Revision history for Perl extension D64::Disk::Dir::Item.

0.08  2023-05-12
    - added verbose mode of printing out formatted disk image directory item,
      which additionally includes file's track and sector values

0.07  2013-03-08
    - fixed "First argument to Readonly must be a reference" compilation error
      for Perl 5.6.2 by extracting a complete list of module constants and
      supplying a backslash over their value assignments (this is needed since
      Readonly has got a slightly different syntax for versions of Perl prior
      to 5.8, because it requires a reference as the first parameter)
    - fixed failing item validation unit-tests for Perl 5.6.2 by forcing an
      integer value into a SV returned from "size" method (file size in sectors)
      which is calculated using multiplication operation, because a scalar value
      of a double type (NV) is always loaded as the result of multiplication for
      versions of Perl prior to 5.8

0.06  2013-03-04
    - bug fixed: printing out a directory item in PETSCII mode was previously
      only spitting out an item data instead of properly formatted disk entry
    - enhanced "type_to_string" subroutine with the possibility of converting
      file type also into PETSCII string representation

0.05  2013-02-23
    - added support for wildcard-based pattern matching of item's filename

0.04  2013-02-17
    - bug fixed: added missing dependency on parent, which is required to import
      Clone module that is used to clone disk directory item object

0.03  2013-02-11
    - added "clone" method that copies an entire D64::Disk::Dir::Item object

0.02  2013-02-09
    - added implementation of "empty" method, which verifies if directory item
      contains information about the actual disk file or not
    - added implementation of "writable" method, which verifies if directory
      item is writable and can be replaced by any new file that would be written
      into disk

0.01  2013-02-02
    - initial version (provides miscellaneous procedures to access and modify
      individual directory entries of D64/D71/D81 disk images)