Revision history for Perl extension ClearCase::SyncTree.

0.01 Sat Jan  8 12:20:26 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

0.05 Tue Jul 18 13:18:33 EDT 2000
	- First public release.
	- Includes 'synctree' script

0.06 Fri Jul 28 20:51:10 EDT 2000
	- Added POD.
	- Fixed a bug in 'synctree' script.
	- Ported synctree script to Win32.
	- Added ->eltypemap method.

0.10 Mon Jul 31 18:05:43 EDT 2000
	- Added support for symlinks. The code is designed to work
	  even on platforms that don't natively support symlinks
	  such as Windows (but is not yet tested there).

0.11 Tue Aug  1 10:24:48 EDT 2000
	- Fixed a bug in symlink code.
	- "synctree -subtract" becomes "synctree -rm".
	- Added synctree -ctime flag.

0.12 Thu Aug  3 22:51:07 EDT 2000
	- Reworked some of the flags in 'synctree' to be more
	  compatible with Paul Smith's citree script. Replaced
	  -ok with -y (sense toggled), replaced -preview with -n.

0.13 Mon Aug  7 16:38:14 EDT 2000
	- Bugfix involving misplaced -ptime flag, caused by
	  overenthusiastic cleanup.

0.15 Thu Oct 12 11:47:06 EDT 2000
	- Fixed a Windows/clearprompt quoting error reported
	  by James Anderson.

0.16 Mon Oct 23 22:33:12 EDT 2000
	- Fix bugs reported by Rowena Sandoval (MSWIN drive letters and \)
	- Added cmp_func method as supplied by Greg Kurz.

0.17 Tue Oct 24 22:13:45 EDT 2000
	- Added -map and -nprotect flags to synctree script.

0.18 Wed Nov  1 21:44:31 EST 2000
	- Fixed a pretty bad bug causing a failure to remove view-private
	  files it didn't create.

0.19 Sun Nov 12 21:04:17 EST 2000
	- Removed undocumented constructor param for setting comparator.
	  (use ->cmp_func instead).
	- Fixed a recently-introduced bug breaking -rm/name.
	- Added a ->reuse method to SyncTree and -reuse flag to synctree.
	  (tested exactly once on one file).

0.20 Tue Feb 27 14:44:25 EST 2001
	- Fixed bug in synctree: clearprompt result must be >>8.

0.21 Fri Jun 29 19:32:28 EDT 2001
	- A few fixes donated from

0.23 Tue Sep  4 10:48:58 EDT 2001
	= Test Env: Solaris 8/Win2K SP2/Perl 5.6/CC 4.2
	+ Summary: previous versions had some pretty serious bugs
	  on Windows especially. These are fixed and it appears
	  to work pretty robustly on UNIX and Windows.
	- Fixes to support M:\view\... paths on *&^&%^#$ Windows
	- Added --Version flag to synctree.
	- Fix bug reported by Paul Faulstich of
	- Removed requirement for 'dbase' dir to exist a priori.
	- Only look for subtractions if requested (for performance).
	- Add support for subtraction preview.
	- Added -follow feature for alignment with clearfsimport.
	- Some peformance enhancements by combining repetitive
	  cleartool commands into one.
	- No longer requires a set view on UNIX as long as the
	  dest dir is in a view context.
	- Added a -quiet flag to synctree (requires Argv 1.00).
	- Improved -force to return an exit status.
	- Fixed synctree to return nonzero if any checkin fails.
	- Bugfix: transport non-resolving (dangling) symlinks correctly.
	- Require Argv 1.00 or above (related bugfixes there).

0.24 Fri Sep 14 14:05:40 EDT 2001
	- Fixed an obscure bug involving -reuse and -cr together.
	- Some improvements to -map/-flist and docs thereof
	- Added -lbmods flag to synctree.

0.25 Tue Sep 18 09:34:34 EDT 2001
	- Added -stop option to synctree.

0.26 Mon Sep 24 19:37:20 EDT 2001
	- Bugfix for "-sbase=/" case.
	- Fixed so that parent dirs have same comments as files.

0.27 Mon Oct 22 22:35:07 EDT 2001
	- POD work.
	- Added an optimization; when comparing src-vs-dest files,
	  compare sizes before invoking File::Compare::cmp(). This
	  is not only faster, it stops ClearCase from having to
	  construct cleartext for every file just to compare it.

0.29 Thu Dec 13 15:27:23 EST 2001
	- SEMANTIC CHANGE: the -yes flag is now less powerful; it does
	  not suppress the checkin prompt. As of this version you must
	  use -yes and -ci together to suppress all prompts.

0.30 Tue Jul 22 10:33:12 EDT 2003
	- Fixed contact data.

0.31 Wed Nov  5 08:55:00 EST 2003
	- Made two fixes provided by Christopher Drexler of Siemens.
	- Made other fixes provided by James Anderson of Tyco Electronics.
	- The ->protect() method of (and thus the behavior
	  of the synctree script without -nprotect) on Windows now forces
	  executable files (*.exe, *.dll, etc.) to be executable.

0.32 Mon Nov 10 18:00:10 EST 2003	(NOT RELEASED)
	- Fixed a bug when specifying the dest base as "." on Windows.

0.33 Tue Dec  9 13:17:55 EST 2003	(NOT RELEASED)
	- Bugfix: refuse to proceed if checkouts are sitting in the dest
	- A certain (small) amount of code cleanup.

0.34 Thu Jan  8 10:47:59 EST 2004	(NOT RELEASED)
	- Make -Narrow RE case insensitive on Windows.
	- Fixes to -reuse feature.
	- Added -ignore_co and -overwrite_co flags to synctree.
	- ********************NOTE**********************
	  The ->analyze method used to check that the dest area was
	  "safe" before proceeding. This logic has now been moved out
	  to a separate ->dstcheck method.  The synctree script has
	  been fixed to make the extra method call; you only need
	  to worry if you have your own tool built directly on the
	  ClearCase::SyncTree API.  If so, simply add a call to
	  ->dstcheck prior to ->analyze.

0.35 Wed Jan 21 15:30:21 EST 2004
	- Cleaned up and documented the 0.32-0.34 work for release.

0.36 Tue Feb 10 14:44:31 EST 2004
	- Made Windows-specific mvfsdrive() method more robust.

0.37 Fri Jun 11 14:56:36 EDT 2004
	- Fixed bug involving bad exit statuses reported by Leo Sager.

0.38 Sat Jun 19 13:37:31 EDT 2004
	- Fixed bug with explicit -flist option on Windows involving
	  incorrect canonification of paths (/-vs-\). Fix supplied
	  by David Darby.

0.39 Thu Aug  4 07:21:25 EDT 2005
	- Applied Windows bugfix supplied by "Hans" via

0.40 Tue Sep 25 11:33:20 EDT 2007
	- Spelling/formatting fixes contributed by Marc Girod.
	- Fixes for case-sensitivity issues on Windows contributed
	  by James Anderson.

0.41 Thu Sep 27 16:48:13 EDT 2007
	- Previous fix was a little wrong on Windows.

0.42 Sun Sep 30 10:45:54 IST 2007
	- Added support for ##:BranchOff: root contributed by Marc Girod.

0.43 Thu Oct  4 18:44:28 IST 2007
	- Fixed 2 minor bugs in BranchOff support: checking out from
	  /main/0, and after a chtype of the main branch to some other

0.44 Wed Oct 10 11:20:43 IST 2007
	- Set synctree to ctcmd or ipc mode if installed.
	  Bug fix to BranchOff support: test of branch type constraint
	  on Windows.

0.45 Thu Oct 11 09:26:17 IST 2007
	- Support for -rellinks option.

0.46 Mon Nov  5 12:18:29 GMT 2007
	- checkcs: support running not within a view, e.g. on Windows

0.47 Tue Nov 20 11:17:41 EST 2007
	- Only minor cosmetic changes from previous.

0.48 Mon Nov 19 17:41:09 GMT 2007
	- Preliminary test suite
	- Quiet 'seed merging' of new branches, with contributors removal.

0.49 Sun Mar 16 12:05:12 GMT 2008
	- Fixed: ipc mode not properly set when CtCmd not found.

0.50 Thu Mar 20 11:34:29 GMT 2008
	- Made synctree accessible to make test.

0.51 Fri Mar 21 11:00:42 GMT 2008
	- chdir unconditionally in unix and cleartool
	- skipped the package name from ARGV in runtest

0.52 Wed Mar 26 09:22:26 GMT 2008
	- return or exit depending on call context in synctree
	- mkview with -gpa to force local storage (global might not work)
	- internal _chdir hides the difference introduced with the ipc mode
	- internal ct shares the ST_CT object as much as possible

0.54 Mon Dec  6 18:57:55 GMTST 2010
	- Using Argv 1.34 - removed _chdir
	- reuse: branch names ending in numbers
	- reuse: symlinks or dirs with same name in lsvtree of directory
	- vreuse option
	- completing the processing if checkouts left (required fix to _lsco)
	- removed the Modulino structure set in 0.50 (test strategy reverted)
	- cygwin support
	- clone simplified to support ipc reference counting
	- indentation fixes in the pod parts
	- prepend sbase to the arguments if not accessible (test first)
	- reverted to 0.47
	- support for incremental label families: apply fixed, move floating
	- uncommented a change by Uwe Nagler, to import empty directories
	- chomp control, especially in fork mode
	- fix for args relative to current dir (bug report by Achim Bursian)
	- do not remove empty directories
	- reuse also attempts to reuse 'implicit dirs'
	- snapview check the path to the vob root, in case dbase didn't exist
	- process whole paths brought in while reusing directory elements
	- file/symlink clashes handled
	- clone preserves the value of autofail

0.55 Thu Dec  9 14:37:57 GMTST 2010
        - fix to autofail cloning, especially in _lsprivate

0.56 Thu Dec 23 22:51:40 GMTST 2010
        - removed spurious cleartool errors, mostly under Windows/Cygwin
	- fixed various internal bugs: readcclink was altering its call context
	- absdst doesn't use Cwd::abs_path: behaves differently on UNIX and Cygwin
	- use of ClearCase::Argv::clone disturbs the ipc reference count
	- fixed bug in reusemkdir, which resulted in wrong removals
	- skip attempting to remove entries below removed dirs, or the same twice
	- checkin in reverse sort order, to cope with 'not selected by view'
	- removed from subtract list any symlink already renamed
	- restored less verbosity: no mklabel events

0.57 Fri Apr 15 15:16:02 GMTDT 2011
        - apply even equivalent fixed labels with -rep, to allow for replay
	- if label existed, check labeled versions first
	- skip unchanged labeled versions from recursive labeling
	- symlinks in srcbase on Windows/Cygwin, if srcbase in a vob
	- import and remove dangling links
	- skip symlink to directory in file reuse
	- check in from source: do not attempt to check in again
	- cleanup if branchoff root, remove orphaned branches at uncheckout
	- file in source, dangling link in dest (maybe second to same): mkelem
	- fail instead of die in a few more cases (cleanup)
	- fixes to reusemkdir: reuse is per element, and private dirs may be skipped
	- skip symlinks to directories in resurrected directories
	- fix a bug with mkpath syntax resulting in creating 511 and 0 directories
	- fix to reuse of empty directories
	- fix in pruning of versions in vtree
	- arguments given with relative paths must point under srcbase
	- remove symlinks to directories under dstbase, which could fool synctree

0.58 Sat Oct  1 00:25:57 EDT 2011
        - branchco optimization: avoid lsvtree if possible
	- subtract: new implementation--remove only the top of directory trees
	- rmdirlinks: remove entries from the remove list after removing them
	- remove directories on the way of symlinks
	- symlink replaced with file, while keeping the original target

0.59 Sun Dec 11 22:11:05 GMTST 2011
	- reuse failed for the root of dstbase
	- reuse failed for intermediate dirs, missing from a restored version
	- silence spurious error messages in _lsco, testing private directories
	- subtract: elements with no selected version, and checkouts in other views
	- From James Anderson: in mvfsdrive, always open the Win rgy in read-only mode

0.60 Sun Jul  8 18:26:40 IST 2012
        - fixed one spurious warning: sort (...) interpreted as function
	- subtract: added a test to fix a minor internal bug
	- NOTE: all work from 0.48 to here courtesy of Marc Girod.