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Revision history for Perl extension ClearCase::Argv.

0.01  Thu Sep  2 17:38:37 1999
	- A simple subclass of the Argv module for cleartool-
	  specific use.

0.10  Tue Nov 16 18:00:33 EST 1999
	- added integration with Argv->ipc_childsafe (allows
	  IPC::ClearTool to be used for speed).

0.12  Wed Dec  8 22:45:07 EST 1999
	- Added hacks required to get $obj->comment method working.
	  This works around a flaw in cleartool quoting rules such that
	  there's no way to specify a multiline comment on the
	  command line, in interactive mode. The workaround is to
	  now use $obj->comment("my multi-\nline comment here").
	  This hack is only needed in "ipc mode" but is supported
	  in regular mode as well for consistency.

0.13 Wed Dec 22 13:12:37 EST 1999
	- New README.html/pod overview document.

0.14 Tue Jan  4 10:20:15 EST 2000
	- Some syntax mods to track Argv cleanup.

0.15 Mon Jan 10 11:33:07 EST 2000
	- First public release.

0.16 Fri Jan 14 17:45:23 EST 2000
	- Added ccqv() alias to ccqx() for consistency.

0.17 Sun Jan 16 21:19:19 EST 2000
	- Clean up, add comments, more POD sections.
	- Track similar cleanups in Argv 0.46.

0.18 Tue Jan 18 08:28:38 EST 2000
	- Improved behavior in setuid/root case, cleaned up PATH setting

0.19 Tue Feb  1 09:51:54 EST 2000
	- Renamed ccsystem() et al to ctsystem() et al.
	  Apologies to anyone inconvenienced but my hope is that
	  the module is still young enough that nobody's depending
	  heavily on it. The new names are more in line with their
	  semantics (they prepend 'cleartool') and this frees up future
	  namespace for possible 'mtsystem()' or whatever.
	- Renamed 'systemxargs' to 'syxargs'.
	- Renamed 'pathnorm' to 'inpathnorm', and added
	  an 'outpathnorm' method as well.
	- Renamed 'cmd' method to 'argv' (to avoid confusion
	  with the $self->ipc_cleartool->cmd() method).
	- Added ->syfail and ->qxfail attributes.
	- Allow hashref attr specifiers to have a leading '-'.
	- Modified the ipc_cleartool method to return the underlying
	  ChildSafe object when called with no args and a non-void context.

0.20 Wed Feb  2 14:53:50 EST 2000
	- Cleaned up ipc_cleartool/Win32 error handling from COM object.

0.21 Thu Feb 10 22:54:32 EST 2000
	- Fixed typo in previous (affected only 'comment' method).
	- Fixed 'comment' method to stop piling up -cq flags.

0.23 Wed May 31 15:43:08 EDT 2000
	- Bugfix: allow single-string commands to manipulate
	  files matching /.*cleartool.*/ without it being mistaken
	  for a command prefix.
	- Fixed spurious warning.

0.24 Fri Aug  4 14:37:07 EDT 2000
	- Changed the test script to abort more gracefully (exit 0)
	  if not run within a VOB.
	- Require Argv 0.53 (no particular reason).

0.25 Sat Dec  9 23:16:25 EST 2000
	- Scripts in ./examples had drifted out of alignment with module,
	  as reported by Martina Riedel.

0.26 Fri Apr  6 11:24:16 EDT 2001
	- Minor improvements to documentation.


1.00 Sat Aug 25 10:14:16 EDT 2001
	= Test Env: Solaris8/Win2KSP2/Perl5.6/CC4.2
	- Recognizing that the API has reached maturity,
	  I've moved the version to indicate a released state.
	  I'll try hard to stay compatible with 1.00 in
	  subsequent releases.

1.02 Tue Sep 25 11:16:37 EDT 2001
	- Subclass Argv->outpathnorm attribute (to change \ to / after @@).
	- Removed stdopts() backward compatibility alias

1.06 Fri Dec 21 07:50:06 EST 2001
	= Test Env: Solaris8/Win2KSP2/Perl5.6.1/CC5.0
	- Added support for CtCmd.
	- Require use of Argv 1.06 since there are a couple
	  significant bugfixes there.

1.07 Sun Jan 13 22:24:55 EST 2002
	- Work around the spurious "bad free" warning emitted by CtCmd
	  (not clear whether the bug is in Perl, CtCmd, or Solaris
	  but in any case we suppress it here with a scoping hack).

1.08 Fri Apr 12 12:43:19 EDT 2002
	- Added ->purpose method subclass (see Argv 1.08+ PODs).
	  Extends Argv->purpose to allow a value of 'auto'.
	- The CtCmd module (see) was renamed to ClearCase::CtCmd,
	  necessitating a renaming of its uses here.

1.09 Mon Apr 15 07:24:35 EDT 2002
	- Fixed a versioning typo. The previous version was incorrectly
	  requiring a version of 'Argv' (1.08) which wasn't yet
	  released. This was just a finger fumble.

1.10 Sun Apr 21 12:22:31 EDT 2002
	- The integration of ClearCase::Argv and ClearCase::CtCmd
	  didn't work with ClearCase::CtCmd 1.00 due to a bug.
	  The bug was fixed in CtCmd 1.01; this version simply
	  indicates that fact by requiring CtCmd 1.01.
	- Added a :functional tag for completeness.

1.11 Wed May  8 16:49:48 EDT 2002
	- Modified quoting code to fix bugs in IPC::ClearTool mode.

1.12 Fri May 10 11:32:52 EDT 2002
	- Added a README for example section
	- Corrected PREREQ_PM to match actual requirements.
	- Functionally identical to 1.11.

1.14 Tue May 21 13:29:20 EDT 2002
	- Added new sample scripts to ./examples/ctcmd area
	- Renamed ->ipc_cleartool() to ->ipc(), leaving an alias
	- Allow automatic switching between ipc and ctcmd modes
	- NEW FEATURE: incorporates ClearCase::CtCmd fallback
	  functionality. If CtCmd is not installed on Windows,
	  ClearCase::Argv is now capable of sending commands
	  directly to CAL. See POD for details.

1.15 Thu Jul 18 12:27:46 EDT 2002
	- Improved default for ->ctcmd() method in void context
	  (now same as specifying 2).
	- Added ->fork-exec method (syntactic sugar to let you make
	  it clear that you aren't using ->ctcmd or ->ipc modes).
	- Fixed bug involving ->stdout(0) and ->ctcmd mode.
	- Added scripts to benchmark fork/exec vs ctcmd modes.

1.16 Tue Sep  3 12:28:43 EDT 2002
	- Improved CtCmd benchmark scripts.

1.17 Sun Apr 27 10:12:51 EDT 2003
	- Added some sample scripts to the ./examples dir.

1.18 Tue Jul 22 10:37:12 EDT 2003
	- Fixed contact data.

1.19 Mon Mar 14 11:10:26 EST 2005
	- Allow ->stdout() and ->stderr() to specify any EXPR
	  which is valid to open(), e.g. ->stdout(">>/tmp/foo");

1.20 Sun May  1 09:53:01 EDT 2005
	- Fixes to deal with new deprecations involving AUTOLOAD
	  in Perl 5.8.*.
	- Removed overrides of system/exec/qv - too confusing and I
	  don't believe they ever worked right or were used by anyone.
	  You can still get the Argv (as opposed to ClearCase::Argv)
	  overrides of these.

1.21 Tue Oct 24 14:38:10 EDT 2006
	- Contributions from Kenneth Olving:
	-   Added overload of the Argv->pipe method
	-   Added test code for ->pipe.
	-   Updated docs.
	- Now requires Argv 1.16.

1.22 Fri Oct 27 10:05:35 EDT 2006
	- Attempt to work around CPAN indexer complaint by
	  tweaking version numbers.

1.23 Sun Oct 29 22:24:53 EST 2006
	- Bugfix to recent ->pipe code changes.

1.24 Wed Dec 27 11:26:52 EST 2006
	- No change - dealing with CPAN versioning mistake.

1.25 Tue Jul 31 16:44:44 EDT 2007
	- Significant change - removed dependence on IPC::ClearTool.
	  Still implements the same IPC interface but now using
	  pure perl. There may be some differences in quoting
	  behavior in edge cases - time will tell. One known but
	  minor incompatibility is that the method formerly
	  known as ->ipc_cleartool() and often abbreviated as
	  ->ipc() is now known only as ->ipc(). The long name
	  is no longer valid. On the other hand, signal handling
	  ought to be more normal because there's no longer any
	  messing around with process groups and sessions as was
	  present in the XS code of IPC::ClearTool.
	- Minor speedup - the ->ctcmd method was loading CtCmd
	  even when used only to check whether CtCmd was in use. It
	  is now loaded only if it plans to use it. This is significant
	  because CtCmd in turn loads a large number of DLLs.

1.26 Fri Sep 14 10:03:40 EDT 2007
	- Fixed Windows bugs reported by James Anderson.
	  Bugs remain, particularly in the area of quoting for
	  IPC mode on Windows, but this version is released
	  because it is far better on Windows than the previous.

1.27 Wed Sep 19 09:54:43 EDT 2007
	- Fixed more Windows bugs reported by James Anderson.
	  - The $self->ctcmd method continued to return true even
	    after ctcmd mode was turned off.
	  - Quoting of arguments containing whitespace was improved
	    in IPC mode.

1.27a Tue Apr  1 17:14:30 BST 2008
	- Reference count on co-process pid, and sharing
	- Fixed the DOWN and BACK globs after cloning

1.28 Sun Apr 13 21:23:07 BST 2008
	- Invoking cleartool from the path computed previously
	- Support in ipc a cleartool output not ending in a newline
	- The autochomp mode shouldn't affect calls via system method
	- Piping requires a dedicatd co-process and special cleanup

1.29 Mon Apr 14 21:21:14 BST 2008
	- Fix to pid reference counting
	- Overloaded CORE::chdir

1.30 Wed Apr 16 09:13:42 BST 2008
	- More fixes to reference counting. Avoid creating an IPC
	  substructure by side-effect.
	- chdir also works as member in ipc object with distinct process

1.31 Thu Apr 17 20:05:08 BST 2008
	- pipe: reverting temporarily to fork model from ipc as well
	- added 2 tests with independent cleartool processes

1.32 Sun Apr 27 20:41:14 BST 2008
	- Reverted to plain cleartool, simulating -status, to work around bug
	- Added a setview test in ipc mode to verify the result
	- Removed dead code in _ipc_cmd, once pipe uses fork
	- When inserting $ct in prog, to use the fork mode, parse cmd into list
	- Added quoting tests; commented those failing for imported reasons
	- Fixed stdout(0) in ipc mode.

1.33 Mon Apr 28 12:27:24 BST 2008
	- ctcmd(0) sets CCAV_CTCMD to 0 in Windows, under CAL
	- Skipped setview test on Windows
	- Windows: all paths in test through outpathnorm for comparison

1.34 Tue May  6 11:53:54 GMTDT 2008
	- Avoid printing empty stdout in error case with CAL on Windows.

1.35 Sun Jun  8 15:08:17 BST 2008
	- Merged in 1.27
	- Support for stderr(0) in ipc mode

1.36 Tue Jun 17 09:15:31 BST 2008
	- END clause to kill remaining cleartool coprocesses, esp in Windows
	- sdterr(0) fix for CAL mode
	- Redirection to STDERR in ipc mode
	- Fix (James Anderson) to reference counting if already in ipc mode
	- Fixes to example/setview

1.37 Fri Sep  5 10:36:23 BST 2008
	- Fix to multiline return in scalar context, in ipc mode
	- Uncommented fork model quoting tests after fix in 1.23
	- Flaky/dubious support for interactive comments in unix in ipc mode

1.38 Fri Sep  5 23:26:44 EDT 2008
	- Represent 'cleartool' as a list instead of a scalar.
	  The idea is to allow 'cleartool' to be replaced by something
	  like qw(sudo cleartool). See ./examples/ctsudo.

1.39 Sat Sep  6 10:47:09 EDT 2008
	- Renamed 'find_cleartool' to more intuitive 'cleartool_path'.

1.40 Mon Sep  8 12:46:08 EDT 2008
	- Fixed merge skew in setview and CCreport example scripts.

1.41 Mon Oct  6 18:17:31 GMTDT 2008
	- Preliminary, tentative changes for CygWin support

1.42 Sun Dec 14 10:13:21 GMT 2008
	- exit code in the END clause and in DESTROY, from the cygwin branch
	- restored cleartool -status, new workaround for ClearCase setview bug
	- restricted the setview test to dynamic views
	- added one test case for setview -exec constructs
	- fix (Tatiana Shpichko) to bmccug example
	- reintroduced the handling of interactive comments in ipc mode

1.43 Sat Feb 21 19:19:26 GMTST 2009
	- under CYGWIN, force the default to ipc mode (in exec)
	- extracted the setview tests under an r directory (regression)
	- moved the stout/stderr test cases there as well
	- setview handling in unix directly via system and qx
	- removed a case of stickiness of stderr(0)
	- support for stdout(0)->qx: returning only stderr
	- removed testing for bad quoting patterns
	- under ctcmd, reset ipc apart on cygwin (CtCmd won't install there)
	- fix to respect \n in comments under cygwin, and testing

1.44 Sun Mar  1 17:11:39 GMTST 2009
	- cygwin: restored \r removal at the end of lines, unskipped test
	- ctcmd: skipped the failing test in stdouterr
	- cygwin: respect the whitespace in cleartool output
	- cygwin: convert the backslashes of vob tags as well (I/O)
	- ipc: quote all input arguments containing special characters
	- removed function prototypes (code style consistency)

1.45 Sat Apr 25 15:56:41 BST 2009
	- mkattr: added a regression test case, and quoting of string values
	- quoting of quotes revisited, especially under cygwin
	- support for /view under cygwin
	- unix/ipc/setview: managed the standard error
	- r/stdouterr: fork was ok and ipc wrong--fixed the test cases, added 2
	- fixed both ipc and ctcmd to get the stdouterr tests pass

	- cygwin: odd numbers of quotes in the output
	- debug mode: print the commands as sent to cleartool (after quoting)
	- ipc mode: fix for examples of errors in the text of man pages
	- ipc mode: question marks in the comments
	- cygwin: support for ci -from outside the vob
	- cygwin: support for mounting views under /view

1.47 Sat Jan  9 18:55:04 GMTST 2010
        - cygwin: convert vob:/path input arguments
	- cygwin: return an error code for system
	- ipc: quote an empty string in the command sent to cleartool
	- cygwin: parsing output lines ending in backslash (e.g. from diff)
	- cygwin: convert non-existing path outside vobs (e.g. arg of: co -out)
	- ipc: return value for diff
	- stopped shifting exit codes: $? == 256 results in 0...
	- cygwin/exec: ipc mode not forced anymore

1.48 Sun Feb 21 16:26:59 GMT 2010
        - _ipc_cmd: localize $_ to avoid modifying it in the caller context

1.49 Sun Apr 25 12:53:36 GMTDT 2010
        - Removed an extra newline in fork mode under cygwin.
	- cygwin: one more case of converting backslashes: vob:\foo (e.g. hyperlink)
	- mkattr: support for single quotes in string values
	- ipc: support for multiline comments; added test case

1.50 Sat Dec 18 14:49:48 GMT 2010
        - cygwin: converted backslashes in output more aggressively
	- ctcmd: 2 dbg outputs to stderr (Stephen Rauch)
	- setview: fix bug reported by Dirk Heinrichs, and other glitches

1.51 Tue Apr 12 14:46:48 GMTDT 2011
	- defined(%hash) deprecated in Perl 5.12
	- cygwin: use perlcygwin API to convert paths (e.g. /usr/lib is c:\cygwin\lib)

1.52 Wed Jan  2 10:03:14 EST 2013
        - fix in unixpath under cygwin: was skipping '0's
	- fix to pipe: conditionally prepend cleartool to command in ctcmd mode.
	- new example: cleanuplf --cleanup lost+found
	- support for using multitool, and mtfunc example
	- fix: broken pipe after failed setview in ipc mode

1.53 Wed Apr 17 15:25:54 CEST 2013
        - one more example: elthier (vob element type hierarchy)
	- minor documentation fixes and additions
	- fix to bug in relation to setview
	- parsing command given as strings with embedded quotes
	- reference count for different ipc processes
	- test case updates for wrapper uses
	- skip cygwin conversions, if wrapper used as ipc process
	- require Argv 1.28 for Summary
	- protect print to socket in ipc against the use of 'perl -le'

1.54 Tue May 28 07:01:15 EDT 2013
	- Fix RT #85666 - version mismatch between code and Makefile.PL