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Revision history for Perl extension Class::Trait.

0.33 June 2, 2023 (deprecated)
    - Module marked as deprecated

0.31 Jan 3, 2010 (bug fixes)
    - Normalized version numbers.
    - Fixed lvalue bug which broke the debugger and profiler. [rt#23709]
    - Fixed 'defined %hash' bug which broke bleadperl. [rt#23709]

0.30 Oct 18, 2009
    - Added deprecation notice.  No new features or bug fixes are intended.

0.22 Oct 25, 2006
    - Fixed bug where does() failed when inherited.  Reported by Romano
    - Cleaned up the MANIFEST

0.21 Feb. 15, 2006
    - Suppressed "void" warnings for mod_perl in the INIT phase.

0.20 Nov. 26, 2005
    - Added ability to apply traits at runtime to instances and classes
    - Changed 'die' to 'croak'
    - Renumbered tests.
    - Made most private subs in Class::Trait begin with an underscore.
    - Eliminated subtle bug where reusing a trait with excluded methods could
      fail.  It doubtful anyone would ever encounter this, but still ...

0.11 Nov. 19, 2005
    - Added tests to ensure that failure messages were correct.
    - Fixed bug where not all conflicting methods were being recognized.
    - If only a single method is to be excluded, you may specify the method
      name without having to wrap it in an array reference.
    - Clean up debugging code.  Only call debug() if needed.
    - Only use Data::Dumper if debugging.
    - Eliminated "uninitialized" warning when Class::Trait can't determine the
      package a method originated it.
    - Added "BUGS" section to documentation.  All known bugs have easy 

0.10 Nov. 17, 2005
    - BUG FIX:  Traits only provide methods defined in the trait.
      Imported subroutines are no longer "provided".
    - Reformatted
    - Add Module::Build support

0.07 Nov. 16, 2005
    *** API CHANGE ***
    - "is" is no longer exported.  Instead, programmers have the option of
      renaming the "does" method to something more suitable for their needs.

0.06 Nov. 15, 2005
    - Renamed "is" method to "does".  This is the same method name used with
      Perl 6 roles and avoids conflicts with Test::More::is().
        - &is is now offically deprecated, it will be removed after a few 
          more releases
        - Thanks to Curtis "Ovid" Poe for this code change

0.05 Sept. 14, 2005
    - fixed a bug in TEquality::isExactly
    - fixed Class::Trait::Reflection, it was loading Class::Trait
      in the wrong way
    - fixed path handling for Class::Trait, now uses File::Spec to
      create cross platform paths.
    - fixed the loading of traits with :: in them, this used to fail
           use Class::Trait qw(My::Trait);
      it works now. Thanks to Yuval Kogman <>
      for finding the issue.
    - SUPER:: handling now dispatches properly. Thanks to 
      Roman Daniel for the code and tests.

0.04 May 24, 2004
    - Added a default Trait Library which for now only contains 
      3 traits; TEquality, TComparable, TPrintable. See their
      documentation for more details on them. If these names are
      given, they are loaded from the trait's library.

0.03  Wed April 28th 2004
    - made this workable with mod_perl and reduced dependence on
      the INIT block. I am not 100% happy with it yet though, so 
      there will be further changes coming.

0.02  Mon April 19th 2004
    - Made "is" method search depth first down the Trait tree
      instead of just checking the top level trait and subtraits.
    - Spruced up the test suite alot, adding about 121 new tests.
    - Cleaned up some documentation issues. And updated anything 
      that needed it.

0.01  Sun Mar 7 08:09:00 EST 2004
	- first release of Class::Trait 0.01