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Revision history for Perl extension Class::DataStore

0.07  Fri Aug 26 2005
    - minor documentation changes

0.06  Fri Jul 1 2005
    - get() now returns a list if wantarray and the value is a hashref;
      previously returned the hashref regardless of context
    - dump() now returns a list if wantarray

0.05  Mon May 16 2005
	- fixed a bug when using AUTOLOAD set with an undef value
	- cleaned up documentation for CPAN release

0.04  Wed Apr 20 2005
    - fixed a bug that prevented AUTOLOAD get from returning list in array

0.03  Sun Mar 27 2005
    - broke out MasonX::App::DataStore into seperate package, Class::DataStore
    - rebuilt Changes file based on MasonX::App's Changes
    - rolled get_array() into get() using 'wantarray'

0.02  Tue Nov 16 2004
	- added get_array() to return value as an array
	- added exists() to determine if element in internal hashref exists

0.01  Wed Sep 15 2004
	- first release as part of MasonX::App package