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Revision history for Perl extension DBD::Firebird.
1.38 [2024-05-21]
 * fix syntax error boolean fall back implementation (thanks to Robert Scheck)
 * add support for disabling database-level triggers (gh#53)
1.37 [2024-05-20]
 * fall back to sv_setiv when sv_setbool is not available (gh#58)
1.36 [2024-05-19]
 * fix problems with Perl befpre 5.36 and Firebird before 3.0
   (gh#56 and gh#57)
1.35 [2024-05-15]
 * ib2sql_type: ignore nullability bit
 * map Firebird's 64-bit integer type to SQL_BIGINT
 * add support for Firebird's BOOLEAN data type
 * fix a couple of compiler warnings
1.34 [2021-12-05]
 * Fix Firebird paths detection on systems with fb_config available (e.g.
   Debian/Ubuntu). Fixes RT#140139. Thanks to Slaven Rezić.
1.33 [2021-11-9]
 * Do not link with Firebird framework if it does not exist on macOS.
This should fix issue #51.
1.32 [2020-03-11]
 * Add support for COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements #48
1.31 [2017-12-05]
 * Re-release with all tests (some were missing in MANIFEST in 1.30)
1.30 [2017-12-05]
 * remove artificial hard-coded limit of 1_000_000 bytes when fetching BLOB
1.29 [2017-12-02]
 * add /usr/local to the list of possible firebird homes [RT#123723]
 * blob_type needs to be signed to be assigned/compared to -1
 * bpb parameter to isc_open_blob2 is a pointer
 * drop unused column character set definition
1.28 [2017-12-01]
 * Update MANIFEST to include newly added tests
 * add missing items in 1.27 changes
 * correctly check for Test::CheckDeps presense
1.27 [2017-12-01]
 * finish: do not check uninitialised status vector
   If statement type is isc_info_sql_stmt_exec_procedure,
   isc_dsql_free_statement is not called and there is no point checking the
   status vector for errors. An error there may be from a previous call,
   or just plain garbage
   Fixes -- test failure on i386, and, and
 * add 000-check-dependencies.t
 * Makefile.PL: move test dependencies in TEST_REQUIRES
 * fix typo in 1.26 Changes
 * POD: wrap some overly long lines
 * add support for a 'timeout=$secs' parameter [RT#119764]
 * bump years of copyright
 * put fb_api_ver in XS and make it available to both embedded and regular
 * more constants for client version (major/minor/full version string)
1.26 [2017-11-12]
 * TestFirebirdEmbedded: use a temporary directory for firebird locks and
   database storage (RT#123623)
 * fix typo in FirebirdEmbedded
 * detect Firebird API version even when paths are supplied via environment
1.25 [2017-10-01]
 * Add tests for values between 0 and ±1 to bigdecimal[_read].t
 * dbd_st_fetch: fix conversion of numerics between -1 and 0
 * add a variant of t/92_bigdecimal_read.t using numeric(18,10)
1.24 [2016-10-11]
 * Fix 81-event-fork.t to not fail when FirebirdEmbedded is not available [dam]
1.23 [2016-10-10]
 * Avoid compiler warning about implicit declaration of dbd_st_finish_internal
 * Add support for building/testing with Firebird 3 [dam]
 * Fix a couple of typos, thanks to Nick Morrott of Debian Perl Group [dam]
 * Explicitly undef the statement handle in dbi-primary-key-info.t, avoiding
   an error during global destruction [dam]
1.22 [2016-01-30]
 * require Math::BigFloat 1.55 for the 'try' import keyword [dam] (RT#110977)
 * add test for RT#110979 [dam]
 * 40-alltypes.t: replace non-integer numeric comparison with an approximate
   one [dam] (RT#104699)
1.21 [2015-09-24]
 * Update README[.md] [mapopa]
 * Silence 'Missing argument in sprintf' warning on perl 5.22 [ilmari]
 * Add support for the SAVEPOINT statement [Bram Stappers] (RT#107142)
1.20 [2015-04-27]
 * Fix loading DBD::Firebird::TypeInfo with strict/warnings [ilmari]
 * Added installation hint for Fedora, RHEL, CentOS and derivates [robert-scheck]
1.19 [2015-03-22]
 * Fix $VERSION in [mapopa]
 * Fix typo in ISC_PASSWORD spelling [stefbv70]
 * Positive logic and early return [Tux]
 * Allow re-executing/fetch on prepared sth [RT#92810, Tux]
 * Add rests for $dbh->{Name} and others [mjp]
 * Implement $dbh->{Name} [mjp]
 * Fix attributions to Mike Pomraning [mjp]
 * use strict and warnings in all modules [dmn]
 * add a test for inserting/fetching float and double numbers as an attempt to
   reproduce RT#101650 [dmn]
 * fix File::Which configure prerequisite declaration [RT#101672, dmn]
 * 03-dbh-attr.t: plan tests after creating the TestFirebird object [dmn]
 * Buffer Overflow in dbdimp.c [stefan.roas]
 * use snprintf instead of sprintf everywhere [dmn]
1.18 [2014-03-19]
 * a bit more verbose ok() calls in 90-event-ithreads.t
 * disable threaded event tests under AUTOMATED_TESTING
 * Makefile.PL: check for 'ibase.h' presense in potential include dir [Tux]
 * allow empty (but still defined) DBI_PASS/ISC_PASSWORD for tests [Tux]
 * add support for FIREBIRD_DATABASE in tests' environment [Tux]
 * adjust double tests to not fail with -Duselongdouble perl builds [Tux]
 * fix statement attr returns and rework 40-alltypes.t [Tux]
 * update installation notes wrt threaded perl and OpenSUSE [Tux]
 * add missing pointer initialization (RT#92821, Vadim Belov)
 * dbd_st_finish: ignore "cursor already closed" error when closing the cursor
 * dbd_st_execute: finish the statement if still active (RT#92810, HMBRAND)
1.16 [2013-12-02]
 * Implement event objects as blessed scalar refs
 * include event creation/destruction in 60-leaks.t
 * Fix for the reference test for softcommit
 * Update README
 * Fix comment about setting firebird home
 * Add markdown version of the README file
 * Update Makefile.PL removing old platforms
 * test invalid lock resolution with 'throws_ok'
1.15 [2013-09-09]
 * Last release for today :)
 * do not include fb_init/fb_sem in MANIFEST
 * remove fb_sem on clean
 * fix casting to ISC_SHORT/ISC_LONG in ib_fill_isqlda
1.14 [2013-09-09]
 * skip only fork-based tests, and do that when
   DBD_FIREBIRD_TEST_SKIP_EVENTS_FORK is present in the environment [dam]
1.13 [2013-09-09]
 * Bring back 5.8 compatibility [ribasushi]
 * add small delay before triggering events for ib_wait_event
   (80-events-ithreads.t) [dam]
 * skip ib_wait_event tests under AUTOMATED_TESTING [dam]
1.12 [2013-08-15]
 * use fb_config if available for finding firebird directories
 * drop usage of bytes_from_utf8 when feeding character data to firebird
 * Produce sensible POD for DBD::FirebirdEmbedded
 * Make embedded tests actually run when the libs are there (RT#81621)
 * Do not package MYMETA
 * Require Test::Exception that does not break caller()
1.11 [2012-09-25]
 * Test::Exception is required add to notes
 * On freebsd Threaded perl is required you have to re-install perl from ports and you have to select the config option that says 'build a perl with threads'
 * Test database to use UTF8 charset and enable UTF8 for the connection
 * Fix CHAR lenght when using multi-byte character set Fixes #32 (RT#76506)
 * additional debug when finishing already finished statement
 * avoid double destroying of statement in auto-commit mode with DDL Fixes #30 (RT#72946)
1.00 [2012-04-03]
 * t/*event*.t: skip if DBD_FIREBIRD_TEST_SKIP_EVENTS is in the environment
 * preliminary ISQL-like tool using DBD::Firebird
 * implement the ParamValues statement attribute
 * avoid unused return value warning when calling DBIh_EVENT2
 * support Microsoft's compiler and other win32 fixes
 * add Cygwin support
 * add default FB location on OSX to Makefile.PL
 * test for RT#72946 (->do segfault with active sth)
 * Merge pull request #29 from rkitover/master
 * check_and_set_cached_config: fix when test database is in ./
 * Makefile.PL: report '(none)' when some of the firebird directories aren't found
 * Makefile.PL: avoid adding -I"" to compiler command (closes #31)
 * #74517: Adding support for Visual Studio 2010 (10.0) and VS 11.0
0.91 [2011-11-03]
 * fix small typo in POD
 * avoid using croak(char*)
 * fix two cases of format strings != arguments on 32-bit OS
0.90 [2011-11-02]
 * Always pass cleanup test and just warn on failure.
 * Note other authors in the AUTHORS section
 * drop inc/ from .gitignore
 * skip vim swap files
 * ignore *.bs and *.xsi regardless of the directory
 * move test routines in a package (TestFirebird)
 * Build-time generated DBD::FirebirdEmbedded
  + factor-out most of Makefile.PL in inc/
  + enable FirebirdEmbedded only if is available
  + really prevent multiple debugs by dbi_arch_dir
  + compile embedded dbdimp.c with -DEMBEDDED
  + t/cleanup: keep the test configuration file
  + create_test_database: cater for host-less databases (e.g. embedded)
  + rely on the ib_embedded dbh attribute for embedded detection
  + remove generated embedded tests on realclean
  + add test for the ib_embedded dbh attribute
  + print some info about libfbembed availability
  + support DBD_FIREBIRD_REQUIRE_EMBEDDED env. variable
 * create_test_database: set test database forced writes off
 * drop sleeping in ithreads test
 * drop use_libfbembed usage
 * diagnostics on database creation/drop
 * move decoding of status into ib_error_decode
 * implement DBD::Firebird->create_database
 * add DPB_FILL_STRING_LEN macro for when we know the length
 * use the driver instead of isql for creating the test database
 * implement DBD::Firebird->gfix
 * generic create_test_database
 * check_database: rework without ISQL
 * add ib_drop_database function
 * tests: rework database dropping without ISQL
 * rework tests 92 and 94 without ISQL
 * build/test without ISQL
 * db_login6: use determined database length
 * db_login6: fix dbp ingrements for strings and integers
 * db_login/charset: copy only SV content
 * rework populating of DPB
 * db_login6, gfix: abort if DPB length doesn't match projected
 * mark all copied/mangled files for embedded as such
 * fix a format string warning on 32-bit CPUs
 * Fix comment about MS platform requirement.
 * avoid using warn(char*)
0.80 [2011-10-03]
 * Reimplement bind_param_array without calling bind_param calling bind_param is not necessary as we ignore $attr anyway it also causes problems when the column has non-NULL constraint this makes bind_param_array work again. Fixes RT 54561
 * Append $Config{ccflags} to CCFLAGS This makes it possible for binary distributions to rebuild the module if perl's $Config{ccflags} is changed for whatever reason. Without this appending, binary compatibility can't be guaranteed.
 * Fix test skipping in t/75-utf8t and t/dbi-rowcount.t
 * Add support for 'gnukfreebsd' platform This is the FreeBSD kernel with GNU userland. For our needs, this is identical
    to 'freebsd' and 'linux'.Closes Debian bug
 * Define is_ascii_string for perls before 5.12.0 RC1 Fixes #23
 * Cleanup temp files at the end of tests.
 * Client only testing using the interactive test setup. Add host parameter to dns.
 * Simplified condition to test the DB path.

0.70 [2011-09-26]
 * docs cleanup
  + use standard ROWS alternative to Mysql LIMIT
  + In firebird 2.5.x standard way is to use sequences
  + dialects cleanup
 * tests-setup: avoid passing credentials on the command line
 * link with libfbembed if given a special environment variable
 * fix missing database check during tests
 * t/81-event-fork.t when linked with libfbembed
 * implement add ib_enable_utf8 dynamic attribute
 * remove $Id$ markers from CVS/Subversion
 * add test for RT#55244
 * 47-nulls.t: ensure inserting undef in a non-null field fails
 * fix $dbh->do() and $sth->execute() to properly return the number of affected

0.60 [2011-09-18]
 * Drop support for Firebird 1.0 and earlier
 * Default dialect set to 3
 * Fix ping() for Firebird 2.5+
 * fix compiler warnings:
  + use printf formats matching the arguments
  + use 0 instead of NULL where an integer is expected
  + allocate XSQLDA as char array
  + fix conversion of decimal(x,y) to string
 * use the decoded milliseconds when formatting times (also fixes a warning)
 * do not link with on linux
 * fix joined lines in reserved words list
 * add new keywords for Firebird 2.5 (part of #12)
 * Removed restrictions on distribution
 * Readme cleanup
 * Build system:
  + Major overhaul by Stefan Suciu
  + prefer fbsql over isql
  + look also for isql-fb, used by Debian
  + add /usr as a possible fb_HOME
  + skip database tests inless DBI_PASS or ISC_PASSWORD is present
  + Added isql path to values shown by the script
  + check if found isql-like executale comes from firebird
 * Tests
  + prepend default test database path with localhost:
  + check database path only if local
  + bigdecimal.t: use strings to avoid conversion to floats

0.55 [2011-06-24]
June 24,2011 - mariuz
* added osx patches and various Makefile.PL cleanups 

June 23,2011 - mariuz+stefan
* made it to compile with perl 5.14 (old defines cleanup)
* alternative Makefile.PL with no questions asked (with default paths)

Jan 21, 2011 - mariuz+stefan
* make it work with strawberry perl 
* cleanup , no support for old compiler bcc and sco
* no suport for interbase , we use only firebird 
Mar 26, 2010 - mjp
* Fix corrupted representation of high-scale NUMERIC/DECIMAL values
  (t/scale.t) (RT#55841)

Mar 13, 2010 - mjp
* DBI compliance/changes
  - table_info() accepts specifiers
  - tables() now returns quotes identifiers
  - primary_key_info() supported
* t/31prepare.t adapt test to modern DBI (RT#53671)
* t/62timeout.t work around "object in use" failure on Firebird 2.1 (RT#53904)
* respect and document $ENV{ISC_DATABASE} (RT#53997)
* .../InterBase/ shorten SQL_DRIVER_NAME (RT#53674)
* Makefile.PL Allow local, remote and aliased db specifications during build (RT#55530)
* InterBase.xs, dbdimp.[ch] Switch to perlclib(1) equivalents of memory and
string management functions (addresses RT#49896)

Jan 08, 2008 - edpratomo
* maintenance release: 0.48
* fixed link problem when using perl-5.6.x (undefined PERL_UNUSED_VAR)
* prepare_cached() now works. added t/31prepare.t
* some code cleanup (compiler warnings suppressed)
* t/81event-fork.t now checks signal availability

May 20, 2007 - edpratomo
* fixed retval from ib_set_tx
* removed debug output from ib_tx_info

Oct 25, 2006 - edpratomo
* added ib_tx_info()
* added t/91txinfo.t
* added skip check for t/80event-ithreads.t if Perl version older than 5.8.8
* updated MANIFEST

Oct 24, 2006 - edpratomo
* fixed some croaks in InterBase.xs
* safer t/62timeout.t and t/90dbinfo.t

Oct 23, 2006 - edpratomo
* added support for wait timeout
* added -Wall and some warnings fixes
* dbkey_scope defaults to 0. configurable.
* added active_tran_count and creation_date req items for ib_database_info()
* added tests for ib_database_info() and wait timeout

Oct 14, 2006 - edpratomo
* applied patches from Michael Moehle for 64 bit platform
* added backward compatibility
* ib_error_check() reworked, with fb_interpret()

Sep 12, 2005 - edpratomo
* cleaned warnings when compiled with gcc-4.0

Sep 11, 2005 - edpratomo
* removed unused event state
* renewed dbd_init(); DBIh_EVENT2 call and DBIS were removed.
  perl -pi.old -e
    's/DBI_TRACE\((\d),\s*?\(DBILOGFP, ("[^"]+".*)\)\);/DBI_TRACE_imp_xxh(imp_xyz, $1, (DBIc_LOGPIO(imp_xyz), $2));/' 
     InterBase.xs dbdimp.c
  followed by manual tweaking
* triggers cleanup in t/8[01]event-*.t

Sep 10, 2005 - edpratomo
* Updates to documentation regarding bugs, faq, and event
* fixed $how_many in t/81event-fork.t
* was regenerated using easysoft's firebird odbc driver,
  unixodbc, DBI::DBD::Metadata, and DBD::ODBC, of course
* was generated as well, and added to MANIFEST
* t/40alltypes.t, t/40datetime.t, t/41numeric.t now use find_new_table()

Sep 8, 2005 - edpratomo
* FAQ was moved into main documentation, maintaining docs at separate
  places is difficult
* and Bundle were removed from MANIFEST. Bundle is not necessary.

Sep 4, 2005 - edpratomo
* fixed segfault when destroying event handles in multithreaded app
* increased DBI version in Makefile.PL
* added t/80event-ithreads.t, t/81-event-fork.t, uses Test::More
* updated documentation

Aug 31, 2005 - edpratomo
* cleaned warnings about unused variables, different signedness
* make it compile with old gcc 2.96
* increased required DBI version - 1.41

Aug 30, 2005 - edpratomo
* manually applied patch sf #1042790 by freeduke for dbdimp.c to support
  InterBase 7. typecasting changes are skipped.
* major changes to event API
* manually applied patch sf #1068671 by dstreifert

Aug 8, 2005 - edpratomo
* fixed bug sf #1171702 (memory leak when doing TM type timestamp)

Jan 14, 2005 - danielritz
* better error handling for blobs
* 30insertfetch.t, 40blobs.t with more tests
* prevent a possible buffer overflow in date handling
* don't accept blob bind param for SELECT statement
* remove pointless 'ib_cursorname' attribute. DBD does it automatically

Nov 26, 2004 - danielritz
* add CLONE() method to support threads
* update test scripts for newer DBI

Mar 3, 2004 - edpratomo
* make bind value with blessed scalar work again

Feb 25, 2004 - edpratomo
* Fixed memory write error in dbd_db_login6()
* update doc

Dec 6, 2003 - edpratomo
* Makefile.PL now works with remote test db
* Added $sth->func('ib_plan')
* Updated doc
* $sth->execute() now returns correct row count values for non-select stmt

Nov 19, 2003 - edpratomo
* Fixed bug #844954

Nov 16, 2003 - danielritz
* Make it work with Firebird 1.5

May 20, 2003 - edpratomo
* Fixed problem in ib_init_event() in filling IB_EVENT->names, caused segfault during destruction.
* Added skipping reason in t/60leaks.t

July 25, 2002 - danielritz
* cleanups, speedups

July 18, 2002 - edpratomo
* fixes by Sergey Skvortsov:
  - fix INT64 for FreeBSD
  - fix for ib_role parsing

July 18, 2002 - danielritz
* %lld as standard format for INT64

July 8, 2002 - danielritz
* numeric fixes for negative values like -0.9

July 1, 2002 - danielritz
* trace message can be deactivated

June ?, 2002 - danielritz
* fixes for ib event 
* more cleanups, IB5 fixes

June ?, 2002 - edpratomo
* initial support for ib event

May ?, 2002 - danielritz
* fix EXECUTE PROCEDURE w/o return values
* compile fixes for IB5
* rollback can do isc_rollback_retaining
* cleanups

April 22, 2002 - danielritz
* fix EXECUTE PROCEDURE statments data fetching

April 5, 2002 - edpratomo
* Switching AutoCommit attribute now also affects active softcommit flags.

April 4, 2002 - edpratomo, danielritz
* Added ib_softcommit attribute, isc_commit_retaining now needs to be enabled
  explicitly by users. 

April 4, 2002 - danielritz
* Added set_tx_param() with no param which now resets TPB.

April 4, 2002 - edpratomo
* Updated t/40cursoron.t, t/70nestedon.t to use ib_softcommit
* Makefile.PL code indented properly, now load dbd_dbi_arch_dir() only once, 
  now prompts with directory name, `make clean` cleans trace.txt
* Updated documentation in and
* Changed the semantic of -reserving in set_tx_param(), now uses hashref
  instead of arrayref.
* Fixed warnings when compiled with DBI >= 1.20
* Ilya addressed bug #429820 and some bug in sth_ddl.

February 14, 2002 - ilyaverlinsky
* fix DATE, TIME, TIMESTAP problem

February 8, 2002 - ilyaverlinsky
* fix sth_ddl not always being reset

February 2, 2002 - danielritz
* faster  blob write code

January 30, 2002 - danielritz
* updated numeric handing code
* fixed blob code

January 29, 2002
* Fixed wrong value stored through bind param if numeric(*, 0)
* Added t/41numeric.t for exhaustive test on INT64 type.
* Updated version number in FAQ (danielritz)
* Change acceptable oldest perl version in

January 28, 2002
* Fixed incorrect precision number in INT64 values and now locale-aware.
* changed version number in
* Applied a patch to type_info_all by Christian Lademann
* Removed trailing precision if INT64 value is an integer.

December 2001, by danielritz
* no longer start a default transaction on init
* set_tx_param in AutoCommit mode commits any changes, starts a new
  transcation using updated TPB; all open statement handles are closed!
* include Pavel Zheltouhov <> patch for table reservation
* only allow to set each param once in set_tx_param
* use SvPV_nolen where no len is required in set_tx_param
* fix ChopBlanks on Sun Sparc
* close all open statment handles on rollback
* close all open statements before commit (AutoCommit = 0)
* close all open statements before commit if sth_dll > 0 (AutoCommit = 1)
* manage statement handles with double linked list
* always set imp_dbh->tr = 0L after isc_commit_transcation or isc_rollback_transaction
* ib_commit_transaction uses isc_commit_retaining in AutoCommit mode
* fix possible buffer overflow in dbd_db_login6
* don't waste some bytes of memory (dbd_db_login6)
* fix $dbh->table_info didn't show views correctly
* big update in coding style
* cleanups

November 2001, by danielritz
* handle numberic bind params with values such as .7 passed as string
* int64 support for microsoft visual c++
* fix: numeric with bind and negative values stored wrong

August 1 2001
* fix set_tx_param crashes perl, by danielritz
* always rollback open transactions on disconnect (see source), by danielritz

July 24 2001
* fix in bind_param for numeric values, by danielritz

July 15 2001
* fix repeated execute() in AutoCommit mode, by danielritz

July 13 2001
* Fix for compile with ActiveState Build 626+ and BCC, by danielritz
* Fix to fetching blob field with zero maximum segment length

June 12 2001
* Fixed to buffer overflow in ib_fill_isqlda, by danielritz.
* Fixed to problem with DATE and TIMESTAMP fields, by danielritz.

June 7 2001
* Added PatchBCC by danielritz
* Fixed problem with repeatable use with blob field.

May 2 2001
* Fixed memory leak in bind param.

April 19 2001
* Fix to dbdimp.h by danielritz. 
* Nullify var->sqldata and tpb_buffer when cleaning up. 

April 18 2001
* Now works correctly with negative INT64 values

March 24 2001
* Added private method set_tx_param() for controlling transaction parameters
* More robust execute()
* Added more tests
* Easier `make test`. Now allows user to specify test database, as well as 
  username, and password to connect. 
  The test database creation is automated, if it doesn't exist.
* Clean compile with MSVC. But in Windows, there's bug with BLOB fields.

January 22 2001
* Memory leak problem fixed
* Added Flemming's submitted patch to zero sqlda before being used.
* SQL dialect 1 now can access timestamp field. 
* Lighter, faster $dbh->ping(). I hope this is more stable, as well.

Sept 27 2000
* Replace isc_commit_retaining() with isc_commit_transaction. Flemming
  suspected this as the source of some deadlock problem.
* Fixed dbd_db_rollback(). Now no longer starts a new transaction after

Aug 30 2000
* Patch to of DBI-1.14, fixes a subtle bug of fetchall_arrayref().
  The patched DBI allows DBD::InterBase to work with DBIx::Tree 0.91. Cool!
* Moving to InterBase/

Aug 28 2000
* $sth->{NAME} now return column alias, if any.

Aug 22 2000
* Fixed _OdbcParse() in, to connect to remote host incl.

Aug 19 2000
* $sth->rows() now returns the number of fetched rows, for SELECT, otherwise
  returns - 1 (unknown).

Aug 18 2000
* starting a transaction (automatic or not) is more robust, now it reuses an
  active transaction handle, instead of overridding it with a new one, leaving
  the previous one "immortal" (because the previous transaction handle is no
  longer kept!)

Aug 16 2000
* Fix $dbh->do() method for usage with placeholders.
* Added support for CursorName attrib
* more robust commit with AutoCommit on

Aug 13 2000
* Added datatype values conversion routine between InterBase internal
  values and DBI/ISO/ANSI/ODBC values
* Fixed tables() method, now correctly removes the trailing blank spaces
* Tested to 100% compliant with DBIx::Recordset (0.21)!

Aug 12 2000
* more informative error message
* fix ping() method. Now not die if RaiseError => 1

July 29 2000
* AutoCommit attribute handling:

- in dbd_login6():
simply turns on imp_dbh->init_commit = 1

- in db_STORE_attrib() :
if init_commit == 1:
if AutoCommit turned On: do nothing.
if AutoCommit turned Off: start a new default transaction, stored in

if init_commit == 0:
if AutoCommit turned On: commit changes.
if AutoCommit turned Off: start a new default transaction, stored in 

Before returning, init_commit is reset to 0.