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0.12 contained a print statement for debugging purposes.

0.11 contained one variable that was 'my'-ed out of scope.

0.10 Set and Del will now immediatly update the INI file.

0.09 Changed a testcase to have multiple lines for a value.

0.08 Changed namespace from Conf::INI -> Config::Backend::INI.

0.07 Wrong prerequisite Tie::Cfg has to be Config::IniFiles.
     Flaw in testscript. Deleted wrong entry from ini file.

0.06 Changed backend to Config::IniFiles. And added 'del' method.

0.03 Documentation: Conf::SQL was named Conf::SQL - the *file* backend...
	is now Conf::SQL - the SQL backend...

0.02 Changed the interface for Conf::SQL.

0.01  Mon Mar 29 14:36:50 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X Conf