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Revision history for Crypt-Pwsafe

1.2 2006/12/18
	Removed 'stty' command by using Term::ReadKey.  Crypt::Pwsafe works on ActiveState
	Perl now.

1.1 2006/12/15
	Modified to get rid of dependency on UUID for each password entry.
	Data files generated by Password Gorilla do not have UUID for every entry but are
	still readable to Password Safe version 3.
	Also added $DEBUG variable.

1.002 2006/10/06
	Removed pod test files

1.001 2006/09/30
	Added Crypt::Twofish and Digest::SHA as prerequisite in Makefile.PL

1    2006/09/20
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.