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Revision history for DBIx-Factory

0.01    2010/04/11
        First release as DBI::Factory

0.02    2010/04/18 [API Changed]
        If you specify an absolute path to the connection info file
        as "config_file", "config_base" is now always ignored, since
        this is more intuitive behaviour.

0.03    2010/04/24 [New Feature] [API Changed]
        You can now invoke "get_dbh" method just like DBI::connect.
        Thus, you have to specify "dsn" in connection info file,
        with the prefix of "dbi:".

0.04    2010/04/24
        Cut down some wastes of codes.

0.05    2010/04/24
        Fixed a small defection that warns when passing an odd number
        of elements to get_dbh method during object construction.

0.06    2010/04/24
        Fixed documentation.

0.07    2010/04/25 [Bugfixes]
        Fixed some bugs in tests that prevent you from installing this module
        when DBD::Oracle is not installed on your machine.
        Besides, since almost all tests requires YAML* modules,
        added YAML::XS for testing requirement, because Config::Any complains
        at YAML or YAML::Syck about their deprecation.

0.08    2010/04/26 [Namespace Changed]
        The namespace of this module has been changed to DBIx::Factory
        because DBI namespace is reserved for the official DBI project.
        Thanks to brian d foy for the indication.

0.09    2010/04/27 [Bugfixes]
        Fixed failing tests on Win32 due to the improper validation of the
        absolute path.