Revision history for perl module Config::GitLike

1.18 2020-03-12
 - Return a more correct `dir_file` for Config::GitLike::Git; this
   change is not backwards-compatible, but matches behavior to existing
   documentation and expectation.

1.17 2017-07-16
 - Read and write files with non-UNIX-newlines
 - Filter multiple values correctly when using `get_regexp`
 - Throw an error when `get` is passed no section
 - Perl 5.28.0 compatibility, by pushing '.' into @INC in Makefile.PL
   for Module::Install

1.16 2015-02-16
 - Canonicalize paths using File::Spec->canonpath; this addresses
   failures on Windows where /-separated paths were stored in the
   origins hash, due to Cwd::abs_path returning them

1.15 2014-06-24
 - Cope with Cwd::abs_path dying on non-existant paths on Windows

1.14 2014-05-20
 - Fix tests under MacOS, where TMPDIR is, by default, under a symlink

1.13 2014-04-22
 - Only expand ~ in paths if they are the first character
 - Implement include.path, as git 1.7.10 and above do

1.12 2013-08-05
 - Reformat Changes file to follow CPAN::Changes::Spec; no functional

1.11 2013-08-04
 - Switch from the deprecated Any::Moose to Moo

1.10 2012-11-07
 - Provide and API got accessing the original key that a value was set
   with, in a case-preserving way.  If the case of the key in a file
   matters, it is now possible to determine.
 - The 'name' value passed to the 'callback' parameter is now no longer
   forced to lower-case, as a consequence.

1.09 2012-08-10
 - Multiple bug fixes concerning filters, including empty filters,
   valueless keys, and applying filters to single values.
 - Add "human" argument to get_all and get_regexp, to match get
 - Add an add_comment method
 - Add an encoding attribute, which adds the appropriate layer on file I/O
 - Enforce that all keys must have sections, as git began doing

1.08 2012-02-15
 - Fix loading of user_file, broken in dcdd01f, due to unexpanded ~

1.07 2011-10-25
 - Fix a spelling mistake in Config::GitLike::Cascaded (,
   forwarded by

1.06 2011-10-12
 - Allow calling ->load_file as a class method, for simple use cases
 - Fix a parsing bug when quoted strings directly adjoined to unquoted
   strings (alexmv)
 - Calling ->load_file on a nonexistant file no longer sets ->is_loaded
 - Document that getters implicitly call ->load (alexmv)
 - Make ->dump implicitly call ->load as well (alexmv)
 - Minor POD fixes (alexmv, spang)

1.05 2011-01-07
 - support Module::Install::ExtraTests 0.007 (sunnavy)
 - properly set is => 'rw' in inherited classes (trs, alexmv)
 - silence lc warnings on undef under perl 5.12 (

1.04 2010-04-03
 - The functionality of Config::GitLike::Cascaded has been folded into
   Config::GitLike as a "cascade" option, and the subpackage is now
   deprecated. (alexmv)
 - Config::GitLike::Git->new->load("/path/to/git") when the path is lacking
   a ".git", or is a bare repository, now works. (alexmv)
 - Fixed a bug wherein the home directory config file would be loaded
   twice, causing all values to be multiple, if that was your cwd. Reported
   by rjbs. (alexmv)
 - Allow explicitly calling ->load_file without previously having called
   ->load (alexmv)

1.03 2010-01-03
 - Filter without replace_all should only replace the _first_ match
 - Having a matching filter with multiple and not replace_all does mean
   replacement (alexmv)
 - Fix a test that failed because multiple now works, and we're too smart
 - Fix for when ->set_multiple called with no arguments (alexmv)

1.02 2009-08-19
 - Bugfixes and extra tests for escaped \ and " in subsections (sunnavy)
 - win32 fixes (sunnavy)
 - auto-escape \ and " in subsections on set (sunnavy)

1.01 2009-08-11
 - Fix breakage under Mouse due to Moose references
 - New Config::GitLike::Git module for loading config files from the git
 - various cleanups of Makefile.PL
 - remove extraneous dep Regexp::Common

1.00 2009-07-08
 - Initial release