Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader

0.07051 - 2022-11-23
        - Make defaulting primary key columns retrieve_on_insert for Pg (GH#28)

0.07050 - 2022-11-20

        - Revert inlining of String::CamelCase::wordsplit() (RT#125929)
        - Do not require MooseX::MarkAsMethods with only_autoclean=1 (GH#21)
        - Exclude tables in the Oracle Recycle Bin (RT#128149)

0.07049 - 2018-03-21
        - Fix tests when the path to perl has spaces in it (GH#19)
        - Inline String::CamelCase::wordsplit() due to RT#123030 (RT#124822)
        - Get enum values from DBD::Pg if it's new enough
        - Remove dependency on DBIx::Class::IntrospectableM2M

0.07048_01 - 2018-02-23
        - Convert from Module::Install to ExtUtils::MakeMaker + Distar (GH#17)

0.07048  2018-01-20
        - Fix for PostgreSQL enums not in the schema search path (RT#123234)
        - Fix 'default now()' test for PostgreSQL v10
        - Work around incompatible change in Hash::Merge (GH#16)
        - Fix skip count for non-InnoDB MySQL test

0.07047  2017-05-26
        - Avoid upcoming DBIC warning on implicit SELECT * invocation
        - Improve moniker_map and col_accessor_map coderef documentation (GH#7)
        - Improve exclude and constraint documentation (GH#12)
        - Fix running Makefile.PL without '.' in @INC (RT#121905)

0.07046  2016-09-05
        - Introspect view definitions for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle,
          Firebird, and InterBase.
        - When a file's md5sum was wrong but no other content in the file had
          changed, it would not be rewritten even when overwrite_modifications
          was true. Fixed by Dave Rolsky. GH #8.

0.07045  2016-01-22
        - Regenerate tarball without author-mode test dependencies

0.07044  2016-01-22
        - Fix Pg date/time types with zero fractional second digits
        - Add support for nested hashref form of col_accessor_map

0.07043  2015-05-13
        - Fix many_to_many bridges with overlapping foreign keys
        - Add option to allow extra columns in many_to_many link tables
        - Document how to add perltidy markers via filter_generated_code
        - Fix DB2 foreign-key introspection
        - Remove dependency on List::MoreUtils and Sub::Name
        - Ensure schema files are generated as binary files on Windows
        - Fix overwrite_modifications not overwriting if the table hasn't changed
        - Filter out disabled constraints and triggers for Oracle (GH#5)

0.07042  2014-08-20
        - Fix unescaped left braces in regexes in tests
        - Use undef instead of '%' for the table and type arguments
          to $dbh->tables (fixes breakage with DBD::Pg 3.4.0)

0.07041  2014-08-09
        - Fix many_to_many bridges going back to the same table
        - Don't disconnect after ->load in static mode
          (fixes Pg test failure with the upcoming DBIC 0.082800)
        - Set up Travis smoking (mostly stolen from DBIC)

0.07040  2014-05-27
        - Add options to omit the version and timestamp from the
          generated code (RT#92300)
        - Skip dumping unique indexes with expressions (RT#93613)
        - Fix dumping unique indexes with DBD::Pg < 1.50
        - Fix inconsistent naming of duplicate unique constraints
        - Avoid clobbering caller's $_ (RT#96010)

0.07039  2014-01-06
        - Fix table listing with DBD::DB2 >= 1.85 (RT#91764)
        - Add accessor for the list of (re)generated classes
        - Add dry-run mode for static schema creation

0.07038  2013-11-20
        - Allow coderef maps to call back into the hashref mapping code
        - Fix MySQL column info detection with multiple schemas (RT#82358)
        - Fix skip count for Oracle multi-schema tests
        - Actually test data types that require separate tables
        - Fix national character type sizes on DBD::Oracle >= 1.52
        - Fix detection of qualified sequence names for Oracle (RT#90341)

0.07037  2013-10-30
        - Allow overriding individual moniker parts

0.07036_04 2013-10-24
        - Set table_class to DBIx::Class::ResultSource::View for views, in
          supported backends (SQLite, MySQL, and Pg) (

0.07036_03 2013-10-22
        - Restore support for PostgreSQL 8.3 (RT#87291)
        - Fix t/23dumpmore on perl 5.8.8 and earlier
        - Silence warnings from pure-perl Cwd::abs_path()

0.07036_02 2013-09-25
        - Skip many_to_many bridges involving might_have relationships

0.07036_01 2013-08-11
        - Fix typos in POD and comments (RT#87644)
        - Don't ship MYMETA.* files (RT#87713)
        - Fix many_to_many bridges involving might_have relationships
        - Allow specifying custom attributes for many_to_many bridges
        - Allow specifying the separator when joining database, schema
          and table names to form a moniker
        - Allow using all the moniker parts in hashref moniker_map
        - Allow matching all the moniker parts in constraint/exclude

0.07036  2013-07-08
        - Fix stray comma in Pg on_delete/on_update => CASCADE (RT#84706)
        - Fix MySQL enums with empty strings and leading/trailing quotes (RT#86091)
        - Fix "table" parameter in col_accessor_map callback (RT#84050)
        - Fix ordering issues in Pg loader

0.07035  2013-02-26
        - Release 0.07034_01 with a stable version number. 0.07034 is
          skipped due to the improper dev release versioning.

0.07034_01  2013-01-21
        - Fix fixture generation helper to work with older DBD::SQLite versions

0.07034_01  2013-01-16
        - MSSQL: on > 2000 use schema_name() instead of user_name() to detect
          current schema and query sys.schemas instead of sysusers.
        - SQL Anywhere: introspect ON DELETE/UPDATE rules, default is now
          RESTRICT. is_deferrable still defaults to 1
        - rewrite pg fk introspection to use catalog views instead of
          information_schema as information_schema does not work for readonly
        - add rel_type param for relationship_attrs coderef
        - pass link table details to rel_name_map for many_to_many bridges (RT#81091)

0.07033  2012-09-09 16:11:47
        - more thoroughly document the new behavior for relationship attributes
          under "relationship_attrs" in ::Base POD
        - add a loud WARNING to Makefile.PL about the new behavior for
          relationship attributes

0.07032  2012-09-09 13:17:20
        - SQLite: detect is_deferrable for inline FKs
        - support coderefs for relationship_attrs

0.07031  2012-09-06 15:07:08
        - fix 02pod.t failure due to lack of =encoding utf8 statement (patch by
          Marcel Gruenauer) (RT#79481)

0.07030  2012-09-06 03:27:09
        - allow user to set qualify_objects=0 in multischema configurations

0.07029  2012-09-05 16:41:56
        - Oracle: introspect ON DELETE and DEFERRABLE FK clauses
        - Oracle WARNING: on_delete is now 'NO ACTION' by default, not
          'CASCADE'. on_update is now 'NO ACTION' by default (Oracle does not
          have update rules, this was done to preserve the behavior of the
          schema when cross-deploying to SQLite.) is_deferrable is now
          0 by default, not 1.
        - DB2: introspect ON DELETE/UPDATE FK clauses
        - DB2 WARNING: the default for on_delete/on_update is now 'NO ACTION'
          not 'CASCADE', the default for is_deferrable is still 1 because DB2
          does not have deferrable constraints.
        - SQLite: introspect ON DELETE/UPDATE and DEFERRABLE FK clauses
        - SQLite WARNING: the default for on_delete/on_update is now 'NO ACTION'
          not 'CASCADE', and the default for is_deferrable is now 0 not 1.

0.07028  2012-08-30 05:32:42
        - MSSQL: introspect ON DELETE/UPDATE clauses for foreign keys
        - MSSQL WARNING: the default for on_delete/on_update is now 'NO ACTION'
          not 'CASCADE'.

0.07027  2012-08-26 22:39:45
        - PostgreSQL: introspect ON DELETE/UPDATE clauses for foreign keys and
          the DEFERRABLE clause.
        - PostgreSQL WARNING: the default for on_delete/on_update attributes for
          belongs_to relationships is now 'NO ACTION' not 'CASCADE! The default
          for is_deferrable is now 0 not 1.

0.07026  2012-08-26 01:01:26
        - MySQL: introspect ON DELETE/UPDATE clauses for foreign keys.
        - MySQL WARNING: the default on_delete/on_update attributes for
          belongs_to relationships is now RESTRICT, *NOT* CASCADE! This is
          overridable via the relationship_attrs option.

0.07025  2012-06-08 22:48:05
        - support SQL Server 2000 again (broken in 0.07011)
        - some slight optimization for SQL Server driver

0.07024  2012-05-08 15:35:16
        - work around broken keyseq in DBD::Pg foreign_key_info (RT#77062)

0.07023  2012-05-05 11:44:15
        - properly order FK columns when using base ::DBI loader (SineSwiper)
        - bump Class::Inspector dep to 1.27 due to test failures with earlier
          versions on perl >= 5.15.7 (RT#74236)

0.07022  2012-04-08 12:11:00
        - do separate queries for default_value on Sybase ASE as some servers
          can't join to that table (pcmantz) (RT#74170)
        - set correct size for nchar/nvarchar columns for Sybase ASE,
          depending on @@ncharsize

0.07021  2012-04-04 23:47:34
        - use ::Schema::connect instead of ::Schema::connection in
          make_schema_at (RT#74175)
        - register sources on the schema class, never the instance, regardless
          of how the connection is made for dynamic schemas

0.07020  2012-03-31 21:34:06
        - fix some mro issues under perl 5.8

0.07019  2012-03-28 17:23:09
        - fix some errors due to case issues (RT#75805)

0.07018  2012-03-27 05:55:10
        - skip dbicdump tests on Win32 due to test fails (RT#75732)
        - fix undefined warnings for DBDs without schemas
        - work around ORA-24345 from $dbh->column_info
        - fix spelling mistake in Base POD (RT#74796)

0.07017  2012-02-07 07:23:48
        - *EXPERIMENTAL* support for dumping PostgreSQL schemas inside of a
        - use DBI table_info/column_info REMARKS field if/where available for
          table/column comments (SineSwiper)
        - better compatibility with more DBDs (SineSwiper)

0.07015  2011-12-09 10:36:17
        - generate many_to_many bridges for targets of link tables

0.07014  2011-11-18 17:06:34
        - fix a bug in the automatic multischema clashing moniker disambiguation
          code that overwrote $loader->moniker_parts

0.07013  2011-11-17 23:12:47
        - automatically prefix database/schema to clashing monikers for
          the same table name in multischema configurations

0.07012  2011-11-09 15:16:29
        - as of 0.07011 all callbacks receive a ::Loader::Table or
          interface-compatible object instead of the table name, this object
          stringifies to the table name (RT#72260)
        - fix a bug in dynamic schema_base_class/schema_components
          implementation that ran the connection method twice on subsequent
        - use a temp file for filter_generated_code with a string program name
          instead of IPC::Open2, which hangs on Win32 (RT#72226)
        - previous version referred to the wrong RT# for the uniq_to_primary
          change, it is actually (RT#51696)

0.07011  2011-11-01 09:00:00
        - add -I option to dbicdump
        - do not delete default custom content comment and ending 1; from custom
          content in files that are being renamed (RT#70507)
        - use MooseX::MarkAsMethods instead of namespace::autoclean for the
          use_moose option, this protects operator overloads, only_autoclean
          option added for the old behavior
        - add experimental naming=v8 mode with better CamelCase identifier
          support, relationship naming and conversion of non-identifier chars
        - add naming => { force_ascii => 1 } option for Unicode database names
        - implement schema_base_class and schema_components for dynamic and
          working schemas
        - remove dependency on File::Slurp
        - allow the constraint and exclude options to be used simultaneously
        - fix Oracle multi-db_schema unique detection (RT#70851)
        - fix Oracle common tests fail with multi_schema due to not resetting
          the preserve_case option after the preserve_case tests (RT#70829)
        - handle <type> DEFAULT NULL for Pg
        - handle boolean DEFAULT 0::boolean for Pg
        - config file support for dbicdump script (alnewkirk)
        - added filter_generated_code option (RT#53841)
        - generic table and column comments support
        - MySQL table and column comments support
        - support DOS line endings on *nix and *nix line ending on Win32
        - add quiet option
        - $schema->loader is now a public method
        - add schema_components option
        - sort relationships so they always come out in the same order
        - also sort unique constraints so they always come out in the same order
        - multi db_schema support with cross-schema rels (RT#39478)
        - added moniker_parts option for name clashes in multi db_schema setups
        - add rel_name_map option
        - fix the decimal data type for MS Access over ODBC
        - fix enum/set detection for MySQL (RT#68717)
        - fix is_nullable detection on MS Access
        - remove '$table has no primary key' warning
        - added uniq_to_primary option to promote unique keys to primary keys
        - support arrayrefs for result_namespace and resultset_namespace
        - add naming => { monikers => 'preserve' } or 'singular'/'plural' to
          control moniker inflection (RT#44935)
        - add naming => { column_accessors => 'preserve' } to not normalize
          CamelCase column names to lower case for accessors (RT#64668)
        - support quoted PostgreSQL schema names with special chars (RT#64766)
        - automatically turn on quoting for MySQL (RT#60469)
        - become utf8-aware (RT#67920)
        - handle duplicate relationship names (RT#64041)
        - fix a bug in Sybase ASE foreign key detection
        - generate POD for result_base_class, additional_classes,
          additional_base_classes, left_base_classes, components,
          result_components_map, result_roles, result_roles_map, unique
          constraints, set_primary_key and table
        - rename result_component_map to result_components_map (old name still
        - fix accessor collision detection for methods from
          result_components_map components
        - add result_roles and result_roles_map options
        - fix for mysql rel detection in mixed-case tables on mixed-case
          filesystems (OSX and Windows)
        - support for DBD::Firebird
        - support for unicode Firebird data types
        - handle "use warnings FATAL => 'all';" in custom/external content
        - for dynamic schemas, if the naming option is set, will automatically
          turn on use_namespaces=1 as well. Set use_namespaces=0 to disable
          this behavior (RT#59849)

0.07010  2011-03-04 08:26:31
        - add result_component_map option

0.07009  2011-02-25 11:06:51
        - fix a syntax error in MS Access ADO driver

0.07008  2011-02-25 01:54:43
        - rename column_accessor_map to col_accessor_map, the old alias still
        - support MSSQL over DBD::ADO
        - support for MS Access over DBD::ODBC and DBD::ADO

0.07007  2011-02-15 10:00:07
        - bump DBIx::Class dep to 0.08127
        - fix MSSQL data types for native client and EasySoft driver

0.07006  2011-02-01 02:18:32
        - turn unloading of RelBuilder temp classes back on, now with proper
          check for class existance using Class::Inspector->loaded
        - bump up dep on namespace::clean to avoid breakage with earlier
          versions (RT#65149)

0.07005  2011-01-25 23:07:55
        - support extra connect_info options like quote_char for dbicdump
        - fix breakage on perl 5.8.x related to unloading temporary classes

0.07004  2011-01-24 03:43:05
        - fix bug with result class methods being cached on in a closure instead
          of the object, which breaks for multiple dynamic schemas in a single
          perl instance

0.07003  2011-01-21 06:43:05
        - fix relname/method collisions (RT#62648)
        - fix fully qualified component classes (RT#62624)
        - improve sybase/mssql db_schema detection
        - remove MooseX::NonMoose from Schema files under use_moose=1
        - better _tables_list for Sybase ASE
        - add datetime_undef_if_invalid => 1 for MySQL datetime data types
          (RT#64820) This behavior can be turned off by passing
          datetime_undef_if_invalid=0 as a loader option
        - added column_accessor_map option
        - Preserve relationship names when redumping and another FK is added
        - Remove resultset_components as ResultSetManager is deprecated
        - Fix a fail when very old Moose/CMOP is installed
        - Added warning for column-accessor collisions, doc section in ::Base
          ("COLUMN ACCESSOR COLLISIONS") and the col_collision_map option.
        - Handle column accessor collisions with UNIVERSAL methods
        - Generate custom_type_name hint for PostgreSQL enums, as used
          by very recent SQL::Translator
        - Added support for PostgreSQL enum types
        - Added table/column comment support for Oracle
        - Fix missing require (RT#62072)

0.07002  2010-09-11 01:48:00
        - Properly detect a schema loaded with use_moose on subsequent
        - Die with a sensible message when a schema loaded with
          use_moose => 1 is reloaded with use_moose => 0
        - Switch to MRO::Compat
        - Fix oracle common tests failure / lc(undef) warnings
        - Bump Moose/Moosex::NonMoose optional dependencies to fixed-up
        - Fix mssql common tests failures with MSSQL 2005 (skip test of
          datatypes found only on MSSQL 2008)
        - Fix DB2 v8 test failures (skip tests of graphics types found
          only on DB2 v9)
        - Fix dangerous invocation of ->meta on classes during upgrade
          (may be *non* moosified and contain a user-defined meta() )
        - Multiple test cleanups and refactorings

0.07001  2010-07-24 21:28:08
        - put is_deferrable => 1 back into default attributes for belongs_to
        - fix Postgres sequence detection for qualified sequences
        - detect DOS line ends in table/column comments and convert to \n
        - added use_moose option
        - always mark pk columns is_nullable=0
        - fix unique constraint names for SQLite (actual names break ->deploy)
        - fix bug in qualify_objects that would add schema to relnames
        - better type info for Informix, except for DATETIME precision and
          INTERVAL support
        - better type info for DB2
        - fix some newly-introduced test bugs
        - fix composite PKs getting marked is_auto_increment on SQLite

0.07000  2010-05-22 23:40:15
        - added qualify_objects option to prepend db_schema to table names
        - fix for negative numeric default values
        - sequence is detected for Oracle
        - fix for SQLite is_auto_increment detection when table is empty (hobbs)
        - rescan now reloads all tables
        - minor type info improvements for all DBs
        - fix erroneous default_value for MySQL NOT NULL columns (RT#57225)
        - remove is_deferrable => 1 from default for belongs_to rels
        - better type info for Oracle
        - preliminary Informix support
        - unregister dropped sources on rescan
        - added 'preserve_case' option with support for all DBs where it makes
          sense; removed the MSSQL 'case_sensitive_collation' and the
          Firebird/InterBase 'unquoted_ddl' options in favor of it.
        - support CamelCase table names and column names (in case-preserving
          mode) at the v7 naming level
        - rewrite datetime default functions as \'current_timestamp' where
          possible (except for Sybase ASE) to ease cross-deployment
        - use column_info instead of select to get Oracle column list (RT#42281)
        - match quotes in MySQL parser in more places (RT#42101)
        - fix unique detection in DB2 for multiple schemas (RT#39622)
        - fix column name collisions with methods (RT#49443)
        - fix loading MySQL views on older MySQL versions (RT#47399)

0.06001  2010-04-10 01:31:12
        - fix type info for MSSQL
        - fix MSSQL collation detection on freetds tds version 8.0

0.06000  2010-04-06 01:12:25
        - better type info for MySQL
        - initial MySQL data type tests (jhannah)
        - don't set result_namespace if it's 'Result'
        - support for MSSQL databases with case sensitive collation, manually
          overridable with 'case_sensitive_collation' option
        - do not try to detect driver and rebless when used with a custom
        - suppress 'bad table or view' warnings for filtered tables/views
        - croak if several tables reduce to an identical moniker (ribasushi)
        - better type info for Sybase ASE
        - better type info for Pg: sets sequence for serials, handles numerics
          without precision
        - better _tables_list for MSSQL
        - pick up views in SQLite too
        - better rel inflection using Lingua::EN::Inflect::Phrase
        - cascade_delete and cascade_copy are turned off for has_many/might_have
          by default, and belongs_to has on_delete => 'CASCADE', on_update =>
          'CASCADE' and is_deferrable => 1 by default, overridable via
        - added config_file option for loading loader options from a file
        - set inflate_datetime => 1 for 'AS getdate()' computed columns in
        - Firebird support
        - use introspection pragmas instead of regexes to introspect SQLite
        - generate POD for refs correctly from column_info
        - fix tables list, fk introspection and type info for SQL Anywhere

0.05003  2010-02-20 05:19:51
        - support for custom_column_info, datetime_timezone and datetime_locale
        - improve parsing of SQLite tables when a column definition
          spans multiple lines (hobbs)
        - fix missing trailing _id stripping for some relationship
          names (rbuels)
        - fixed accessor POD bug, was not dereferencing scalar refs
          before printing (rbuels)

0.05002  2010-02-15 10:17:47
        - support for SQLAnywhere via DBD::SQLAnywhere and ODBC
        - fix picking up quoted tables for SQLite (RT#54538) patch from schwern
        - validate class/component loader_options to make sure classes
          are available before generating the schema, patch from bphillips

0.05001  2010-02-05 14:29:27
        - correct default_value for all backends with common tests
        - fix bug with quoted Pg tables from $dbh->tables (RT#54338)
        - add inflate_datetime => 0 to 'timestamp' types for Sybase

0.05000  2010-02-01 09:24:24
        - better data_type, default_value and size for Sybase
        - added 'generate_pod' option, defaults to on
        - added 'pod_comment_mode' and 'pod_comment_spillover_length' to
          control table comment generation (waawaamilk)

0.04999_14  2010-01-14 06:47:07
        - use_namespaces now default, with upgrade/downgrade support
        - filter out un-selectable tables/views
        - fix NUMERIC/DECIMAL size column_info for postgres
        - now mentions skip_load_external feature in comments (jhannah)
        - moniker_map POD correction (jhannah)

0.04999_13  2010-01-03 12:32:25
        - exclude 'size' column_info for postgres when unnecessary, and
          use the correct precision for varying types (except NUMERIC)
        - 'naming' attribute and backward compatibility with 0.04006
        - added relationship_attrs option for setting attributes in
          generated relationships
        - added overwrite_modifications option that ignores md5sums on
          generated code
        - added skip_load_external (jhannah)
        - remove Class::Data::Accessor and Class::Accessor::Fast and switch
          everything to Class::Accessor::Grouped (jhannah)
        - better handling of db_schema for Oracle, based on (RT#35732)

0.04999_12  2009-11-30 23:36:14
        - fix MySQL rel introspection with on_connect_call =>
          'set_strict_mode' (RT#52087)
        - now using base 'DBIx::Class::Core' for Results (RT#52141)

0.04999_11  2009-11-29 18:08:46
        - added patch to generate POD from postgres by Andrey Kostenko (GUGU)
        - added test for norewrite feature
        - fix default_value for MSSQL

0.04999_10  2009-10-31 12:28:53
        - patch from Robert Bohne to make _table_uniq_info more correct for
        - fix data_type for identity columns with MSSQL

0.04999_09  2009-10-08
        - Only redump the files when something has actually changed
        - Place a warning at the top of the files saying 'do not modify' to
          match the one at the bottom of the auto-gen'd section

0.04999_08  2009-08-28
        - Replace UNIVERSAL::require with Class::C3::Componentised
        - Add Sybase/MSSQL support through DBD::Sybase
        - use $dbh->get_info(29/41) for qote_car/name_sep if available (semifor)
        - add MSSQL support through DBD::ODBC
        - support MSSQL table names with a '.' in the name
        - support MySQL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()

0.04999_07  2009-04-18
        - Add result_base_class and schema_base_class options (RT #43977)
        - Ignore duplicate uniq indices (including duplicates of the PK).
        - Fix for DBD::SQLite 1.20
        - Fix for DBIx::Class 0.08100

0.04999_06  Tue Nov 11, 2008
        - Singularise table monikers by default
        - Strip trailing _id from single-column belongs_to relationships
        - Add "dbicdump" script for easy commandline dumping
        - Throw out the in-memory class generation, just dump to a temporary
          directory if the user didn't specify one
        - Fix Oracle constraint and auto-increment detection for non-owned schemas
          (RT #35732)
        - Handle ResultSetManager deprecation warning in common tests

0.04999_05  Mon Apr 14, 2008
        - Fix limiting table list to the specified schema for DB2
        - Default db_schema to the username for DB2
        - Allow specifying a custom loader_class, overriding the
          storage_type-based detection
        - Cosmetic fixes to dumping of externally defined classes
        - Make ResultSetManager notice externally defined :ResultSet methods
        - Fix test failure for non-InnoDB MySQL due to wrong skip count
        - Fix base class ordering in dumped classes
        - Run the common tests against both dynamic and dumped versions of
          the schema

0.04999_04  Wed Mar 12, 2008
        - Add is_auto_increment detecton for DB2

0.04999_03  Wed Mar 12, 2008
        - Fix DB2 support

0.04999_02  Tue Feb 12, 2008
        - Add is_auto_increment detection for Oracle
        - Unnhide the Oracle module now that the CPAN perms are sorted
          out. Thanks to Tsunoda Kazuya for the quick response.

0.04999_01  Tue Feb 5, 2008
        - Mark foreign key columns with is_foreign_key => 1
        - Add support for vendor-specific extra column attributes.
        - Add support for extra => { unsigned => 1 } for MySQL.
        - Add support for enum value lists for MySQL
        - Set join_type => 'LEFT OUTER' for nullable foreign keys
          (patch from Bernhard WeiƟhuhn)
        - Set is_auto_increment for auto-increment columns (RT #31473)
          (Only SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL are currently supported)
        - Generate one-to-one accessors for unique foreign keys (ilmari)
        - Add support for load_namespaces-style class layout
        - Fix test skip count for main skip_rels block
        - Fix auto-inc column creation for the Oracle tests
        - Fix column ordering in unique constraints for Oracle
        - Fix Win32 test skip counts for good (RT #30568, Kenichi Ishigaki)
        - Default Oracle db_schema to db username (patch
          from Johannes Plunien)

0.04003  Wed Oct 4, 2007
        - Prevent users from running Kwalitee test automatically
        - Fix extra whitespace being added to output on
          regeneration (from ilmari)

0.04002  Tue Jul 24, 2007
        - rescan method now returns the actual list of new tables
          loaded (previously, the return value wasn't taking
          constraint/exclude into account, even though the meat
          of the operation was).
        - Hid the Oracle module so that will stop
          ignoring this package, temporary fix until perms are
          sorted out
        - Fix Win32 test skip counts (RT #27715, Alexandr Ciornii)
        - Fix a small output quoting bug (RT #28073, Tokuhiro Matsuno)

0.04001  Tue Jun 26, 2007
        - Deprecated dump_overwrite.  The changed behavior from
          0.03xxx was confusing.
        - Added new option really_erase_my_files, which does what
          dump_overwrite did in 0.04000, which is not what it did
          in 0.03xxx.

0.04000  Thu Jun 7, 2007
        - Added some env vars for controlling the Makefile.PL feature
          questions, to make automation easier.

0.03999_02  Tue May 22, 2007
        - Converted to Module::Install

0.03012  Tue May 22, 2007
        - Relationship names for multiple multi-col rels between
          the same table fixed by ilmari
        - Fix from Marc Espie for CREATE TABLE 'foo' for SQLite
        - skip ^sqlite_ tables in SQLite (thanks chromatic)

0.03999_01  Sat Apr 14 19:57:40 GMT 2007
        - Added *experimental* Oracle support from work done
          by Tsunoda Kazuya some months ago.  Not well tested.
        - Added "rescan" schema (and loader) method, which picks
          up newly created tables at runtime
        - Made dump_to_dir / dump_overwrite much more intelligent
          (they now preserve customizations by default)
        - Added support for DBI's new standard "statistics_info"
          method to gather unique key info (only supported by
          DBD::Pg trunk afaik)
        - columns_info_for imported from DBIx::Class
        - relationships are now on by default, use skip_relationships
          to disable them
        - Removed previously deprecated methods/options
        - Added $VERSION to all packages in this dist

0.03011  Sat Apr 14 19:03:07 UTC 2007
        - fix case-sensitivity in UNIQUE parsing for SQLite

0.03010  Thu Mar 29 12:36:19 UTC 2007
        - Workaround for new incompatible changes in DBD::mysql's "tables"
          method, which was causing us to find no tables w/ DBD::mysql
        - Fixed quoting problem in _table_columns (could cause crash when
          dumping/doing a static create) (from ash)

0.03009  Wed Nov 15 14:03:37 UTC 2006
        - fix for #22425 (use File::Spec where appropriate)
        - use full instead of short classnames in relationships (from victori)

0.03008  Fri Oct 20 18:08:20 UTC 2006
        - fix for #21084 (dump_overwrite pathological output recursion)
        - fix for #21758 (mysql reserved words as table names)
        - fix for #21025 (SQLite FK parsing)
        - workaround for #21746 ($Class::Accessor::Fast::VERSION issues)

0.03007  Thu Jul 27 16:19:59 UTC 2006
        - Kill erroneous warning about connect/loader_options order (the real
          case is warned about elsewhere)
        - Fix t/22dump to work around ActiveState issues

0.03006  Wed Jul 26 00:14:58 UTC 2006
        - Fixed column-case issue w/ columns_info_for

0.03005  Wed Jul 19 15:09:30 UTC 2006
        [ Pretty much everything in this release originates from nilsonsfj patches ]
        - bugfix: mysql unique constraint code had an
          obvious but longstanding error
        - bugfix: columns were being specified out-of-order,
          bug was introduced in the 0.03004 column metadata
          dumping feature
        - dump code now skips+warns instead of dies when
          dump_overwrite not set

0.03004  Tue Jul 11 04:38:09 UTC 2006
        - make_schema_at efficiency improvements
        - improved debugging output
        - column metadata now included in dumped schemas
        - Carp::Clan added, and some dies converted to croaks
        - no longer overwrites files when dumping, unless asked
          to do so via the dump_overwrite option
        - loader_options can now be embedded in the connection info
        - Documentation improvements
        - Deprecation notices updated, most things that became
          "deprecated" in 0.03 are now marked for death in 0.04000
        - All deprecated usage patterns should now generate annoying
          warnings (most did before).
        - Somewhat improved test coverage

0.03003  Tue Jun  6 02:22:49 UTC 2006
        - Fix inclusion of external add-on class definitions
          in dump_to_dir output.

0.03002  Tue Jun  6 01:27:25 UTC 2006
        - rethrow exceptions that occur during make_schema_at

0.03001  Mon Jun  5 23:17:57 UTC 2006
        - load_from_connection deprecation notice now mentions
          upgrading Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema if that module
          seems to be in use.
        - DBIx::Class required version number fixed
        - Loader statement caching for better load-time performance
        - Improved Pg unique index loader, based on RDBO

0.03000  Tue May 23 12:56:05 UTC 2006
        - weakened the circular schema reference

0.02999_10  Mon May 22 18:58:20 UTC 2006
        - a few more small bugfixes
        - more dump/debug improvements
        - new exportable function "make_schema_at"

0.02999_09  Sun May 21 23:26:58 UTC 2006
        - More docs improvements
        - default uniq_info just warns and returns nothing now,
          instead of dying.  In theory, this allows unsupported
          DBD drivers to potentially work with this module, if
          the generic methods happen to work for that vendor.
        - New tests for the various current and legacy/deprecated
          methods of connecting a Schema::Loader class/object.
        - Bugfix to the new runtime object connect/load code.

0.02999_08  Sat May 20 22:36:45 UTC 2006
        - support for dumping to a directory for
          conversion to manual DBIx::Class::Schema
        - improved debugging output
        - more documentation updates
        - more backwards compatibility fixes
        - runtime connection definitions (and cloning) work fine now.
        - A couple of bugfixes related to db vendor "schemas", including
          a fix for

0.02999_06  Thu May 18 16:32:41 UTC 2006
        - backwards compat with all earlier versions
        - no longer requires schema class to have a connection
        - correctly determine source class names in the rel code generator
        - fixed mysql testing w/o InnoDB
        - Writing guide updated
        - docs updated
        - various trivial updates / fixes

0.02999_05  Sun Mar 26 06:46:09 UTC 2006
        - bugfixes to constraint/exclude code
        - friendly warnings if we don't find any tables
        - inflect_map becomes inflect_plural and inflect_singular
        - Singularize relationship names where appropriate
        - Test updates
        - Supports multiple rels between the same pair of tables

0.02007  Wed Mar 22 06:03:53 UTC 2006
        - Backported Class::C3::reinitialize changes from -refactor
          branch, resulting in significantly reduced load time

0.02006  Fri Mar 17 04:55:55 UTC 2006
        - Fix long-standing table/col-name case bugs

0.02999_04  Fri Mar 17 03:55:09 UTC 2006
        - Fixed case-sensitivity issues for table/col names
        - Punt columns_info_for to ->storage
        - Large loading speedup (get rid of redundant C3 reinits)
        - Removed TEST_POD checks
        - Removed unneccesary storage->disconnect

0.02999_03  Mon Mar 13 15:01:11 UTC 2006
        - Added EXAMPLE section to pod [Kieren Diment]
        - Invasive heavy changes to the DBI- and vendor-specific code
          (expect some breakage in some cases until this settles down)
        - Support for loading UNIQUE constraints
        - Tests cleaned up a bit
        - Relationship building seperated out into it's own file for
          the changes that are coming, but still does basically what
          it did before (this work is the next step).

0.02999_02  Sat Mar  4 16:53:21 UTC 2006
        - Merged in relevant changes from trunk since the split

0.02005  Mon Feb 27 23:53:17 UTC 2006
        - Move the external file loading to after everything else
          loader does, in case people want to define, override, or
          build on top of the rels.

0.02004  Mon Feb 27 23:53:17 UTC 2006
        - Minor fix to debugging message for loading external files

0.02999_01  Sun Feb 28 00:24:00 UTC 2006
        - Shuffle the modules around
        - Make ourselves theoretically storage_type-agnostic
        - Remove the _db_classes stuff, bump PK::Auto to Base
        - Change default inflections to Lingua::EN::Inflect::Number::to_PL()

0.02003  Sun Feb 19 20:42:01 UTC 2006
        - Deprecated arguments: dsn, user, password, options
        - New argument: connect_info

0.02002  Sat Feb 18 19:53:12 UTC 2006
        - Added moniker_map and inflect_map

0.02001  Fri Feb 17 20:25:40 UTC 2006
        - tests fixed up a bit
        - auto-loading of on-disk class definitions layered on top
          of the generated definitions (create Foo::Schema::Bar, then
          also try to ->require it if it exists on disk).
        - new parameters components and resultset_components, which do
          the obvious for the generated table classes.
        - DBIx::Class pre-req bumped to 0.05006, since Schema::Loader
          is virtually gauranteed to cause subtle mod_perl problems
          without those fixes.

0.02000  Sun Feb 12 22:43:47 UTC 2006
        - Just docs/version update, 0.01004 code released as 0.02000

0.01004  Tue Feb  7 03:58:01 UTC 2006
        - No longer tries to parse out the table name from the dsn for mysql,
          was unneccesary vestigial code from previous method.

0.01003  Mon Feb  6 14:57:56 UTC 2006
        - Fixed the has_many side of _make_cond_rel

0.01002  Fri Feb  3 23:14:38 UTC 2006
        - Email address typo :(

0.01001  Fri Feb  3 05:15:41 UTC 2006
        - Fixed up some documentation issues
        - Load C3 at the right time

0.01  Fri Feb  3 01:53:46 UTC 2006
        - original release
        - created from DBIx::Class::Loader 0.14