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Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::RC6

1.0    March 16, 2002

    -- Optimized the code in _rc6.c.
    -- Incorporated the test vectors from THE RC6 BLOCK CIPHER
       into and t/00_load.t.

0.50   November 17, 2001

    -- Thanks to feedback from Andrew Page, fixed two serious
       bugs in function rc6_generateKeySchedule. The module now
       performs in accordance with the test data provided in

0.50   November 12, 2001

    -- Made the distribution Crypt::CBC compliant.

0.05   September 16, 2001

    -- Added to the distribution.

0.04   September 16, 2001

    -- Added a load test.

0.03   September 14, 2001

    -- Added this CHANGES file, README file, COPYING file.
    -- Changed file permissions so that all may access the
       unpacked distribution.