Revision history for Config-Any

0.32 - 2017-04-23
    - allow YAML::Syck to fail its error tests
    - improved diagnostics in YAML test
    - include a full list of modules used in JSON documentation
    - be less strict checking error messages in tests
    - add test to report optional prereq versions

0.31 - 2017-04-23
    - test cleanups
    - better diagnostics for test failures
    - don't run pod tests on user machines
    - handle unsupported Config::General versions better
    - refactored module loading
    - include optional prereqs in suggests
    - pod cleanups

0.30 - 2017-03-28
    - don't use YAML::Syck on perl 5.8.8 or below, where it is broken
    - ensure tarball does not contain SCHILY headers

0.29 - 2017-02-27
    - allow loading relative perl files even under taint mode (RT#120371)
    - throw errors when attempting to load perl files that do not exist

0.28 - 2017-02-21
    - support Cpanel::JSON::XS and JSON::MaybeXS for loading JSON
    - decode UTF-8 config files properly
    - load perl files directly, never possibly searching @INC

0.27 2016-03-31
    - depend on Module::Pluggable::Object directly instead of assuming it is
      bundled with Module::Pluggable (RT #113148)

0.26 2015-04-29
    - fix error reporting from code applied in 0.25 (RT #104079)

0.25 2015-04-23
    - do not clobber $@ (RT #103061)

0.24 2013-09-10
    - remove 4-year-old warning about YAML::XS not being installed
    - add JSON::PP to list of available JSON parsers (RT #86959)

0.23 2011-07-13
    - fix test suite's method of checking availability of plugins

0.22 2011-07-04
    - add XML::NamespaceSupport to XML format deps, silence YAML warnings in
      tests (caelum)

0.21 2011-05-25
    - fix t/64-extfail.t to pass when t/lib is in @INC

0.20 2010-08-06
    - enable -ForceArray option by default for Config::General (caelum)

0.19 2010-02-15
    - add JSON::DWIW to the top of the JSON loaders list (caelum)
    - remove need for caching in Perl loader by using do() instead
      of require() (caelum)

0.18 2009-11-16
    - ensure XML loader's _coerce() method checks specifically for HASH refs
    - add YAML::XS to the top of the YAML loaders list

0.17 2009-02-05
    - ensure require() happens against plugin specified in force_plugins.
    - add JSON::XS to the top of the JSON loaders list

0.16 2008-11-17
    - fix up branches test which did not handle the errors thrown by
      changes from the last release (RT #40948)
    - fix up error message for "any of" (RT #40972)

0.15 2008-11-12
    - when use_ext is true, we will check to see if there are no supported
      modules for a particular file. instead of the file being skipped, an
      error will be thrown (RT #38927).
    - also, when use_ext is true, a fatal error will be thrown if there are
      no loaders available that understand the file extension.
    - officially support multiple loaders per extension
    - add a Config::Any::Base for all loaders to inherit from, plus add
      a new dependency mechanism: requires_any_of() and requires_all_of().
    - filter out loaders that don't inherit from Config::Any::Base (RT #40830)

0.14 2008-08-06
    - skip xml failure tests if XML::LibXML < 1.59 is installed, it seems
      to parse anything you throw at it (Matt S. Trout)

0.13 2008-08-05
    - show actual parse error when parse fails (Marcus Ramberg)
    - ensure Config::Tiny parse errors are trapped
    - added tests for each format to ensure they throw parse errors
    - added a caveat regarding XML::Simple's strict mode (Peter Corlett)
    - added a flatten_to_hash option to return a simple key-value hashref
      instead of the default "arrayref of hashrefs" (Pedro Figueiredo)

0.12 2008-04-07
    - ensure Perl loader dies on a failed require() (RT #32995)

0.11 2008-01-28
    - fix subsection parsing for existing keys in INI files (RT #32726)
    - use from_json() if JSON version 2.x is available
    - refactor the test suite slightly

0.10 2007-12-11
    - promote dev release to stable

0.09_02 2007-11-13
    - require version 0.70 of YAML::Syck for multi-document loading

0.09_01 2007-11-13
    - code and pod cleanups
    - use_ext is now on by default
    - when use_ext is on, if a loader throws an error, we throw an error
    - fix case where use_ext is defined and false, but was behaving like
      use_ext => 1
    - allow loaders to return multiple documents as an array
    - each plugin now has an is_supported() method which helps us figure out
      if the right modules are available

0.08 2007-08-23
    - pass config options to each parser
    - fix for loading the same perl config twice (RT #28812)

0.07 2007-02-26
    - promote 0.06_01 to non-dev.

0.06_01 2007-02-25
    - fixed bug [ #25143] make tests fails
      + t/61_features.t had 1 more test added than was set to skip if the INI
        parser was not installed. Fixed by s/9/10/ on the skip() line.

0.06 2007-02-22
    - removed reference to Test::Exception, bumped version number

0.05 2007-02-21
    - added support for (requested by Evan Kaufman):
      + 'force_plugins => [ qw(Config::Any::Foo Config::Any::Blah) ]' parameter
        to load_(files|stems)
      + $Config::Any::INI::MAP_SECTION_SPACE_TO_NESTED_KEY - boolean, defaulting
        to on, controlling whether to map spaces in INI section headings
        to nested hashrefs

0.04 2006-08-07
    - Initial CPAN-worthy release with proper test suite