Revision history for Perl extension DBD::Ldap.

0.01 Fri Jun 06 13:00:55 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18
0.02 Thu Jun 07
	- Changed name from "DBD::Ldap" to "DBD::LDAP".
0.03 Tue Jun 12
	- Fixed bug that produced error if last attribute was null for any of 
	  the records returned by a search.  Removed lots of commented-out code.
	- Changed datatype from "VARCHAR" (12) to "LONG" (-1).
	- 1st release to CPAN!
0.04 Fri Aug 10
    - Fixed bug involving autocommit on statements containing "select" in data. 
      Caught by Simon Elliott, Thanks!
0.05 Mon Sep 17
	- Fixed "ldap_..." attributes to work, ie. "ldap_firstonly" did not work.
	  Also made "ldap_firstonly" to allow values > 1 to limit number of 
	  returned valued to that number.  Previously, =1 ment 1 value, =0 ment 
	  all values.
0.06 Fri Jun 27
	- Fixed Makefile.PL bug in Perl 5.8+ where make would fail with something 
	  like "Can't use string ("*.xsi") as a HASH ref...".  Thanks to everyone 
	  who reported this.
0.07 Sun Mar 14 2004
	- Add compatability with Class::DBI and Netscape LDAP Server (added 
	  patches by jmorano per bug#12269 and 12270 in  NOTE:  
	  Type VARCHAR is now 12 instead of -1.
0.08 Wed Jul 19 2006
	- Stop appending base DN (2nd field in the table definition line) 
	  to the base insert attributes (5th field in the table definition line) 
	  per request / patch by R.K. Owen.  The attribute "ldap_appendbase2ins" 
	  was added for backward compatablility.  If set to 1, then pre-0.08 
	  behaviour is used.  I couldn't find a case where this was ever actually 
	  used, but if anyone needs it, then set this attribute in the "connect" 
	  call.  Default is zero (new behavior - no append).
0.09 Tue Oct 24 2006
	- Cause execute() to return "0E0" instead of raising a -402 error for 
	  "No matching Records" (which is not an error).  This fix was made in 
	  DBD::Sprite many moons ago, but never made it here.  Thanks to 
	  R. K. Owen for catching this.
0.10 Wed Sep 9 2009
	- Fix bug that caused queries with 3 or more operands in a where 
	  clause without parenthesis to generate invalid filters, ie:
	  "where a and b and c".  Also added "o" option to numerous regices 
	  that do not contain variables to optimize for speed.
0.21 Thu Nov 5 2009
	- Fix bug that prevented query field data from containing escaped single 
	  quotes.  Note:  Perl generally requires a double-backslash to 
	  preceed the quote in order to pas the escape on to LDAP.
	- Fix "warning" issue where "AutoCommit" was reported as not being 
	  implemented in the driver, particularly when "-w" (Perl warnings 
	  turned on).
	- Improved general error-message reporting, particulary by connect(), 
	  prepare(), and execute() functions.
	- Changed the call to Net::LDAP's get() function to get_value() per 
	  patch by Gab. Korsani.  Thanks Gab, and also for providing me with 
	  a working LDAP server to test against!
	- Added DBI's "primary_key_info" query.
	- Fixed unimplemented, but valid SQL "create table", "alter table", and 
	  "drop table" calls to return zero instead of error.
	- Optimized many regices.
	- Fixed some minor issues with AutoCommit - when AutoCommit is OFF, and 
	  one exits without calling commit(), anything done since the previous 
	  commit() call should now be rolled back.
	- TYPE and PRECISION, etc. data are now properly returned (as 
	  VARCHAR(255)) for all fields.
	- POD Documentation changes (patch provided by Michael R. Davis) to 
	  polish up the indentation, etc.  Thanks, Michael.
0.23 Fri Feb 1 2019
	- Add DBI to prerequisites (adresses bug#128038) & clean up Makefile.PL.
0.24 Sat Feb 2 2019
	- Remove CONFIGURE section, add CONFIGURE_REQUIRES in Makefile.PL
	  to further address bug#128038.
	- Make dbd_postamble to actually work
	- tweak (remove unneeded "require DBI" stmt).
	- update META.yml
1.00 Mon Feb 4 2019
	- Fix $dbh->connect() method to not apply login-rule parameter if user-name 
	  is a full DN but still append <ROOT> if it's a relative (single-pair) DN.
	  This addresses bug#127341.
	- Make sure blank user-name field is converted to empty in $dbh->connect().
	- Tweak docs and add examples to better explain user-name and login-rule 
	  parameters and the $dbh->connect() method to also address bug#127341.
	- Take the plunge and rename this to v1.00 just for marketing purposes!