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Changelog for Config::LotusNotes

0.34 (02/10/2011)
   - improved detection on 64-bit systems

0.33 (02/07/2011)
   - fixed problem locating installations in paths that contain spaces
   - fixed option parsing problem in sample script
   - updated ppm package to support 64-bit systems

0.32 (06/12/2008)
   - new property "install_scope" for install variants "all users" and "just for me"
   - minor documentation updates 

0.31 (02/25/2008)
   - added support for "all users" install variant
   - updated ppm package to support perl 5.10

0.30 (02/14/2007)
   - use Config::IniHash instead of Config::IniFiles to handle reading and 
     writing notes.ini files. This module can deal with malformed ini files.
   - added demo script
   - demo scripts now get installed

0.23 (10/31/2006)
   - demo/ no more dies on systems with no Notes installed.
   - improved handling of debug messages for corrupt notes.ini files.
   - documentation improvements.

0.22 (10/13/2006)
   - Removed trailing backslash from notespath() for consistency with 
     datapath() attribute.
   - Config::LotusNotes no longer dies when no COM server entries are 
     found in the registry.
   - Added mock notes binaries to test directory so that the modules 
     can be tested if no Notes is installed.
   - Added tests for POD coverage

0.21 (08/21/2006)
   - First public release.
   - Separated logic for locating installs from representation of a 
     configuration by introducing new module Config::LotusNotes::Configuration.
   - Several minor improvements to make the module more compatible with CPAN.

0.2.0 (08/09/2006)
   - Complete rewrite.
   - Changed namespace to Config::LotusNotes.
   - Uses Windows registry instead of lotus.ini to locate Notes.
   - Supports multiple installs.
   - Documentation translated into English.
   - Added demo script

0.1.0 (10/28/2003)
   - First version as Lotus::Notes::Config.