Revision history for Crypt::DSA::GMP

0.02  2013-10-08

    Turn off indexing for an internal helper package

0.01  2013-10-07

    Initial release.

    Ported from Crypt::DSA with rewrite of most of the internals.

    Primary high level changes from Crypt::DSA:

       - Fixed the outstanding RTs (see below)
       - Fixes a number of other security issues
       - Don't use OpenSSL
       - Requires GMP.  Definitely does not use Pari.
       - Strong randomness on all platforms
       - Significantly faster in some areas
       - Follows FIPS 186-4, meaning increased security
       - Optional primality proving for increased security
       - Allows newer FIPS 186-4 methods if requested (SHA-2)
       - Reads RFC4716 and OpenSSH keys
       - The size of both p and q may be specified in key generation

    The following RTs were fixed:

      RT 88429 key generation issues          [fixed]
      RT 88158 primality testing              [fixed]
      RT 86424 typo fix                       [replaced with new typos]
      RT 71342 Patch to use Digest::SHA       [using Digest::SHA]
      RT 58094 3-arg open used                [we require 5.006]
      RT 49668 openssl dsaparam output ...    [no longer using openssl]
      RT 21917 openssl not found if in ...    [no longer using openssl]
      RT 19812 Warning in make test           [no longer using openssl]
      RT 19477 $key->write not writing public [use Convert::PEM 0.07]
      RT 19263 which usage broken ...         [no longer using openssl]
      RT 19184 using of which in KeyChain...  [no longer using openssl]
      RT 18768 patch for MSWin32 support      [no longer using openssl]
      RT 14281 makerandom() not portable      [using Crypt::Random::Seed]
      RT 13862 getting error                  [no longer using openssl]

      RT 71421 Systems without /dev/random... [using Crypt::Random::Seed]
      RT 21968 /dev/random depletion          [see text below]
         best randomness source (e.g. /dev/random) for private key generation
         best non-blocking source used for all other randomness
         All module tests allow non-blocking, so tests don't deplete entropy
         system rand, MT, etc will never be used on any platform

    The following RTs is not ready to close:

      RT 26926 should Convert::PEM be a full dependency?
               Absolutely not until RT 27574 is fixed (random test failures).

    The following RTs should be closed:

      RT 27144 Signature will croak during decode_base64.
               Perhaps old MIME::Base64?  This is not the current behavior.
      RT 54485 SSH2 format.  ssh-keygen writes a PEM file for private key.
      RT 72371 CPAN install missing Math::Pari.
               Crypt::DSA does not require Math::Pari.  Old other modules?