[Changes for 0.63 - 2013-06-27]

* More robust against leading spaces when decoding geek code blocks.
  Contributed by: Kardan

[Changes for 0.62 - 2010-11-08]

* Added "=encoding utf8" to POD to fix author name display.
  No functional changes.

[Changes for 0.61 - 2010-11-07]

* Source code and META.yml tidying up; no functional changes.

[Changes for 0.60 - 2010-11-07]

* LICENSING CHANGE: This compilation and all individual files in it
  are now under the nullary CC0 1.0 Universal terms:

  To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and
  related or neighboring rights to Convert-GeekCode.

* Updated to Module::Install::DSL 1.00.

* Update YAML translations to UTF-8, as reported by CPAN testers.

[Changes for 0.51 - 2003-08-03]

* Switch from .yaml to .yml.
* Add the missing e* code.
* Add a simplified chinese version.