0.9000: Wed Jul 29 2009
   - updates were needed for the 0.5.1 release, which means that
     version, or newer, is now required to build this.

0.855: Fri Mar 27 18:42:50 EDT 2009
   - added chrony's meta.yml stuff for the github repo

0.854: Thu Aug 21 06:21:28 EDT 2008
   - Used EU::MM's prompt() instead of rolling my own.  BingOS++.

0.853: Thu Aug 14 12:05:26 EDT 2008
   - Fixed a build problem for bsd 
   - Fixed an eval { use Something } problem in a test.
     It now reads eval q{ use something };  ... grrz.

0.852: Wed Aug 13 16:29:37 EDT 2008
   - A cpan tester informed me that his libgmp was in /usr/local
     ... that's kindof a no brainer.  I added some rudimentary
     libpaths to the Makefile.PL; I should probably make it use
     some system paths.  Later.

0.851: Tue Aug 12 07:09:26 EDT 2008
   - Wow, newbie error.  I can't use <> in the Makefile.PL
     because it tries to slurp each INSTALLDIR=site type argument
     as an input file...  Doh

0.85: Mon Aug 11 12:05:47 EDT 2008
   - introduced a bug in the Makefile.PL while fixing something

0.81: Mon Aug 11 07:17:47 EDT 2008
   - minor doc fixes were necessary

0.8: Sun Aug 10 07:03:58 EDT 2008
   - there were bugs in the manifest, so some of the tests
     weren't shipping.
   - I taught the distribution to pull libpbc, build, and link
     against it.  I expect it won't work reliably on other
     systems, but it works fine on mine.

0.8: Sat Aug  9 07:55:29 EDT 2008
   - I have given up on version.pm and Module::Build.  They both
     cause more problems than they solve.
   - I added the expected libpbc version to the README Thu Jul 31 14:33:42 EDT 2008
   - removed the Makefile.PL, causes problems Mon Jul 28 16:39:23 EDT 2008
   - I added libchecks to the other .PL Thu Jul 24 06:54:02 EDT 2008
   - brought M::B into the mix.  EU::MM will cause version.pm
     problems eventually. Sat Jul  5 08:03:51 EDT 2008
   - I brought us up to 0.4.18!!  At some point Lynn fixed the
     bug I was waiting on!!  Hurray!
   - I'm now using version.pm
   - I'm now using Devel::CheckLib (so the cpan testers FAIL
     reports will stop when they don't have libpbc)  Mon Feb 01 15:00 EST 2007
   - jettero changed the version number in the pm file and ran
     the usual battery of tests  Mon Feb 01 15:00 EST 2007
   - jettero changed the version number in the pm file and ran
     the usual battery of tests
   - interestingly, 0.7.20-0.4.5 was never released due to bugs
     in some esoteric math problem in Ben's cache.  Mon Feb 01 15:00 EST 2007
   - jettero changed the version number in the pm file and ran
     the usual battery of tests
   - several tests failed... investigating...  Mon Jan 30??? EST 2007
   - jettero changed the version number in the pm file and made
     sure all the tests complete  Mon Jan 15 11:00:57 EST 2007
   - jettero told PBC.pm and pairing.xs about the new
     pairing_is_symmetric() function  Sun Dec 10 10:27:32 EST 2006
   - jettero added element_from_bytes and set_to_bytes  Sat Dec  9 12:14:56 EST 2006
   - jettero made pow_zn capable of taking a single argument,
     which should be pretty clear
   - jettero added a tests for that  Sat Dec  2 09:54 EST 2006
   - I created a slow but reasonably accurate way of detecting
     whether the pairing is symmetric, for purposes of deciding
     whether G1 and G2 are algebraically similar.  This is for my
     own testing purposes until Ben adds pairing_is_symmetric()
     to libpbc.

0.4.2-  Sat Dec  2 09:36:55 EST 2006
   - this is a bugfix for the version released 15 minutes ago.

0.4.2-0.7.17:  Sat Dec  2 09:21:55 EST 2006
   - This is a documentation fix only.
   - There will be a new version very soon though.  I need to
     make serious changes to the argument type restrictions as
     they should apparently not be the same on different types of
     curves (symmetric vs asymmetric curves).

0.4.2-0.7.16:  Fri Dec  1 09:20:30 EST 2006
   - jettero made more synonyms for pairing_apply because of
     frequent typos
   - jettero fixed several documenation typos

0.4.2-0.7.15:  Tue Nov 28 10:16:07 EST 2006
   - jettero reversioned the package in preparation for launch.

0.4.1-0.5.04:  Tue Nov 28 10:13:55 EST 2006
   - jettero added the slamtest, which slams functions with all
     the wrong arguments, literally, in the permutation sense.
     It ran all night.  The test in the shipped-package is _much_
     shorter, but can be extended with 'MAX_PERM_TIME=1000 make

0.4.1-0.5.03:  Sun Nov 26 22:26:33 EST 2006
   - jettero added a memory (leak) test

0.4.1-0.5.02:  Sun Nov 26 21:52:00 EST 2006
   - jettero added a couple more tests and boatloads of docs

0.3.17-0.5.01:  Mon Nov 20 08:38:04 EST 2006
   - jettero completed a few more t/ tests (this time for the

0.3.17-0.5.00:  Thu Nov 16 20:03:34 EST 2006
   - jettero reversioned the package to represent the version of
     libpbc it is intended to work with in addition to the
     version of the perl API.  0.3.17-0.5.00 means PBC.pm version
     0.5.00 intended to work with libpbc 0.3.17.

0.10:  Tue Nov 14 07:12:55 EST 2006
   - jettero added a bit of type-saftey to PBC.pm. It seems
     libpbc segfaults when the LHS and BASE of pow_zn() aren't in
     the same group, or when pairing_apply() is applied on
     arguments that aren't GT=e_hat(G1, G2); and that took some

0.09:  Sun Nov 12 15:13:33 EST 2006
   - jettero started using element2bytes instead of element2mpz
     to print elements. Many of the elements are atually
     quadratics, and poly coeffs and the PBC crew do not make it
     simple to get to the mpzs.

0.08:  Sun Nov 12 11:23:48 EST 2006
   - jettero noticed possible bugs in either the init or as_str
     of elements...

0.07:  Sun Nov 12 09:03:27 EST 2006
   - jettero fixed my changelog app

0.01  Fri Nov 10 23:07:15 2006
    - I got this package all skeled up ...  I need a small part
      of it for a school project so I'm going to focus on that
      part first.