1.7  2007-03-30

- Switch to Module::Build.

- Add pod-related tests.

- Make distro more modern.

1.6  2003-08-23

- Scanning for subclasses now looks at @INC, instead of just the
  calling module's directory.  Patch from Iain Truskett.

1.5  2003-07-30

- Fix a mistake in the documentation's SYNOPSIS.  Reported by Jay

- Added COPYRIGHT and SUPPORT sections to the docs, as well as a
  LICENSE file to the distro.  Thanks to Jay Bonci for reminding me
  that actually including a license is a good idea ;)

1.4  2003-02-21

- Add subclasses() function for backwards compatibility.  But it's
  deprecated ;)

1.3  2003-02-14

- New maintainer - Dave Rolsky

- Internals and docs agree, and it all works.