0.06 2022-10-11
  [Document Improvement]
    * Improved the layout of the document.
  [Incompatible Changes]
    * The class and role must have its block. 
      This is because it turns out that the roll doesn't work properly if it can't recognize the end of the block.
    * The role can't have the isa attribute. Because inheritance has no meaning to the role, inheritance is forbiddened.
0.05 2022-10-10
  [New Features]
    * Support role syntax using Role::Tiny.
  [Prerequirement Changes]
    * Need Role::Tiny 2.002004+.

0.04 2022-09-23
  [Test Improvement]
    * Add keyword conflicting tests.
0.03 2022-09-23
  [Distribution Fix]
    * Add cpanm to MANIFEST.SKIP,
      Fix https://github.com/yuki-kimoto/Class-Plain/issues/1
  [Document Improvement]
    * Improve the example of Usage.
    * Add the topic "Customizing Object Initialization" to Cookbook.
  [Test Improvement]
    * Add the test of the example of Usage.
0.02 2022-09-22
  [Document Improvement]
    * Add author and repository and copyright.
    * Add the headding "Subroutine Signatures Support".
  [Bug Fix]
    * Fix the bug that Class::Plain can't be compiled on Windows.
  [Test Fix]
    * Fix the testing bug that the method tests failed on Perl 5.16.
      This was because Perl 5.16 doesn't have experimental.pm.
    * Tests of subroutine signatures are enable only in Perl 5.26+.
  [Test Improvemetn]
    * Add tests using Github Action for Linux, Mac, Windows.
  [Prerequirement Change]
    * This module doesn't depend on Test::Refcount.
  [Internal Changes]
    * Remove the following options from Module::Build->new.
      create_license => 1,
      create_readme  => 1,

0.01 2022-09-22
  * First release.