Revision history for Class-Load-XS

0.10     2017-04-11
   - fix test to handle altered Test::Without::Module exception message

0.09     2014-11-13
   - optimized some perl API calls (thanks, Alexandr Evstigneev!)

0.08     2014-02-13
    - switched packaging to just EUMM, as MBT wants the .xs file in a
      different place

0.07     2014-02-13
    - switched packaging from MB to EUMM+MBT
    - repository moved to the github moose organization

0.06     2012-10-08
- Fixed some broken logic that lead to a segfault from the
  014-weird-constants.t test on some Perls (but unfortunately not the one I
  test with by default). Reported by Chisel Wright (and several other
  people). RT #80059.

0.05     2012-10-07
- Require Class::Load 0.20 in the code (not just the distro metadata). This
  keeps the tests in sync, and this module needed at least 0.11
  anyway. Reported by Father Chrysostomos. RT #80002.

- Weird classes with either an ISA or VERSION constant (who does that?) would
  cause the XS to blow up badly. Reported by Father Chrysostomos. RT #79998.

0.04     2012-02-08
- Some small test changes for the latest Module::Implementation and
  Class::Load. There is no need to upgade if you have 0.03 installed.

0.03     2011-11-18
- Explicitly include Test::Fatal as a test prereq. Reported by W Phillip
  Moore. RT #72493.

0.02     2011-10-08
- Require the latest Class::Load (0.11).

0.01     2011-08-15
- First release upon an unsuspecting world.