Revision history for Perl module DBD::DtfSQLmac.

0.1201  Thuesday, March 13, 2001
	- first public release 
0.2201  Saturday, November 10, 2001
	- this module now comes with pre-built shared libraries for both MacPerl 5.2.0r4 (5.004) 
	  and MacPerl 5.6.1 (and higher)
	    * hence added INSTALL.5004 and INSTALL.561
        * hence updated documentation in and
	- added minimum RAM requirements for MacPerl 5.6.1: I recommend at least 11MB of RAM for the  
	  app and 12MB for the tool (more is better :)
	- some fixes to DtfSQL.xs:
	    * malloc() -> New()
	    * free() -> Safefree()
	    * use sv_setuv() for unsigned longs in DtfResGetField()
	- changed all unsupported DBI type constants (i.e. all constants added after 
	  DBI 1.08 incl. SQL_ALL_TYPES !) now trigger an error if used in bind_param() (don't do 
	  that, boys and girls :)	   
	- fixed DESTROY() for a statement handle in (now simply returns undef during
	  global destruction)
	- fixed execute(): values now get bound as string or num by using the $dbh->quote() method;
	  hence, values that need escaping of any special characters should now be handled correctly 
	  (e.g. bind qq{don't} as string: 'don''t')

0.3201  Saturday, April 06, 2002
	- modified Makefile.PL so that this distribution can be installed with the installme.plx
	  droplet under both MacPerl 5.2.0r4 and MacPerl 5.6.1
	- The DBI SQL type constant SQL_BIGINT is no longer supported, since SQL_BIGINT is (temporary?) 
	  omitted/deprecated as of DBI 1.21 (see the DBI 1.21 changes). Note that SQL_BIGINT was formerly 
	  mapped to SQL_INTEGER when used as a type hint, but beginning with this version this mapping is 
	  no longer provided.
	- fixed some typos/formatting issues in the and documentation 
	- the DtfSQL shared libraries for both MacPerl 5.2.0r4 and MacPerl 5.6.1 now have version 
	  resources (so mere mortals can distinguish them :)