, arrow, angle_interval, min_circles, max_circles
    Also added: the 'title' and 'x_label' options in the colors option 

    Documentation (Documentation.pdf) added.

    _find_x_scale, _find_x_range and _draw_x_number_ticks added to make 
    xy_plots possible.

    _sort_data has now a body. 

        Fixed integer ticks problem by adding the skip_int_ticks option
    Fixed f_x_ticks and f_y_ticks problem in Composite
    Fixed negative value problem in Bars
    Fixed min_val and max_val problem in draw_data function of all modules:
    Now, Chart plots the data only if the data is in the area of min_val and
    max_val! The border of bars in Bars, HorizontalBars and StackedBars will
    be plotted pink (not misccolor) if the data isn't in the min_val-max_val
    Fixed custom_x_ticks problem in _draw_x_ticks
    Some other bugfixes.
    Updates in _find_y_scale, _round2tick, _calcTickInterval 

1.1: Changes done by David Pottage:
        Plot scales can now have any magnitude. 
        It does not matter if the data covers a range of 100000000000 units
        or 0.00000000001 units, the scale will be correctly calculated.

        Ticks on plot scales are now plotted on 'round' numbers. 
        The number & spacing of ticks is chosen based on the data range.

        False zero graphs are now explicitly supported, and will be 
        generated if the data range merits it. 
        The instance field 'include_zero' should be set to zero to suppress this.

        Added: include_zero, min_y_ticks, max_y_ticks, integer_ticks_only

        Fixed _draw_bottom_legend in Base.pm

0.99c-pre3 - 1.0:
        Fixed _draw_data in Lines.pm: lines are limited to the frame
        Added f_x_tick, f_y_tick
        Added jpeg(), cgi_jpeg() to produce the format jpeg
        Delete GIF support, added PNG and JPEG instead

0.99b - 0.99c-pre3:
    James F Miner <jfm@winternet.com>:
    Added Mountain chart type
    Added Patterns.  See t/mountain.t for details
    Bugfix for drifting x tick
    Improved internal color handling

    Richard Dice  <rdice@shadnet.shad.ca>:
    Added brush shapes for Points, LinesPoints
    Added scalar_gif

0.99a - 0.99b:
    Fixed left legend in composite charts
    Fixed no color problem when using composite charts w/ no legend
    Fixed color handling for datasets
    Added option for http header Pragma: no-cache
        Netscape 4.5 has a bug that breaks it, but it works with
        other browsers.  Any ideas for a workaround?

0.99 - 0.99a:
    Added use of undef() values to represent 'no data' for line breaks
    Added ylabel*_color options
    Added x_grid_lines, y_grid_lines & y2_grid_lines , and color options for each
    Cache disabling in cgi header: Reiner Nippes <nippes.r@gmx.de>
    Restored grid_lines option: Heinz-Guenter Kontny <hek@kronos.nic.dtag.de>
    Fixed a typo that broke imagemap data storage in Lines charts

0.94 - 0.99:
    Modified the 'title' option to correctly process newlines
    Deprecated the 'subtitle' option, will remove it in next release
    Changed the API for specifying colors
    Added support for printing to file handles
    Added Chart::Composite
    Added 'spaced_bars' to make it easy to differentiate the bars
    Added 'grey_background' to make plot background grey
    Added support for negative values in the datasets
    Added methods to remember and dump imagemap pixel information
    Included rgb.txt with distribution for WinXX users

0.93 - 0.94:
    Moved the legend down to be flush with the chart
    Fixed the long decimal y-tick label problem
    Fixed (for the last time, hopefully) the pre-5.004 compilation problem
    Fixed handling of undefined data points
    Added more colors for the default data colors
    Added the transparent gif option
    Added the option for user-specified colors
    Added the grid_lines option

0.92 - 0.93: 
    Fixed the sort problem
    Fixed the y-axis label centering problem
    Fixed pre-5.004 compilation problem
    Added StackedBars charts