Revision history for Crypt-SSLeay

0.70    2014-04-24 14:53:43 UTC

- RT #94974: I forgot that `return` just returns from the code block for
  `catch`, not the subroutine so `filter_libs` was still trying to link
  against various libraries even when Devel::CheckLib was not installed.

0.68    2014-04-24 14:13:07 UTC

- Previous release did not bump version number in Net::SSL even though there
  was a minor change. Correct that oversight.

0.66    2014-04-24 14:00:42 UTC

- Various minor fixes to C code
- Various fixes to the distribution such as manifest files, additional
  tests, bundled module etc
- Address RT bugs #94828 and #79212

0.65_14 2014-04-16 23:55:42 UTC

- REMINDER: make test WILL FAIL if your OpenSSL is vulnerable to Heartbleed.

- Add additional functions exposing information that can be obtained via

0.65_13 2014-04-15 22:22:43 UTC

- Work in progress

- Add ability to query OpenSSL version, add test whether OpenSSL library
  being used is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

- Assorted fixes to Makefile.PL, most importantly to fix build problems with
  Strawberry Perl.

0.65_08 2014-04-10 13:40:08 UTC

- Work in progress

- In Makefile.PL, use assert_lib to find the libraries against which we can
  actually link rather than passing a big bowl of libs to WriteMakefile.
  Bail out early if we can't link against any of the candidate libraries.

0.65_07 2014-04-10 12:38:06 UTC

- Work in progres

- Make sure t/02-live.t actually uses Net::SSL.

0.65_06 2014-04-10 10:35:14 UTC

- Work in progress

- Address RT bugs #88786, #88269, #78848, and #79477

- Makefile.PL now respects live-tests and no-live-tests, and allows library
  and header locations to be specified via the command line arguments
  libpath and incpath, respectively.

- These options can also be specified using the environment variables


- Also fixed a number of embarrasing logic errors and typos in Makefile.PL
  which were introduced in previous 0.65_xx versions.

0.65_05 2014-04-04 12:38:21 UTC

- Work in progress

- Reorganize Makefile.PL to allow incpath and libpath command line
  arguments. This attempts to address RT #88786, #88269, #79477, and #78848.
  This was supposed to be the next step immediately after drastically
  specifying Makefile.PL. But never got done.

- Also add encoded version number to openssl-version output.

0.65_04 2014-04-02 18:03:11 UTC

- Work in progress

- Address pull requests from GitHub and bug reports on RT. These address RT
  issues #83764, #86425, #86819, #62133, #82715, #90803

0.64 2012-08-06 01:23:30

- Drastically simplify Makefile.PL to resolve RT bugs #61249, #61324,
  #63553, #68208, and #68084.

- Forgot to update Changes for 0.63, so this version overrides that.

0.61_05 2012-08-04 00:40:22 UTC

- Trying to distinguish between good vs bad zero returns from underlying
  SSL_read/SSL_write broke stuff (see RT bug #78695). Revert to previous

- Completely re-organize Makefile.PL. I hope these changes will help take
  care of RT bugs #61324, #61249, #63553, and #68084 etc. This is not
  necessarily finished, but I want to see what happens on CPAN Testers at
  this point before making a few other minor changes.

0.60 2012-07-29 21:43:47 UTC

- Release 0.59_03 as 0.60 so distributions can pick up various fixes. The most
  important one seems to be bug RT #70565. This should take care of bug RT

- SSL_read and SSL_write now try to handle incomplete reads/writes (see bug RT
  RT #64054). The current test suite does is not very comprehensive, so caution
  is recommended at this point. Also, if you have good test cases, I would love
  to incorporate them into the distribution.

0.59_03 2012-03-10 00:45:28 UTC

- Bump version number and upload to CPAN.

0.59_02 2012-03-08 16:16:03 UTC

- Forgot to update Changes for 0.59_01. The following is a combined list of
  the more important fixes incorporated in both.

- Bug RT #64054: Handle incomplete reads/writes better

- Bug RT #73754: Add LWP::Protocol::https to PREREQ_PM

- Bug RT #73755: Crypt-SSLeay does not verify hosts (yet). Don't let that
  cause a failure during tests.

- Streamline t/02-live.t using Try::Tiny and done_testing

- Plus assorted related small changes.

0.58_01 2010-09-08 19:11:39 UTC

- L<text|scheme:...> is not supported in POD for 5.8.5 and earlier.
- TODOs in POD should stand out
- Add /boot/common/ssl and some other directories to unix_ssl_dirs (see bug

0.58 2010-08-25 14:06:30 UTC

- Bump version number for Crypt::SSLeay to 0.58 and Net::SSL to 2.85 in
  preparation for release.
- Fix typo in POD is s/PEM0encoded/PEM encoded/ (checked
- Update Changes and TODO. Regenerate README and META.yml. Update package
  author. Minor POD fixes.

0.57_05 2010-08-15 17:41:21 UTC

- Fix for NO_PROXY support in Net::SSL (bug #57836)
- Bump Net::SSL version number to 2.84_02 after changes
- Fix file/dir permissions (bug #60338)
- Review warnings when compiling SSLeay.xs against older versions of
  OpenSSL: Warnings are due to OpenSSL.
- Add clarification regarding $ENV{HTTPS_CA_FILE} and $ENV{HTTPS_CA_DIR} to
  the POD.
- Other POD related changes: 
    * Remove historic information in README about platforms where the package
      was successfully built.
    * Reformat acknowledgements. TODO: Add more people.
    * Fix link to Net-SSLeay.
    * Add note about the --live-tests command line option
    * Generate README from POD.
    * Formatting fixes.
    * Update copyright notice.

0.57_04 2010-08-11 00:22:33 UTC

- Reorganize Makefile.PL to break individual steps in to subroutines so as to
  facilitate localized future modifications. Whether there was any point to
  this remains to be seen.
- In Makefile.PL, accommodate ActiveState+MingW configuration.
- Pick the correct lib location for Strawberry Perl (bug #60230).
- Apply fixes in bug reports #59312 and #33954 to Net/
- Bump version number in Net/ to indicate development release.

0.57_03 2010-08-09 20:12:30 UTC

- If the last component of $inc_dir is 'openssl', set $inc_dir to its parent
  and set $prefix to 'openssl'. Otherwise, leave $inc_dir as is and set $prefix
  to '' (I hope this fixes bugs #28431, #28680, #32084, #43084, #54103 without
  breaking anything).
- Improved OpenSSL detection on Win32/Strawberry Perl (bug #49285).
- Add MIME::Base64 as a prerequisite as Net::SSL needs it.
- exit 0 if OpenSSL can't be found to avoid superfluous reports from CPAN
- Add \ to $opt_bench in eg/net-ssl-test (bugs #30931, #39363).

0.57_02 2010-08-08 18:27:40 UTC

- Refactor the version detection algorithm in Makefile.PL to handle all known
  variations of version number encoding. Should fix bug #52408. 

0.57_01 2008-02-18 14:42:32 UTC

- use #include <..> rather than #include "..." in
- add command-line switch to avoid live tests (bug #30268).
- skip tests in t/01-connect.t if 443 is already in use (bug #30985).
- make code gcc -Wwrite-strings compatible (bug #31926).

0.57 2007-09-17 20:45:20 UTC

- Honour both $ENV{NO_PROXY} and $ENV{no_proxy} in
  Net::SSL::proxy_connect_helper. (Bug #29371 reported by Jan Dubois).
- $@ construction used in Net::SSL::connect was messed up, which could
  lead to sub-optimal error reporting. (Bug #29372 reported by Jan
- Ensure no proxification is used in t/01-connect.t (which might be the
  reason for all the spurious smoke failures). Bug #29373 reported by,
  you guessed it, Jan Dubois).
- Silence a dubious fopen() warning in SSLeay.xs.
- s/Netware/NetWare/ in Net/ platform check
- Improvements to Makefile.PL for dealing with platforms where openssl
  is installed with ./include and ./lib as sibling directories rather
  than child directories. This should allow the code to configure and
  build "out of the box" on Solaris (and probably other proprietary
- Don't carp in LICENSE key addition code in Makefile.PL

0.56_01 2007-08-09 21:59:47 UTC

- Various improvements to the Win32 configure code in Makefile.PL,
  based on CPAN tickets #28431 and #28432, by Guenter Knauf,
  notably to allow static linking and OpenSSL living in a relative
- Net::SSL: alarm() is not implemented on Netware platform, so don't
  try to set one there. (Guenter Knauf).
- Should build on Solaris correctly (bug fix in include dir
  specification). Based on fix suggested in CPAN bug #28680.

0.56 2007-07-10 19:08:20 UTC

- Purely a documentation issue raised by CPAN bug #27935. Users
  of previous versions do not need to upgrade.

0.55 2007-06-01 17:34:22 UTC

- Added a blocking() method to Net::SSL (and bumped version to

0.54 2007-04-12 22:05:26 UTC

- Rebadged 0.53_05, since no bugs appear to have surfaced.


- Fixed up incorrect LIBS key in WriteMakefile args. Thanks to
  David Cantrell for giving me access to an OpenBSD box that
  revealed this problem.
- Added the list of modules that depend on Crypt::SSLeay to
  the README, as per (think: improvements
  to the test suite).

0.53_04 2007-03-06 09:39:01 UTC

- add diag() info to determine possible reasons for failure as per
- Tweaks for Strawberry Perl detection.

0.53_03 2007-03-04 18:30:06 UTC

- Adjusted the typemap shims to silence the compiler warnings that
  occur when sizeof(IV) is larger than sizeof(char *).
- use XSLoader for faster loading if available, otherwise fall
  back to DynaLoader.
- Makefile.PL heavily reworked, lots of cruft removed.
- Ask to see whether the live tests should be run.
- renamed net_sst.t to 01-connect.t
- added 02-live.t that performs live HTTPS requests.

0.53_02 2007-01-29 10:02:34 UTC

- don't proxy hosts in NO_PROXY environment variable (CPAN
  bug #11078).
- don't send user agent string to proxy unless
  send_useragent_to_proxy is enabled. (CPAN bug #4759).
- Net::SSL bumped to 2.80

0.53_01 2007-01-24 22:21:09 UTC

- patch for CPAN #12444 applied (Jeff Lavallee). Net::SSL bumped
  tp 2.79.
- example scripts moved into eg/ directory and the documentation
- added a TODO to remind me of what needs to be done.

0.53 2006-12-26 17:21:22 UTC

- 0.52_02 deemed stable

0.52_02 2006-12-20 19:29:01 UTC

- improved VMS support (CPAN bug #19829).
- add a test to see if cert file is readable in
  Net::SSL::configure_certs (CPAN bug #8498) and Net::SSL version
  to 2.78.
- known working platforms list removed from documentation. Too old,
  and CPAN Testers has the up-to-date information.
- minor documentation improvements.

0.52_01 2006-12-17

- add call to SSL_library_init() in new()
- maintenance taken over by brian d foy and David Landgren.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .51; $DATE="2003-06-10";

- fixed build problem for OpenSSL 0.9.6 and some builds
  of perl 5.8.x which resulted in make error:

   /usr/include/openssl/des.h:193: parse error before '&' token"

  Thanks to Rob Brown for submitting a similar patch to cover this problem

- bug fix from Dongqiang Bai when server using proxy cannot
  resolve host name being connected to

+ Added documentation for updating system OpenSSL libraries 
  for systems such has RedHat that have shared libraries built
  Work sponsored by Stuart Horner of Core Communications, Inc.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .49; $DATE="2003-01-30";

+ Documentation updates, including new support address
  for LWP issues, and $ENV{HTTPS_DEBUG} flag.

+ Added c:/openssl in default search path on win32 machines
  which is the recommended installation area in the openssl dist

+ Added patch from Pavel Hlavnicka for freeing memory leaks
  from SSL_CTX_use_pkcs12_file() whose functionality is triggered
  by the $ENV{HTTPS_PKCS12_*} settings

+ Set timeout to 15 seconds for ./net_ssl_test and lwp-ssl-test
  sample scripts for better testing of timeout behavior

+ Added alarm() during Net::SSL->read() to honor socket timeout setting
  for more robust applications.  read() will die_with_error() which
  in consistent with previous semantics used during SSL read() failure 
  Thanks to Pavel Hlavnicka for prompting this change.

+ Removed code that supported versions of SSLeay before version 0.8
  I believe SSLeay v.8 was released back in 1998

+ Added patch from Devin Heitmueller so that initial random seed
  would be taken from /dev/urandom if available via RAND_load_file API

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .45; $DATE="2002-08-01";

+ PKCS12 certificate support, patch submitted by Beni Takahashi,
  author of patch Daisuke Kuroda

+ Fixing compile warnings on Solaris 8/Sparc with Forte 7.0 about 
  implicit conversions and implicit declarations.  Thanks to 
  Marek Rouchal for bug report.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .43; $DATE="2002-07-29";

- Removed unused dependency on URI::URL, thanks to Ric Steinberger
  for pointing out this problem under perl 5.8.0 

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .41; $DATE="2002-07-07";

- fixed t/net_ssl.t to work on Windows NT

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .40; $DATE="2002-07-03";

 + = improvement; - = bug fix

- fixed Makefile.PL use of dirname() which could error for perl 5.8.x
  Thanks to Chip Turner of RedHat for patch.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .39; $DATE="2002-06-23";

- Fixed a runtime error with Net::SSL->proxy for running under
  perl warnings with no proxy defined, which t/net_ssl.t test case

+ Added t/net_ssl.t test for initializing a Net::SSL object

+ Added build platform success note for ( thanks Christopher! )

  Solaris 2.8    Sparc	?		5.00503	 .37	2002-05-31	Christopher Biow

+ Added build auto-detect for 0.9.6+ and only then use OPENSSL_free 
  instead of free() since older OpenSSL like 0.9.4 did not have it.

+ Added ./net_ssl_test -CAfile documentation, and root CA file from mod_ssl
  distribution at certs/ca-bundle.crt that can be used for general root CA
  peer certificate verification.

+ Added build notes for 

   SunOS 4.1.4, Perl 5.004_04 - Undefined symbol: _CRYPT_mem_ctrl

  from Jeff Haferman.

+ When Net::SSL->connect() being called from LWP::UserAgent in proxy mode,
  will connect to the proxy passing the $ua->agent string as
   CONNECT $peer_addr:$peer_port HTTP/1.0
   User-Agent: $ua->agent

+ Integrated Richard Chen's patches for exposing the Net::SSL
  certificate dates via an API:


  which can be gotten to by a call like...


  These methods return a normal timestamp like: 2002-05-22 11:15:17 GMT
  There is an example of its use in the ./net_ssl_test script.

  The Crypt::SSLeay::* modules will continue to remain undocumented
  because such functionality lies outside the scope of what this
  module is geared for.  Net::SSLeay provides a more general API for 
  OpenSSL functionality.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .37; $DATE="2002-01-08";

 + = improvement; - = bug fix

- use OPENSSL_free() instead of free() to fix crashes with win32 perl 5.6.1
  Thanks to Doug MacEachern for patch.

+ added Makefile.PL Candidate() path for win32 builds of OpenSSL
  Thanks to David Morse for patch.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .36; $DATE="2001-12-05";

- perl Makefile.PL C:/some_path should be picked up now ...
  was doing case insensitive drive letter check before

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .35; $DATE="2001-10-31";

+ Set local $SIG{PIPE} = \&die before $ssl->connect()
  to capture the "broken pipe" error associated with connecting
  to a computer that is not running a SSL web server,
  when Crypt::SSLeay is built with OpenSSL 0.9.6a.  This error did 
  not occur with OpenSSL 0.9.4 or OpenSSL 0.9.5a, but this fix should
  be compatible with those versions too.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .33; $DATE="2001-10-31";

+ Documented differences / conflicts between LWP proxy support
  and Crypt::SSLeay which seems to be a source of confusion for users.

+ Added Net::SSL::get_peer_verify call so the warning header
  from LWP that says:

    Client-SSL-Warning: Peer certificate not verified

  can be suppressed when HTTPS_CA_FILE & HTTPS_CA_DIR environment
  variables are set to invoke peer certificate verification.
  I will submit patch for perl-libwww 5.6 for this support
  of get_peer_verify shortly.

  Modified return values of $ctx->set_verify() to return 1 when
  peer verification is enabled to support get_peer_verify()

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .31; $DATE="2001-09-21";

+ $ENV{HTTPS_DEBUG} activates Crypt::SSLeay specific debugging,
  so one can debug from LWP:: calls without using ./net_ssl_test script

+ $ENV{CRYPT_SSLEAY_DEFAULT} may now be set to trigger --default
  functionality for Makefile.PL

+ Added --default switch to Makefile.PL which will pick
  up the first OpenSSL distribution detected and use that
  for building Crypt::SSLeay. Inspired by Doug MacEachern

- removed exit from Makefile.PL, bug found by Doug MacEachern

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .29; $DATE="2001-06-29";

+ Streamlined *CA* patches so only in $CTX->set_verify()
  which gets called every time now.

+ Throw error instead of return undef in Net::SSL->connect()
  because we loose the errors otherwise.  Applications
  working with Net::SSL will have to trap calls around
  Net::SSL->connect with eval {}.  There are so many 
  kinds of errors now, especially with certificate
  support that we really need to throw specific error
  messages, and not let them get lost in $!.

- Turn SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY on so clients can survive
  changes in SSLVerifyClient changes in the modssl connection

  Comment from source:
	   /* The set mode is necessary so the SSL connection can
  	    * survive a renegotiated cipher that results from 
	    * modssl VerifyClient config changing between 
	    * VirtualHost & some other config block.  At modssl
	    * this would be a [trace] ssl message:
	    *  "Changed client verification type will force renegotiation"
	   SSL_set_mode(ssl, SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY);

  Seems like openssl 0.9.4 didn't need this but 0.9.6 does,
  not sure though.

+ Integrated patches from Gamid Isayev for CA peer
  verification.  New settings include:

  $ENV{HTTPS_CA_FILE} = "some_file";
  $ENV{HTTPS_CA_DIR}  = "some_dir";

  Also create config switches for these in ./net_ssl_test,
  -CAfile and -CAdir

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .27; $DATE="TBA";

- Client certs weren't working correctly, setup certs
  earlier in connection now, also create new CTX per
  request, so cert settings don't remain sticky from
  one request to the next.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .25; $DATE="2001-04-10";

+ update ./net_ssl_test to do smart parsing of host, where
  host can now be of the form

+ integrated client cert patches provided by Tobias Manthey,
  creating new config options:

    $ENV{HTTPS_CERT_FILE}  -- file of client certificate
    $ENV{HTTPS_KEY_FILE}   -- file of private key file

  Also support for these options in ./net_ssl_test with these
  -cert  client certificate file
  -key   private key file

  like so:

    ./net_ssl_test -cert=notacacert.pem -key=notacakeynopass.pem -d

  To create simple test cert with openssl:

     /usr/local/openssl/bin/openssl req -config /usr/local/openssl/openssl.cnf -new -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 -x509 -keyout notacakey.pem -out notacacert.pem 
     /usr/local/openssl/bin/openssl rsa -in notacakey.pem -out notacakeynopass.pem

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .24; $DATE="2001-03-09";

 + = improvement; - = bug fix

- local $@ in Net::SSL::DESTROY so we don't kill real errors

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .23; $DATE="2001-03-09";

+ added lwp-ssl-test file for showing LWP code use

+ added -h/-help options & docs to ./net_ssl_test script

+ updated alpha linux patch from Alex Rhomberg to what 
  he originally provided, as it covered -lots case better.

- return undef in Net::SSL::connect() instead of die()
  for better LWP support & error handling.  Still set
  $@ though, consistent with IO::Socket::INET

+ alarm() on Unix platforms around ssl ctx connect, which
  can hang for process for way too long when trying to 
  connect to dead https SSL servers.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .22; $DATE="2001-01-29";

- remove // style comments

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .21; $DATE="2001-01-10";

- AIX build notes correction

+ No reverse lookup for host done for proxying, more 
  efficient.  Reuse of cached PeerAddr name from Net::SSL->new

+ $ENV{HTTPS_VERSION} setting, so a SSL v3 connection can
  be used first, instead of SSLv23.  Documented in README,pod.
  Added support for this to the test program as:
     ./net_ssl_test -v[ersion] 3 

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .19; $DATE="2001-01-07";

+ Added runtime SSL debugging support, was compile time before.
  Trigger with Net::SSL->new(..., SSL_Debug => 1) as in 
  the ./net_ssl_test script run with -d argument.  No
  API for debugging from LWP requests, just for https
  debugging with ./net_ssl_test really.

+ Added support for proxy via $ENV{HTTPS_PROXY} = 
  proxy_host:proxy_port.  Thanks to Bryan Hart for the patch.
  Also basic auth support added & documented.

+ alpha linux ccc support with -lots library added for compile.
  Patch from Alex Rhomberg.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .18; $DATE="2000-11-25";

- created perl/c destructors for the X509 cert for after its
  fetched by Net::SSL.  Crypt::SSLeay seems to run without
  memory leaks now under LWP and Net::SSL.

- Updated Net::SSL::VERSION, bad version last release.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .17; $DATE="2000-09-04";

- got rid of an implicit char* conversion compile warnings 
  for SSL_get_cipher

+ random seeding now occurs with RAND_seed() on random data
  from the C call stack, works more consistently than RAND_load_file
  from Ben's patch.

+ integrated patches from Ben Laurie for better error messaging
  and random seed initialization

+ set_cipher_list initialized from $ENV{CRYPT_SSLEAY_CIPHER}
  where before it was initialized from $ENV{SSL_CIPHER}, patch
  from Ben Laurie, so ENV setting not conflict with Apache-SSL

+ tested POST LWP requests and updated documentation indicating
  that such use is supported  

+ net_ssl_test now checks by default
  which has high uptime so should be fine.

+ first argument to perl must be an absolute path
  for it to be used as default OpenSSL build path

+ define PL_sv_undef symbols for older perls that don't support
  it, alias to sv_undef

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .16; $DATE="2000-02-25";

- changes sv_undef calls to PL_sv_undef, since sv_undef is no 
  longer supported under the latest dev releases of perl 5.0056

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .15; $DATE="1999-11-23";

+ reordered header includes for ActiveState people, likely
  for easier compiling with perl object.

+ Added support for cranky SSLv3 sites.  These are sites
  that don't acknowledge SSLv23 requests, such as:

  So now, the module will try connects to SSL servers in 
  this order: SSLv23, SSLv3, SSLv2

  None of the sites that I tested required only SSLv2 connects, 
  but it is there just in case.

+ using the call SSLeay_add_all_algorithms(); instead of
  SSLeay_add_ssl_algorithms(), because the latter symbol
  was not defined on one person's installation.

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .14; $DATE="1999-10-03";

+ = improvement; - = bug fix

+ added support for RSAref tweaked OpenSSL

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .12; $DATE="1999-09-13";

+ Converted // style comments to /* */ for build
  support of Sun's native cc

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .11; $DATE="1999-08-16";

+ New connection strategy suggested by OpenSSL list,
  first try connecting with SSLv23.  This negotiates
  the more secure SSL3 first, and then downgrades to
  SSLv2 if first unsuccessful.  For buggy servers that
  can't handle the SSLv23 negotiation, Net::SSL then 
  tries a raw SSLv2 connection.

  This method works for all servers tested, and has
  the advantage of tranmitting data via the most secure
  SSL3 method if available.

+ Connects to buggy SSLv2 sites as well as SSLv3
  sites & normal SSLv2 sites.

  Buggy SSLv2:

$MODULE=Crypt::SSLeay; $VERSION = .11; $DATE="1999-08-10";

+ Worked through __umoddi3 undef symbol error 
  for building on Solaris x86.  See README build notes.

+ I try to provide backwards compatible building
  with SSLeay (< v.0.9.2)

+ Will pick up ssl distributions installed at
  /usr/local/openssl, and /usr/local/ssl ... openssl
  headers should be at $SSL_DIR/include/openssl
  for compilation to work, see README for installation hints.

- Added SSL 3.0 support with SSLv3_client_method()
  This method will autonegotiate SSL2 or SSL3,
  and works for web sites that require SSL3

+ Added build support in Makefile.PL for WinNT, MS Visual C++

+ Added support for OpenSSL v.0.9.4 

1998-10-13   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.07

   Applied patch from Andreas Gustafsson <> which
   make this module compile on WinNT with ActivePerl and MS Visual C++.
   For others that try to build on this platform, Andreas also said:

      "In addition to making these source changes, I also had to
      resort to editing the MakeMaker-generated makefile by hand to
      fix various library paths.  Unfortunately, I am not familiar
      enough with either MakeMaker or NT to provide a clean fix for
      this problem."

1998-01-13   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.06 and 0.05
   Fixed test script t/ssl_context.t
   SSL->connect can return 0.  Fixed bug in Net::SSL

1998-01-12   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.04

   Mention depreciation in the README.  Eric's version of the SSLeay
   glue will replace this module (as well as Sampo Kellomaki's Net::SSLeay).

1998-01-11   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.03

   Fixed this file

1998-01-11   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.02

   More text in the README

   Renamed Crypt::SSLeay::Context to Crypt::SSLeay::MainContext

1998-01-10   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 0.01

   Initial release.