Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::X509::CRL.

0.04 Wed Dec 31 2020 gigageek
    - Fixed the 01-validate.t test to correctly fetch the crl files in the /t/ directory
    - Added module to github and added META links to github project

0.03 Wed Dec 23 2020 gigageek
    - Corrected the next_update examples in the POD
    - Added a validate test to confirm handling of errors with known good and bad CRL test files
    - Corrected packaged directory to properly include version number in the directory name
    - Corrected META.yml formatting to address a bug related to building a RPM from the module

0.02 Tue Dec 22 2020 gigageek
    - Updated package files and fixed a reported bug in the new method that casued failures on subsequent calls to new

0.01 Mon Jan 01 2007 gigageek
    - original version: created based on Crypt::X509