Revision history for Chimaera

1.01    2015-10-08
        Fixed the Manifest to actually include the module 

1.00    2015-10-08
        Added code and tests to ensure that the constructor throws an exception 
        if the two haplotypes supplied are identical.
        Added a test to ensure that possible_chimaera() reports
        false if there is a mismatch between test sequence and the supplied
        haplotype sequences.
        Added code and tests to ensure that test sequences identical to one
        or other haplotype are NOT reported as possible chimaeric sequences.
        Removed a debugging print statement that had got left in the code by

0.02    2015-04-21
        Minor changes. Altered comparisons to ignore case and added
        a test to check that. Internal use only, never released.

0.01    2015-04-20
        First version, internal use only, never released.