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revision 1.997  locked by: corliss;
date: 2002/11/14 18:22:59;  author: corliss;  state: Exp;  lines: +124 -6
--Added window management array and functions
--POD updates
--Form windows are now set to syncok
--Subforms now return focus to parent form after last widget
revision 1.996  locked by: corliss;
date: 2002/11/04 01:01:46;  author: corliss;  state: Exp;  lines: +293 -105
--Added subform support
--Reworked slightly for new Curses::Widgets internals
--Removed touchwin calls
--Added ALTFBASE for loading subforms from different namespace
All form descendents:
--Adjusted internal geometry calculations to reflect new API behaviour
revision 1.995	locked by: corliss;
date: 2002/10/22 18:21:36;  author: corliss;
--Added support for alternate namespace searching for widgets
--Added form autocenter support for non-derived forms
--Added DONTSWITCH directive to keep focus on the same widget
--Now passing default colours to all the widgets that don't explicitly
  declare thier colours
--Fixed bug in DERIVED forms usage
--Added shift+tab support in execute method
--Updated all dialogs to use Forms autocentering mode
--Updated dialog to use Curses::Widgets::Label instead of writing
  text on its own
--Pod updates
revision 1.993
date: 2002/10/16 07:10:00;  author: corliss;
--Synchronising rev with Curses::Widgets
revision 1.1
date: 2002/10/16 07:07:49;  author: corliss;
Initial revision