Revision history for Perl module Config::ApacheExtended

0.01 Wed Dec 17 18:17:01 2003
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.32

1.11 Mon Dec 29 10:52:00 2003
	- first release.

1.12 Mon Dec 29 14:27:00 2003
	- some minor changes
		- added the ABSTRACT to pod
		- Filled in the README file
		- added META.yml (via MakeMaker)
		- removed scripts/ from distribution

1.13 Tue Jan 06 10:04:00 2004
	- fixed dependancy declaration in Makefile.PL
		This is because Carp prior to 5.8.0 does not have a version set
		according to the CPAN Testing Collective.
	- minor documentation changes

1.14 Fri Jan 09 09:47:31 CST 2004
	- fixed another dependancy problem (this one was IO::File)
		another issue found by the CPAN Testing Collective.
	- fixed issue caused by moving the version to its own file (VERSION)
		this works, but I had not included the VERSION file in the distribution

1.15 Mon Feb 16 15:07:10 CST 2004
	- fixed an issue with quoting (May not be complete)
		issue was concerning absolute paths.  They looked like a quote-like
		construct to perl_quotelike.  So I had to replace perl_quotelike
		directive in the grammar with a regular expression.  This means that
		only ' & " are considered as quote characters.

1.16 Fri Sep 17 10:48:40 CDT 2004
	- Changed variable substitution
		The change involved not "joining" the list of substituted
		values with the "$LIST_SEPARATOR" value when the "@" is used
		as the prefix.  Now when "@" prefix is used it will insert the
		referenced values as a list.  The $v[x] syntax is still supported,
		and if no index is given then the first value is still used.
	- Added the long missing VARIABLE SUBSTITUTION section. (I thought it was there