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Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::Frame.

1.06	Wed May 26 09:11:40 CDT 2004 

	Minor changes in DBIx::Frame::CGI, mostly bug fixes and HTML changes.

	Documentation fixes all around.

	dbixframe.cgi and fixes to match what we've
	done elsewhere (mostly added documentation).

1.05	Tue Oct 21 13:32:09 CDT 2003 
	Renamed everything from 'DBI::Frame' to 'DBIx::Frame', so it's
	more capable of going into CPAN.

	  More documentation
	  Added new fields - REQUIRED, ADMIN, and ORDER, all of which 
	    are essentially optional but can be quite handy.  
          select() now works differently - if the old MATCH entry is 
	    a hash, we'll assume there's a lot of data in there and 
	    use it.  This lets us do more sophisticated queries and,
	    most importantly, use the ORDER stuff.
          Now using SelfLoader to improve load times.
          Various bugfixes.

          Added a 'quiet' option, for use with html_create() to not 
	    print "optional" information.  
          Now using SelfLoader to improve load times.
	  Various fairly minor bugfixes.

1.04	Wed Aug 14 16:21:06 CDT 2002

	Updated dbiframe.cgi to be more modular.

          Split off set_html(), set_list(), etc.
          Added select_multi and _make_select_multi().
          Updated _replace() to work right, documented its full behaviour.
          Added the Helper Functions list of functions - select_fieldlist(),
            select_fieldlist_id(), and select_list_id().
          html_list_nosearch() split off to let other functions use it.
 	  Added 'tdopts' as an option.  
          Updated _firstentry() to use whole forms instead of links; this 
            looks much better, and works better too.

1.03	Fri Mar 22 13:42:07 CST 2002

	Internal bugfixes in DBI::Frame and

1.02	Thu Feb 21 11:21:43 CST 2002

	Fixed some bugs with the "Next 25" search option.

	Slight change in tables(), returns a null string instead of 'undef'.

	Set better defaults for init().

	Changed license to the UIUC/NCSA Open Source License.

1.0	Thu Aug 16 12:48:56 CDT 2001
	Added better managability to DBI::Frame::CGI, including the 
	  'userdefs' option for html_list and the 'action()' function.

	Standardized a lot of things in DBI::Frame::CGI.

	Gave up on waiting for the proper license.

0.999	Mon Jul 16 14:57:10 CDT 2001

	Added DBI::Frame::CGI, which requires HTML::FormRemove, but also
	  gives a good web interface.  
	Added dbiframe.cgi

0.99  	Thu Apr 12 16:49:16 CDT 2001

	Original released version - uses the NAMD license (we'll change
	  this whenever possible).