Revision history for Convert::PEM

0.08  2010.12.06
    - Altered explode() to canonicalize line endings to \n, handling
      DOS (\r\n) and older mac (\r) line breaks cleanly. Thanks to Matt
      Gramlich for the patch.
    - Removed sign() and auto_install() from Makefile.PL.
    - Removed magic svn keywords.
    - Converted test suite to Test::More.
    - Added author tests (xt/) and modified SYNOPSIS for all modules to
      make them pass the compilation test.

0.07  2005.05.25
    - Allow passing in Name and Macro parameters on encode and decode,
      rather than just at initialization.
    - Use Class::ErrorHandler instead of our own built-in error-handling
    - Switched to using Module::Install in Makefile.PL.

0.06  2001.09.14
    - Use Convert::PEM::ErrorHandler instead of defining error/errstr
      methods for each class. This also lets us use error/errstr as
      class methods.
    - Added Macro param to constructor; this is useful when dealing
      with an ASN.1 description that defines multiple ASN.1 macros,
      and we want to decode/encode using a specific macro.
    - Removed Crypt::DES_EDE3 from this distribution; it is now
      packaged and distributed separately, and has been added as a
      prereq for Convert::PEM.

0.05  2001.05.11
    - Changed explode/implode so that they return/get list of headers
      in order in which they appear in the file. This fixes the bug
      where openssl-compatible PEM readers (like ssh-keygen in OpenSSH)
      could sometimes not read encrypted files (depending on the order
      given to the headers by the hash).

0.04  2001.04.22
    - Changed 'Source' param back to 'Content'.

0.03  2001.04.21
    - Added test suite.
    - Added encode/decode methods, which are the encoding and decoding
      routines, broken out into separate methods. read and write are
      now implemented as wrappers around decode and encode. This allows
      for more flexibility.

0.02  2001.04.20
    - Added Content parameter to read method; bypasses file-reading.

0.01  2001.04.20
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19