Revision history for Class-AutoClass

1.56	2013-10-05
	No functional changes
	Update depdendencies
        Fix boilerplate & pod tests

1.55	2012-11-25
	Added test for version number in POD
	Changes to Build.PL
	  Removed redundant 'dist_version_from' param
          Added Module::Build to configure_requires
	  Changed create_makefile_pl from deprecated 'passthrough' to 'small'
	Fixed test failures caused by hash key randomization in perl 5.17.6
          autoclass.011.inconsistent.t, autoclass.101.no_use_parent.t

1.54	2010-08-22
	Fixed bug causing __OVERRIDE__ not to work correctly in base
        classes.  Setting __OVERRIDE__ in a base class did not change
        the value of $self passed to _init_self in subclasses.  The net
        effect was to lose all the initialization done in subclasses.
	sigh! how did this survive so long??

1.53	2010-01-06
	Now works to use CODE or GLOB refs as DEFAULTS
        Fixed version number for dependency Storable in Build.PL

1.52	2009-12-04
        Changed handling of %AUTODB=0 and %AUTODB=1 in anticipation of 
          Class::AutoDB 1.10.  Does not functionally change Class::AutoClass

1.51	2009-11-19
        Tightened dependency for Test::Deep (now require version 0.098 
          instead of 0), because this is first version that defines
          cmp_details and deep_diag. Thanks to the CPAN Testers for 
          finding this!!
        Changed test file t/ to manually import 
          cmp_details and deep_diag, because not exported by Test::Deep
          until version 0.104.

1.50	2009-11-15
        See changes for 1.49_02, 1.49_01

1.49_02 2009-11-14 - Trial release on the way to 1.50
	Fixed dependencies in Build.PL
        Removed unused dependencies from tests

1.49_01 2009-11-13 - Trial release on the way to 1.50
        Brings CPAN version up-to-date with version used internally
        New features:
        - 'declare' can be called without class parameter
        Bug fixes:
        - if 'new' called from subclass via SUPER::new, 'new' retains object
	  from subclass rather than creating new one; this is a rare occurence
        - defaults for class attributes set at declare-time, not by 'new'
        - removed undocumented 'class' method since it pollutes namespace 
        - caught error when a class does not 'use' its base class, and base 
	  class cannot be loaded because of compile errors
        - version number conforms to Perl standard

1.0	2006-04-07
	first stable version

0.1	2006-01-04
	- initialization strategy changed. instead of init'ing class by class 
          down the hierarchy, it's now done all at once
	- fixed many bugs in default initialization
	- set_attributes always calls setter method
	- added check for super classes not yet 'used'.  caution: this only works 
          if people follow the Perl convention of placing module Foo in file  
          Else, there's no easy way to translate a classname into a string that can 
          be 'used'
	- fixed bug to auto-register subclasses that did not set %AUTODB

0.093 Tue Oct 25 16:02:24 PDT 2005
	- new override capability (for returning an instance of another object) 
          and tests to cover new functionality
	- added nullable functionality, so that an AutoClass object can return undef

0.092 Tue May 31 17:40:32 PDT 2005
	- changed AutoDB require in to AutoDB::Object (bug: utility 
          classes were forced to 'use Class::AutoDB::Object'
	- changed prereq syntax in to just check for lib existance

0.091 Mon Apr 18 09:22:47 PDT 2005
	- removed Data::Dumper dependency
	- removed versions from dependencies in Makefil.PL

0.09  Wed Sep  1 12:11:24 PDT 2004
	- Class::AutoDB::auto_register now takes a Class::AutoClass::Args object as an arg 

0.08  Tue Aug 17 10:36:06 PDT 2004
	- missed some test files in the 0.07 distribution (oops)

0.07  Mon Aug 16 18:04:12 PDT 2004
	- changes to accomodate Class::AutoDB refactor

0.05  Mon Feb 23 11:12:43 PST 2004
	- supressed a bunch of warnings throw when using -w flag
	- use Storable added back to AutoClass

0.04  Thu Feb 19 09:39:57 PST 2004
	- removed Clone dependency 
	- refactored AutoDB hooks

0.03  Mon Jan 12 17:13:33 PST 2004
	- more documentation changes 
	- removed Class::WeakSingleton dependency

0.02  Tues 06 Jan 18:03:38 PST 2004 
	- some documentation changes

0.01  Mon Dec 22 17:28:49 PST 2003
	- original version.