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Revision history for Perl extension Chemistry::Bond::Find

0.23  May 10 2009
        - Turned the variables with the covalent radii into globals in case
          someone really needs them (per Perl's no-shotgun policy).
        - Added an undocumented 'valid_bonds' method (Liliana Felix Avila).

0.22  Apr 12 2005
        - Fixed bug in Baber algorithm for terminal methyls with no hydrogens.
          Added a modification to improve results for conjugated systems.

0.21  Jun 16 2004
        - New options for assign_bond_orders: scratch.

0.20  May 18 2004
        - Added assign_bon_orders.

0.10  May 12 2004
        - Changed the recursive algorithm for a hash bucket algorithm, which
          is 2-3 times faster for larger molecules.

0.05  May 11 2004
	- First CPAN release