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Revision history for Combinator

0.004003 2017.5.12
        Optimized for simple {{com ... }}com (without --ser in the top layer)

v0.4.2  2012.7.8
        Change only the version form for PAUSE to index it correctly.

0.04.01 2011.2.8
        Fix the version number in the document.

0.04    2011.2.7
        Introduce {{nex .. }}nex block for finer controled version
        of {{next}}

        Treat }}com }}cir }}next as the same by default.

0.03    2011.11.24
        Simplify and fix bugs in the sample code in the document.

        Fix a memory leak issue that happens when cooperative with
        AnyEvent timer.

        Prevent invoking {{next}} more than once, and also
        add a warning message.

0.02    2011.11.7
        Fix required perl version; remove pod-coverage

0.01    2011.10.31
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.