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 Change log for Config::Simple
  $Date: 2005/02/10 18:57:16 $

4.58    - Thursday, February 10, 2005

    * FIXED: if commented lines had leading spaces tests Config::Simple failed
      to parse them properly. Thanks to Ricky Nance for pointing this out.

	* FIXED [BUG 7793] -
	* FIXED [BUG 6252] -

    * clear() method is no longer autoloaded to avoid collisions with CLEAR()
      on Win32 systems.
	* FIXED: if value of a key evaluated to false the whole key wasn't being stored
	  in the config file.

    * vars() was buggy if a key in the configuration file was a list and the second
      element was 0 (zero).

    * parse_inif_file(), parse_cfg_file() and parse_http_file()
      are optimized to be used as static methods that return
      the file contents as hashref.
    * more tests performed against some reported bug reports

    * write() and dump() methods open files with 0666 permission
      as opposed to 0600.
    * '-strict' and '-lc' switches, if used together were buggy
    * if either -name or -value pased to param() was 0 (zero),
      it used to fail.

    * t/is_modified.cfg was missing from the MANIFEST

    * extra empty block() was removed. Thanks to Vitaly Kushneriuk 
      for this note

    * get_block() method now returns a list of all the available
      blocks from an ini file.
    * block() method was missing in previous releases. Added as
      an alias to get_block()

    * 'autosave' mode used to save into the file even if nothing had been
      modified. Fixed in this release

    * clear() method introduced
    * if 'authosave' and 'filename' options were passed to new(),
      'autosave' was being ignored.
    * delete() and DELETE() methods shouldn't be autoloaded with 
      AutoLoad. Creates problems for systems with case sensitive file names.
      Only DELETE() is autoloaded.

    * tie() interface, convenience methods as well as deprecated
      methods are loaded on demand using AutoLoader.
    * Minor bugs in the test suits fixed.
    * Shorter, better manual SYNOPSIS and other minor documentation fixes.    

    * full support for tie-interface
    * bug in param() method fixed, where it used to display 'undef'
      as a value of any variable in the config file with a single '0'.

    * import_from() class method now supports second argument
      to be a reference to an existing hash

    * Minor fix: forgot to remove "use diagnostics" line.

    * bug fix in get_block() as well as set_block() method
    * get_block() and set_block() methods are finally documented
      along with "-block" param() option  

    * Test scripts fixed
    * import_names() specific section of the manual updated

    * import_names() method to import values as global variables
      to the caller's name space.
    * import_from() class method to import values from a file
      instead of from an object
    * comments on the as_string() will have last update date.
      This applies to write() and save() methods as well.

    * Better exception handling through Config::Simple->error()
    * Using for more portable O_* values
    * Support for multiple values using comma (,);
    * Smart support for multiple configuration file syntax including
      ini-files, simple config. as well as http-like style
    * quoting key values is optional
    * -lc switch to disable case sensitive parsing of block names and keys
    * much improved write()

$Revision: 3.32 $