Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::UnixCrypt_XS.
0.11	- Alexandr Ciornii provide a patch to fix possible EUMM build problems.
        - Update PPPort.

0.10	- Update PPPort, PERL_UNUSED_DECL is defined in perl 5.18 core and PPPort.

0.09	- Andrew Main (Zefram) patch provides the subroutine bytes_from_utf8, that is missed for perl 5.6.

0.08	- Andrew Main (Zefram) provided a patch to fix a small memmory leak
		introduced in 0.07. Also a new testcase for utf8 data is
0.07	- Andrew Main (Zefram) generously provided a patch to prevent 
		Crypt::UnixCrypt_XS getting confused with UTF8-encoded PV.
	- Guenter Knauf fixed small compile problems for NetWare/Win32
		and other strict C compilers
	- Andrew Main (Zefram) <> generously provided a patch to
		support the "extended DES" crypt scheme from BSD
	- minor doc fixes
	- minor doc fixes
	- doc fixes
	- required perl is 5.6 now

0.01  Tue May  4 18:24:21 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-A -O -n Crypt::UnixCrypt_XS ./Crypt-UnixCrypt_XS/fcrypt/fcrypt.h