Revision history for Perl module Crypt::OpenPGP

1.12  2015-08-16 CPAN Day release
    - Add NoVersion parameter to CO::Armour->armour (GH#26)

1.11  2015-07-20
    - Check that Crypt::OpenPGP::Cipher->new succeeded, RT#14033.
    - Fix GH#7, when false data was discarded (@Camspi).

1.10  2015-07-06
    - Update GnuPG defaults (@bk2204).
    - Fix error propagation on generating RSA key (@niner).

1.09  2015-07-02
    - Require Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1, RT#82316 (@bk2204).

1.08  2014-11-20
    - Move distribution to Dist::Zilla.
    - Require Alt::Crypt::RSA::BigInt instead of Crypt::RSA.
    - Apply a patch from RT#82314 (@bk2204, @kmx).
    - Add a test case from GH#7, yet to be fixed (@throughnothing).

1.07  2014-06-23
    - Reformatted Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.
    - Fixed hash randomisation bug (RT#81442).
    - Documentation now references most recent "OpenPGP Message Format" RFC.
    - Fixed typo in Pod (@dsteinbrunner).
    - Improved ASCII armor detection (@gwillen).

1.06  2010-12-07
    - Fixed an issue introduced in 1.05 on 32-bit systems in
      Crypt::OpenPGP::Util::bigint2bin, where $base needed to be a
      bigint. Thanks to Sam Crawley for the fix.

1.05  2010-12-06
    - Removed Math::Pari as a dependency of Crypt::OpenPGP itself (it's
      still a dependency of some of the backends, including Crypt::RSA).
      Thanks to Sam Crawley for the patch.
    - Skipped RIPEMD160 test on amd64 due to known bug in Crypt::RIPEMD160
      (see rt19138 & rt53323). Thanks to Sam Crawley for the patch.

1.04 2009-12-10
    - Keyring lookup by uid is now case-insensitive to match the behavior
      in GnuPG. Fixes
    - Got rid of a warning in Crypt::OpenPGP::SKSessionKey related to
      broken calculation of the session_key; that session_key value was
      never used, so I removed the code generating the key, hence removing
      the warning. Addresses
    - Default key and config file locations (in compatibility mode) now work
      on Windows. Fixes
    - Updated to use Module::Install. Addresses and
    - Made all dependencies required, rather than optional based on
      feature packages. Simplifies distribution and packaging, and addresses
    - Removed sign() and auto_install() from Makefile.PL.
    - Removed magic svn keywords.
    - Converted test suite to Test::More.
    - Added author tests (xt/) and modified SYNOPSIS for all modules to
      make them pass the compilation test.

1.03 2002-12-09
    - Makefile.PL now uses ExtUtils::AutoInstall. Thanks to Autrijus Tang
      for the note.
    - SIGNATURE file now included with distribution.
    - Added --version to bin/pgplet, which lists supported ciphers, digests,
      etc., along with version information.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::KeyBlock::save_armoured, to save an armoured
      version of the keyblock (useful for exporting public keys).
    - encrypt and verify no longer fail if there are no public keyrings,
      in case lookup in a keyserver is desired.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::Digest::supported and
    - Fixed bug where signed cleartext has \r characters in the header.

1.02 2002-10-12
    - encrypt and verify now support auto-retrieval of public keys from
      an HKP keyserver, if the keys are not found in the local keyring.
    - Added support for the SHA-1 integrity checks on secret keys used
      by gnupg 1.0.7. Thanks to Chip Turner for the spot.
    - Added a --local-user|-u option to bin/pgplet to support using a
      different secret key for signing. Thanks to Joseph Pepin for the
    - new() now accepts Crypt::OpenPGP::KeyRing objects for the PubRing
      and SecRing parameters.
    - Fixed a bug in decrypt where passing in a "Key" param to decrypt a
      message encrypted to multiple recipients did not work. Thanks to
      rdailey for the spot.
    - ElGamal self-signatures no longer cause an error.
    - Added LWP::UserAgent and URI::Escape to prereqs, for keyserver.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::Signature::digest accessor. Thanks to Bob
      Mathews for the patch.

1.01 2002-07-15
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::handle, a DWIM wrapper around the other
      high-level interface methods. Given data, it determines whether the
      data needs to be decrypted, verified, or both. And then it does what
      it's supposed to do.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::Signature::timestamp to return the created-on
      time for a signature. Also, Crypt::OpenPGP::decrypt and
      Crypt::OpenPGP::verify now return the Crypt::OpenPGP::Signature object
      if called in list context (and, in the case of decrypt, if there is
      a signature). Thanks to Erik Arneson for the patches.
    - Fixed a bug in decrypt with uncompressed encrypted signed data.
      Thanks to Erik Arneson for the spot.
    - Fixed a bug in Crypt::OpenPGP::Message with clearsigned messages, if
      the text and signature were contained in a block of text containing
      more PGP messages/signatures.
    - Fixed a nasty, evil, stupid compatibility bug with canonical text.
      Namely, pgp2 and pgp5 do not trim trailing whitespace from "canonical
      text" signatures, only from cleartext signatures. This was causing
      invalid signatures which should not have been invalid. Thanks to
      Erik Arneson for the spot.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::KeyServer, which does lookups against an HKP

1.00 2002-02-26
    - CAST5 is now supported thanks to Crypt::CAST5_PP from Bob Mathews.
    - bin/pgplet now supports encrypting and decrypting symmetrically-
      encrypted messages.
    - The PassphraseCallback argument to Crypt::OpenPGP::decrypt can now
      be used to supply a callback for symmetrically-encrypted packets,
      as well as public-key-encrypted packets.
    - Fix a bug with encrypted, signed text--the signature was being
      armoured, which led to errors from the process trying to decrypt and
    - Fix a bug with symmetric-encrypted session keys w/r/t generation for
      PGP2--PGP2 doesn't understand symmetric-encrypted session keys, so we
      need to leave them out when Compat is PGP2. Also, we need to use the
      'Simple' S2k rather than the default, 'Salt_Iter'.
    - Fix a key generation bug where GnuPG will not import generated public
      keys, because the self-signature is invalid; signature needs to be on
      key data *and* user ID. Thanks to Joel Rowles for the spot.
    - Fix bug in ElGamal encryption and k generation.

0.18  2002-01-29
    - Added IsPacketStream parameter to Crypt::OpenPGP::Message; this turns
      off armour detection when initializing the message, and can be used
      when you *know* that the message is a stream of packets, and not an
      ASCII-armoured stream of packets.
    - When unarmouring, remove \r characters from the armoured text end
      of lines.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::KeyRing::save method. Thanks to Ben Xain for
      the idea and a patch.
    - Added compatibility with symmetric-key-encrypted files that do not
      have a symmetric-key session key packet. The assumption with these
      encrypted messages is that they are PGP2-encrypted, using the IDEA
      cipher, MD5 digests, and a Simple s2k. So that is how the fix has
      been implemented. Thanks to Ben Xain for the bug report.
    - Win32 fixes: use binmode when reading files that might be binary.
    - Added --symmetric and --digest options to Makefile.PL to set
      symmetric and digest algorithms when using --sdk.
    - Fixed subkey IDs in list-keys with bin/pgplet.
    - Check for errors when reading keyring.

0.17  2001-09-15
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::Config to hold per-instance configuration
      information, either specified through the constructor, or set
      in a config file. Reads from existing PGP/GnuPG config files.
    - Added --compat arg to bin/pgplet for demonstration of usage of
      Compat flag to constructor, which then gets propagated down to
      methods, selects keyrings, etc.
    - Made keyring selection based on compatibility mode, if given.
    - Automatically read in appropriate config file if Compat flag
    - Added tests for encrypting/decrypting block of text to t/06-cipher.t.
    - Added --sdk option to Makefile.PL to bypass interactive prompts.
    - Removed Crypt::DES_EDE3 from this distribution, moved into its own

0.16  2001-08-15
    - Took stupid extraneous files out of lib. Ick.

0.15  2001-08-15
    - Added bin/pgplet as an example of Crypt::OpenPGP usage.
    - Added PassphraseCallback parameter to Crypt::OpenPGP::decrypt
      and Crypt::OpenPGP::sign; this callback will be invoked when a
      passphrase to unlock the secret key is not provided, but is needed.
      Allows more flexibility etc.
    - Added RecipientsCallback parameter to Crypt::OpenPGP::encrypt;
      this callback will be invoked after recipients have been mapped
      to public keys, and allows review/modification of that key list.
    - Crypt::OpenPGP::decrypt will now look through all encrypted
      session key packets until it finds one for which we have a
      secret key. Once it finds that known key, it uses that key to
      decrypt the message.
    - Added Recipients param to Crypt::OpenPGP::encrypt, accepts either
      key IDs or user IDs. Deprecated usage of KeyID.
    - Fixed bug in Certificate::fingerprint with version 3 keys. Was
      concatenating integers when should have been concatenating octet
      string representations.
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::Words, which encodes octet/hex strings into
      lists of English words. Thanks to Mike Dillon for sending me his, which this module is based on.
    - Added Certificate::fingerprint_words and fingerprint_hex. The
      former uses Crypt::OpenPGP::Words to encode the fingerprint into a
      list of English words; the latter returns the fingerprint as a
      string of hex digits.
    - Added KeyRing::find_keyblock_by_index, which, given an index into
      a list of keyblocks, returns the keyblock at that index. Thanks to
      Vipul for the idea.
    - Crypt::OpenPGP::Message interface changed: instead of passing
      params to read, now pass params to new, and read is called
      automatically. Then call pieces to get pieces of message. This
      should not affect anyone, unless you were directly accessing
      the $msg->{pieces} member, for lack of a better interface :).
    - Added Key param to Crypt::OpenPGP::decrypt and Crypt::OpenPGP::verify;
      Key should be a Certificate object. This has the effect of bypassing
      the keyring lookup and might be useful for decrypting using a key
      deserialized from some external source (network, database, etc.).
      Thanks to Vipul for the idea.

0.14  2001-08-09
    - Crypt::OpenPGP::CFB now works in both standard and PGP-variant
      mode (where PGP-variant is the slightly strange mode with the
      resyncs). Support added via a 'sync' method to manually resync.
    - Added support for encrypted-MDC packets, a more secure variant
      on standard encrypted data packets. Encrypted-MDC packets are
      followed by a SHA-1 hash of the plaintext so that modifications
      to the ciphertext can be detected.
    - Added support for writing version-4 packet headers to
    - Added signing capabilities to Crypt::OpenPGP::encrypt, and
      verification to Crypt::OpenPGP::decrypt. This lets you create
      encrypted & signed messages, as well as decrypt & verify such
      messages. For this purpose, SignKeyID and SignPassphrase have
      been added as params to 'encrypt'.
    - KeyRing::find_keyblock_by_keyid changed behavior of return value
      when called in list context. It now returns all keyblocks with
      keys whose key IDs "matched" the provided key ID (rather than the
      matched keyblock and the matched certificate, as before).
    - Added KeyBlock::encrypting_key and KeyBlock::signing_key; all
      high-level Crypt::OpenPGP methods now use these methods instead
      of the list-context find_keyblock_by_keyid to find the
      appropriate key to use.
    - Crypt::OpenPGP::encrypt now accepts multiple key IDs, for
      encrypting messages to multiple recipients. Thanks to Vipul
      for the idea and patch.
    - KeyRing::find_keyblock_by_keyid now can perform lookups using
      8 hex-digit key IDs (as opposed to the standard 16 hex-digit
      IDs). Thanks to Vipul for the idea and patch (reworked).
    - Fixed some compatibility (syntax) issues when using perl 5.005_03.

0.13  2001-07-31
    - Fix handling of partial length headers.
    - Use proper version of Data::Buffer in Makefile.PL prereq.
    - Fix bug with -----BEGIN PGP in text that is not actually armoured;
      Crypt::OpenPGP::Message thought it saw armoured text, but it
      wasn't really armoured, which caused an error.
    - Skip non-Plaintext packets when decrypting; this skips Signature
      packets for 'encrypted & signed' messages. This is a temporary
      measure; in the future it would be nice to automatically verify
      the signatures. Thanks to Vipul for the patch.
    - Allow a KeyID param to decrypt that specifies the key ID to use
      when decrypting the message, in case there are multiple session
      key packets. Thanks to Vipul for the patch.

0.12  2001-07-29
    - Added support for clear-text signatures, both creating (Clearsign
      param to 'sign') and verifying (transparent support).
    - For the time being Makefile.PL will not give a choice of
      public key algorithms; you will have to install support for
      both DSA and RSA. This will last until the test suite has been
      reworked to auto-detect which module is installed and run the
      tests with the appropriate key types.

0.11  2001-07-29
    - Added support for symmetric-key encrypted session key packets,
      which means that Crypt::OpenPGP now supports "conventional"
      encryption of data, in addition to the public-key encryption that
      was already supported.
    - Added KeyRing::find_keyblock_by_uid to find a keyblock in a keyring
      given a user id (or part of a user id).
    - KeyRing::find_keyblock_by_keyid now caches keyblocks/certs that
      it has found, so for any given key ID it only needs to look up
      that key ID once, then the block will be cached.
    - Added tests for Digest factory objects (t/07-digest.t).
    - Added tests for mod_exp and mod_inverse in t/01-util.t.
    - Added docs for all main classes/modules.
    - Fix Compat settings for PGP5, 3DES => DES3. Thanks to Vipul
      for the spot and patch.

0.10  2001-07-27
    - Added Compat flag to encrypt and sign, added docs. Thanks to
      Vipul for the idea.
    - Added support for Twofish and Rijndael ciphers (128-, 192-, and
      256-bit keys for Rijndael).
    - Added support for RIPE-MD/160 digest algorithm.
    - Added Digest param to Crypt::OpenPGP::sign to specify message
      digest algorithm.
    - Changed semantics of Compress param to Crypt::OpenPGP::encrypt;
      it is no longer a simple flag but now the name of a compression
      algorithm (Zlib or ZIP).
    - Ciphertext::init and Ciphertext::decrypt were making assumptions
      about cipher blocksizes; they were using a fixed sync padding of
      8 bytes, rather than adjusting based on the blocksize. Now fixed.
    - Cipher::key_len => Cipher::keysize.
    - Added t/06-cipher.t, test all installed cipher packages.

0.09  2001-07-27
    - Fixed incompatibility with PGP2: PGP2 expects packets of certain
      types to have certain header len sizes, no matter the actual len
      of the data. eg. all Signature packets have to have 2 len bytes,
      even if the data is < 255 bytes long and the len would fit in
      1 len byte. So to be compatible we need to let the object set
      the number of len bytes, if it wants to.
    - Plaintext packets generated in encrypt and sign will now have
      the proper 'filename' attribute set, if the Filename param was
      passed to the respective method.
    - Crypt::OpenPGP::verify now handles compressed signature packets
    - Version 3 signatures now default to MD5 digests for compatibility
      with PGP2.
    - Added tests for Crypt::OpenPGP::PacketFactory (t/05-packets.t).

0.08  2001-07-26
    - Fixed DEK encoding on encrypted session keys; the padding size
      was incorrect, which meant that PGP5 could not recognize it
      as a valid encoding.
    - Added support for compressed data packets for encryption and
      decryption. 'Compress' param controls compression when
      encrypting, and compressed packets will be automatically
      decompressed when decrypting.
    - Detect and skip Marker packets in encrypted messages.
    - Force generated RSA keys to be version 3 for compatibility with
      PGP5, which automatically assumes that all RSA keys are version
    - Detect pubring.pkr and secring.skr files, thanks to Vipul for
      the spot and patch (reworked).
    - Fix Armour so that armoured lines are max 64 columns. Add test
      for this case. Thanks to Vipul for spot and patch (reworked
    - Fix misc. warnings. Thanks to Vipul for spot and patch.
    - Fix PacketFactory so that it doesn't enter deep recursion when
      looking for specific packet types. Thanks to Vipul for the spot.
    - Fix PARI error Util::mp2bin by casting 4*8 to PARI. Thanks to
      Vipul for the spot and patch.

0.07  2001-07-26
    - Added key generation, in low-end Key etc. modules and in
      high-level Crypt::OpenPGP frontend, which returns two
    - Added Certificate->lock to encrypt secret key data.
    - Applied Vipul's patch to fix warnings about GNUPGHOME
      and to add pubring.pkr and secring.skr. Thanks to Vipul.

0.06  2001-07-25
    - Fixed bug in SessionKey::_decode with using ciphers with
      keys != 16 bytes. This caused incorrect checksums on the
      key data.
    - 3DES is now the default cipher (not Blowfish).
    - Armoured keyrings (eg. PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK strings) are
      now automatically unarmoured in Crypt::OpenPGP::KeyRing.
    - Added docs for Crypt::OpenPGP, ie. the high-level DWIM
      interface to the rest of the system.
    - Improved speed of octet-string => integer and vice versa
      operations. Crypt::OpenPGP::Util::bin2mp is now 3 times
      faster than in the last release, and mp2bin is almost
      twice as fast. Added lots more tests for these functions
      (in 01-util.t).
    - Changed Certificate->decrypt to Certificate->unlock.

0.05  2001-07-23
    - Started test suite: currently it tests high-level OpenPGP
      interface using keyrings from GnuPG.
    - Rewrote CFB implementation (now faster).
    - Improved installation process (ask questions, check for
      required modules, etc.).

0.04  2001-07-22
    - Added support RSA signing and verification.
    - Added support for ElGamal encryption/decryption.
    - Added second arg to Crypt::OpenPGP::PacketFactory::parse that
      allows finding only specific packet types; unspecified packet
      types are not even parsed (save the header).
    - Added Crypt::OpenPGP::KeyRing::find_keyblock_by_keyid, which
      looks up a keyblock by key ID, without requiring the entire
      keyring to be parsed (just key certificates).
    - Changed Crypt::OpenPGP methods to use find_keyblock_by_keyid
      instead of reading in entire keyring.

0.03  2001-07-20
    - Fixed bug in un-armouring where checksum would not be picked up
      properly if base64-encoded data had '=' at the end.
    - Improved first crack at CRC24 implementation by using lookup
      tables. This helps a lot.

0.02  2001-07-20
    - Added armouring in Crypt::OpenPGP::Armour.
    - Added high-level DWIM interface to Crypt::OpenPGP.
    - Now generate fingerprint on version 4 key certificates while
      reading in key; since we already have the serialized data, we
      can just generate the fingerprint using that data, rather than
      having to serialize to get the key ID.

0.01  2001-07-19
    - Initial version.